Monday, 30 January 2012

January Empties

2012 is off to a great start. Looking at all these empties I'm considering doing a P50P, or perhaps even a P100P. Maybe that's a little too ambitious. Might go for P50P first.
Avon Tranquil Moments foam bath - I used this as a shower gel. It smells lovely and wasn't drying. It was given to me as a gift however I'd happily buy it.

David Jones Pomegranate body wash - This came in one of the PWP bags that DJ's do every year. It has quite a light fragrance and was okay to use. I wouldn't buy this, not because it's bad but just because it's meh.

Dove Ultimate Beauty Care deodorant - I love this deodorant. It's gentle on my pits, doesn't stain my clothes and is very effective. 

Sportsgirl Scrub Up body exfoliator - Love this. I think this is my third tub now. 

Palmer's Cocoa body scrub - Nice but not amazing. This would be good for people who like a gentle scrub. I prefer sugar or salt scrubs so didn't find it gritty enough.
L'oreal Elvive Total Repair Instant Miracle Restoring Treatment - I loved this and would happily purchase it. It made my hair feel so soft.

Philosophy Powdered Sugar Cookie shower gel - I love Philosophy shower gels but didn't like the fragrance of this one. 

Natralia Nourish shampoo and conditioner - There wasn't enough in this for me to tell if I liked it or not. 

Random perfume sample - I don't remember what perfume this was, but I didn't like it.

Givenchy Play - I'm no good at describing scents so I won't even try other than to say that I liked this. 
Face of Australia Make-Up Remover - My holy grail. I think this is my third bottle. I don't bother using anything else now.

Elemis Pro-Collagen hand and nail cream - This hand cream is not my friend. I opened it and as I was trying to squeeze some out the other end exploded and I got hand cream all over me and all over the bed. Not impressed.

Soap and Glory shower gel - This is what was in the clear bottle. I love Soap and Glory products because of their scent. This was rich, creamy and smelled lovely.

The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet - For a cheap mask this is pretty good. It made my skin feel soft and moisturised. 
Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB cream - This didn't impress me. I'll post a full review soon.

Clinique Amost Powder make-up - I absolutely love this powder. It makes my face look flawless. I'm so tempted to buy it even though I have other powders to use up. 
Coture Coture by Juicy Coture, CK Shock, Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs and Presences de Bach - All of these were nice but not remarkable.
Natio Renew Radiance foam cleanser - I don't normally use foam cleansers as I find them too harsh, but this was pretty good. It didn't irritate my skin and removed my make-up easily.

Savi Australia Organic body cream - This came in our POBM goodie bags and is absolutely amazing. It's a light moisturiser with a beautiful scent. I'll be purchasing this as soon as I use my current stash of moisturisers.

Pantene Split End Fuser leave on treatment - Full review coming soon. In short, I like it. 

Sisley eye and lip contour cream - This is a very rich cream. Initially I thought it would be too rich for me but it sunk in quickly and felt lovely to use. 

I forgot to include my Priceline cotton pads in my other photos so they get their very own photo.
Tosses. I either didn't like these products or they were old. I don't know what went wrong with the Hissyfit, I've used it before and really liked it, but this time it makes my skin really itchy. Maybe they've changed the formula?

A dishonourable mention goes to the Sheer Cover lip gloss. I got it with the January GlossyBox and it's disgusting. The scent is awful. It smells like plastic and the smell doesn't go away. I used it once and had to wipe it off after half an hour because of the awful smell. Either it's off or it's just horrible. Either way I hated it. 

Friday, 27 January 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

There are a few things I forgot to mention in last weeks post...

We went down to Manjimup for a wedding. Stayed in a local hotel. It was bloody hot so we had the airconditioning going. Just before we put bub to bed we realised that the aircon made a terrible, loud vibrating noise every fifteen minutes. FFS.

At 8.30pm we changed to another room. This room was much nicer, but it had no hot water tap, so no shower for me. FFS.

We put bub to bed only to realise that this aircon did the same thing. Hubby spent half an hour trying to stop the noise but couldn't, so we slept with the aircon off all night. It was 28 degrees. FFS.

Because it was so hot, bub woke up every two hours. FFS.

The next day hubby checked out three rooms until he found one where the aircon didn't make a noise.

Hubby loves to shop. No matter where he is. Yes, you guessed it, he wanted to shop in Manjimup. Really? We live in the city. What could Manjimup have that Perth doesn't? FFS.

After I managed to drag him out of the shops we went to catch up with the groom. Hubby was playing with bub and whilst lifting him in the air hubby's sunglasses fell off his head and landed lens down on the gravel. FFS.

Naturally hubby couldn't survive without sunglasses and couldn't just get a pair from the servo, so he had to go shopping. I'm sure he did it on purpose just so he could buy something. FFS.

Now onto this week...

I don't know what it is with bub and poo explosions lately, but we had another one this week. It was so bad that we both had to have a shower. Fun. FFS.

We also had to change all our clothes as they were covered in poo. FFS.
Despite thoroughly cleaning the whole change table three times after the poo explosion  I am still finding poo spots two days later. FFS.

The weather. FFS.

Hubby crashed my car back in October. He's done nothing about getting it repaired until a few weeks ago. It's at the panel beaters now and will take a week to get fixed, which means I am without transport for the next week because it's too hot for him to ride his motorbike to work. FFS.

I need to have a blood test to have my infection markers and platelet levels checked. I made a Dr's appointment and wrote on the calender that it was for yesterday, which it clearly wasn't because yesterday was a public holiday. Turns out the appointment was for Wednesday and I missed it. FFS.

Since I have no car I can't see the Dr for two weeks now. FFS.

I just spent 40 minutes putting bub to sleep. I know this is the way we've chosen to parent (thanks to HB for that saying!) however I'm getting a little sick of it. FFS.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment

Sukin have recently released a lip balm, so naturally I had to try it. I also have one to give away!

This is a lovely, creamy balm that goes on like butter, is deeply hydrating and tastes good. It has a slant tipped applicator so is easy to apply and it leaves a glossy shine. I find this lasts a few hours on me. It would last longer but I lick it off because it tastes good.

Sukin says: Formulated to relieve dry, chapped lips and to help protect against the effects of the sun, wind and dry air conditions leaving lips feeling deeply conditioned and soft. This deeply nourishing lip treatment is enriched with calendula flower and jojoba oils to gently soothe dry, neglected lips, combined with cocoa and shea butter to offer instant and long lasting hydration.

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment costs $7.95 for a 10ml tube and can be purchased from Priceline, health shops, chemists and Addicted 2 Lip Balm.

Will I buy this again? Yes, it's a lovely balm.

If you'd like to win this balm all you have to do is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me you'd like to enter. For extra entries tweet or blog about this giveaway and leave a comment letting me know. Entries close 25 February 2012.

Ingredients: castor seed oil, silica, ester of montanic acids, cetyl alcohol, calendula officinalis flower oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, rosemary extract, tocopherol, sodium saccharin, vanilla planifolia extract.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Perth Online Beauty Media Event

I had a great post written up with all the details of the amazing time we had at POBM but blogger deleted it for me. Dang! So instead we'll just have to make do with this abbreviated version and rely on the great posts other bloggers have done.
 I've always been envious reading posts and twitter updates about blogger meet-ups, so was delighted when I had the opportunity to attend the first Perth Online Beauty Media (POBM) event. Annette from Wellness WA organised it and did an amazing job. I really enjoyed meeting some of the people who I've been chatting to online for years now. They were all as lovely as I thought they would be. 

 POBM was held at the beautiful Djurra Day Spa which is in Fremantle. Djurra is everything that you want a day spa to be. It's in a beautiful building and has a wonderful calming atmosphere. I could have happily stayed there all day, in fact I'd like to move in there. Djurra is the aboriginal word for create.

The owner Anita showed us around and explained to us why she made the change to natural beauty products. It certainly gave me something to think about. I'm so careful about what I put into my body but have never given a thought to what I put onto my body, when that is equally as important.

We were treated to a neck and shoulder massage using Aveda's Blue Oil (I need this in my life, it smells amazing) and a foot scrub. Foot scrubs are seriously under rated in my opinion.
Food was provided by The Raw Kitchen. I'm new to raw food so wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so yummy! I would never have guessed that it was raw. Juice was provided by Emma & Toms. I'm going to hunt down a stockist, their juice is really filling, I could easily have a bottle of juice instead of a meal, which would be great when I don't have time to stop for food.
After we'd finished eating Adele Plumridge had a chat to us. She spoke about lots of things but the two things that stuck in my head are the importance of using a sunscreen containing zinc oxide and the reminder that I am very deficient in zinc. 


Next up was the beauty swap. I was amazed at some of the products that people didn't want! I came away with a Bobbi Brown eye shadow palette, a lip gloss and a body scrub. 

As you would have seen in my earlier post, the goody bags were huge, so keep an eye out for all the reviews that will be coming up. 

Thanks to Kelly-Anne from Wellness WA for the photos.

Friday, 20 January 2012

FFS Friday

Dear Baby G

As mentioned, I went to the POBM. Hubby's parents came down to spend some time with him and help out with bub. We asked them to get to our house at 11am. Guess what time they arrived? 9am! Just what we needed on a Sunday morning. FFS!

MIL spent most of the day annoying hubby and telling him how to take care of bub. She kept on doing things that bub didn't like and when hubby told her she cracked it with him and told him that she knows how to look after a baby. Yes, this is the woman who gave my son beer. FFS.

For some stupid reason I've started going to the gym. They have a creche that I leave bub in. The first time I took him hubby came too and stayed in the creche to get him used to it. The second time I took him there and asked them to come and get me straight away if he started crying. They didn't. By the time they came and got me bub was so upset he was sobbing, his face was all red and wet with tears. It took me five minutes to calm him down. FFS!

The next time I took bub to the gym he got so upset when he realised I wasn't in the room that he screamed loud enough for me to hear him in the gym. Didn't get a workout done that day and due to bub changing his nap times I haven't been back since. So much for my gym membership, I'll just stay flabby. FFS.

Bub is still biting me. It really hurts and my arm is covered in brusies, as you can see in the photo above. When I stop him from biting me and give him something else to bite, he cries. FFS!

Along with the brusies from bub, I'm covered in brusies and I have no idea how I got them. The small ones I probably just walked into something, but I have a huge one on the inside of my leg and I don't know how I did it. Surely I'd remember getting a bruise so big, it would have hurt. Considering I don't drink or take drugs, I should remember how I managed to do this! FFS. 

I heard hubby talking to a friend the other day and telling them we were thinking about having another baby. That was the first I knew of it! Since he said that, I can't stop thinking about having another one. FFS.

Bub still isn't sleeping. He wakes up at least four times a night. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever sleep more than two hours straight again. FFS.

You know that moment when bub does a huge poo that goes everywhere, all up the back of his nappy and nearly leaks out the front of the nappy? And you start changing him bub he won't lie still so poo gets smeared everywhere? And he puts his hand in it? And you don't realise so you give him a toy that then gets covered in poo. Then you take a wipe out and start cleaning him up, only to realise that you've now run out of wipes? Yeah, that. FFS