Thursday, 25 June 2009

Australis Perfection Brush On Foundation

I have to admit, I'm usually a foundation snob. Every now and again I try cheaper foundations and they just don't work for me, so I usually stick with higher end foundations. Considering all that, I'm really not sure whey I bought this, probably because it was on sale and I had heard a few people saying how much they loved it. Really, I should have known better.

Here's what Australis has to say about Perfection Brush On Foundation: A simple and mess free way to achieve a flawless, natural looking finish. The unique formulation assists in hydrating the skin and protecting it from the harsh environment. Australis Perfection Brush On Foundation effortlessly transforms the skin to luminous perfection with the stroke of a brush.

I'm not at all happy with this foundation. I've been using it for four weeks and have had to throw it out because the brush falls out every time I try to use it. This makes a huge mess and it's just not worth the effort.

As far as the actual foundation goes, it was okay, but nothing amazing. I find it quite hydrating and very sheer. To even out my skin tone I wear a powder over the top. It's more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. One good thing about it is that is has a SPF of 30.

Would I buy it again? No.


  1. I've always wondered about this foundation. My gut told me to stay away, and I'm glad I did! Thanks G.Q!

  2. My gut told me to stay away too, I wish I'd listened to it.

  3. Our guts must be brilliant! Now I don't have to wonder whether I made a mistake not trying this one. :)


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