Friday, 26 June 2009

Benefit High Brow

I was given Benefit's High Brow as a gift, otherwise I would never have tried it. Whilst I'm glad that I got to try it, I'm not sure that I'd buy it. In my opinion it's easily duplicated with a white or pale pink eye shadow.

Here's what Benefit says: Highlight your brow bone for an instant brow lift. This linen-pink pencil leaves your eyes lovely & younger looking... it's a stroke of pink genius! Lesson included.

Tips and tricks: Apply pencil under your brow following the arch. Lightly blend. For more arch appeal, put two dots above the arch & blend.

Overall I'm really happy with this pencil. It's a chalky pink colour that blends in easily and does a very good job of highlighting my eye area. I also use it on the inner corners of my eyes, but if you are going to use it in this area be sure to use it lightly otherwise it creases.

Highlighting the brow bone make such a difference to the look of my face. It's quite amazing that such a small thing can make such a big difference. It makes my eyes look a lot brighter. I put two dots from the arch of my brow and then blend it down to the end of my eye brow and that's it. A quick, simple way to brighten up my face.

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  1. Oh well you can read all about my drama with Benefit products on the forums. I'm not impressed with Benefit at all!!


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