Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What I bought in October

Yes, I know I'm doing P100P, but I didn't break it!
I've run out of hand wash for my bathroom so bought the Soap and Glory Peace Hand Love kit. Whilst I was there I also got the Kit Shop lipgloss (free).
With my Chemart rewards point I got a Kora Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. I have been wanting to try this for a while now but didn't want to pay $24.95 for it. I had over $50 worth of Chemart dollars so got it for free.
How cute is the stand that the hand wash and hand cream comes in? I don't need the hand cream, however I couldn't buy the hand wash on it's own so that's how I'm justifying this one. I'm not sure if this is new or if it's limited edition for the Christmas season. Hopefully it's not limited edition.
I've somehow managed to run out of body scrub. Normally I buy the Sportsgirl scrub but decided to get Kit's Coffee Body Scrub as I love the scent and they don't make this range anymore so it was my last chance to get it.
I also bought two cd's this month, Pink and Mumford and Sons. They are both amazing and I haven't listened to anything else since I got them.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm

I'm always excited when Carmex release a new product, their original lip balm was my first holy grail lip balm and I've been using it for over 25 years now.

The Moisture Plus lip balm has recently been released in Australia and naturally I had to try it. It comes in clear and pink. Naturally, I have both versions. For some reasons my photos of the clear version won't upload, but it is basically identical to the pink version without the pink band around the tube.

Unsurprisingly I really love this balm. It's everything that I expect from Carmex. For some reason I find Carmex balms heal my lips better than any other balms I've tried. When I have sore, chapped lips it's Carmex that I use. 

The clear version gives a beautiful glossy finish and the pink version, as you can see in the photos below, gives a gorgeous sheer wash of colour. 
Both balms have the lovely Carmex tingle. For those of you who don't like balms that tingle, it only lasts about thirty seconds so don't let it put you off.
Moisture Plus balm is very hydrating and I find I only need to apply it two or three times a day.

Clear balm ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf extract (aloe butter), beeswax, butylrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit, C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters, camphor, caprylic/capric triglyceride, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, ethylhexyl palmitate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavor, isopropyl palmitate, lecithin, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, meadowfoam delta-lactone, menthol, olea europaea (olive) oil unsaponifiables, ozokerite, palmitoyl oligopeptide, paraffin, persea gratissima (avocado butter), phenol, PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate, ricinus communis.
Active ingredients: octinoxate and oxybenzone. 

Pink balm ingredients: aloe barbadensis leaf extract (aloe butter), beeswax, butylrospermum parkii (shea butter) fruit, C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters, camphor, caprylic/capric triglyceride, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, ethylhexyl palmitate, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, flavor, isopropyl palmitate, lecithin, limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil, meadowfoam delta-lactone, menthol, olea europaea (olive) oil unsaponifiables, ozokerite, palmitoyl oligopeptide, paraffin, persea gratissima (avocado butter), phenol, PPG-3 benzyl ether myristate, ricinus communis, hydrogenated vegetable oil, (castor) seed oil, saccharin, sorbitan isostearate, sorbitan tristearate, tocopheryl linoleate (vitamin E linoleate), tribehenin.
May contain: Titanium Dioxide(CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491,CI 77492,CI 77499), Red 6 Lake (CI 15850), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090).
Active ingredients: octinoxate and oxybenzone. 

The pink balm was provided to me for review, the clear balm I purchased myself.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Project 100 Pan Update 2

Exciting news! I finished both my P100P lipsticks! I know, I'm just as amazed as you are! Behold my two finished lipsticks!

Let's all take a moment to bask in the glory of not one but two finished lipsticks. 
This time I have a strategy for P100P. I'm using a management theory that I learned at work. The theory says that if you have a team that does all the easy work first, they will get more work done than the team who does all the hard work, or a mix of easy and hard work. I've translated that to beauty products. So what I'm doing is using up all my small sized products first. Samples, travel sizes etc. I figure if I do that then I'll use products quicker than if I try using my large products first. Plus, it will get rid of a lot of clutter quickly and this P100P is as much about reducing clutter as it is about using things up.
I've hit more pan on my Becca blush, I'm using it every day so hopefully I'll finish it in a few months time.  Now that I've finished two lipsticks (yes, I'm going to gloat about that as much as I can), I've got my sights on my Dior Lip Glow. There isn't much left so hopefully in my next update I'll be showing it off.

I haven't finished as many products this month as I hoped to, I've been a bit lazy with my skin care routine which means I am not using things up as much as I could. For the sake of my skin and P100P I really need to get back into a proper skin care routine. 

To my delight I found a pile of half used products when I was going through hubbys bathroom cupboard, so I've pulled them out and started using them. 
15 - Rexona Crystal Clear Aqua deodorant
16 - Olay Foaming Face Wash
17 - Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover
18 - WotNot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes 
19 - L'Occitane Peach Blossom Shower Polishing Nectar
20 - Soap and Glory Hand Food
21 - Prestige Brow Perfection Brow Gel
22 - Fantasy Perfume
23 - Clinique Sweet Violet Moisture Sheer Lipstick
24 - Ten Samples
25 - Evian Facial Spray
26 - Etude House Cotton Pads
27 - MAC Lingering Eyebrow Pencil
28 - emerginC Eyelight Cream 
29 - Bloom Organics Gentle Hand and Body Wash
30 - Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion
31 - wotnot Facial Wipes
32 - Dior Serum De Rouge in 640.

Friday, 26 October 2012

FFS Friday - The Waterfall Edition

Hello! Happy Friday! I'm happy today because we actually get a weekend this weekend. Last weekend hubby worked the whole weekend, but this week he gets Sunday off, yay! It's supposed to be 37 degrees which I'm not too happy about, but at least hubby will be home!

Chai has decided that it's great fun to pretend he wants a drink of water then spit the water all over himself and the floor so that he has puddles to play in. FFS

This has resulted in him potentially being severely dehydrated because I refuse to give him any water. FFS

I never know if he really wants a drink or if he just wants to drench us both. FFS. 

I had a bespoke perfume made for me by Audra James. It smells like a little piece of heaven. Not FFS.

I didn't think to mention to Audra that we are trying to get pregnant, so I can't wear the perfume because it contains Jasmine. FFS.

Friday was a long, exhausting day. I couldn't be bothered making dinner so got some leftover lasagne out of the freezer. Hubby gets home from work and with his usual impeccable timing tells me that he doesn't want the lasagne because it wasn't very nice. FFS.

He then starts to elaborate telling me why it wasn't very nice. FFS.

I told him to shut up and stop digging. FFS.

He ignored me and was then surprised that I was upset with him. FFS.

F@#$ing idiot. FFS.

Saturday morning Chai decided that 4.30am was a good time to wake up and he wouldn't go back to sleep. FFS.

I had to send off two packages Saturday morning, so headed to the post office. There was a queue out the door so I went for a walk, came back and the queue was still out the door. FFS.

I resigned myself to a long wait and joined the queue. FFS.

Chai was starting to get restless so I explained to him that I needed to send off some packages and we had to wait quietly until it was our turn. He totally ignored me and got more and more restless. FFS.

When it was finally my turn he decided to spit the dummy and started crying hysterically at the top of his voice. FFS.

I needed both my hands so couldn't pick him up. FFS.

He was screaming so loudly that people in the queue were trying to soothe him. FFS.

When I finally finished I got him out of the pram and cuddled him whilst he calmed down, with the whole post office watching me. FFS.

After a while he agreed to get back in the pram so that I could do the supermarket shopping. After being back in the pram for two minutes he started screaming again. We had to go home. FFS.

That night I rang the pizza shop. For the first 15 minutes it was engaged. FFS.

Finally they answered, put me on hold for 4 minutes then hung up on me. FFS.

I got through again and ordered a calzone. The girl asked me if I wanted it open. FFS.

Stupid girl. If I wanted an open calzone I would have asked for a pizza! FFS.  

Saturday night I was exhausted. Chai woke up at midnight and after an hour I couldn't get him back to sleep so asked hubby to take over. He started carrying on about leaving Chai to cry. I told him to F@#$ off. FFS.

Sunday morning he was furious with me for swearing at him (even though he'd sworn at me first and I responded in the same manner). FFS.

By 6am he'd called me, yelled at me and hung up on me twice. FFS.

Behaviour like that really pisses me off. We are adults and there is no excuse for behaving like children. If there is an issue it should be discussed rationally and calmly. FFS.

You've probably guessed that I'm the calm rational one and hubby is the hot headed emotional one. FFS.

If you follow me on twitter you'll know I spent last week madly getting our house ready for the home open on Sunday. No-one turned up. FFS.

That's right, not one single person. FFS.

All that hard work for nothing. FFS.

It's been a while since we tried to kill our child, so Tuesday I decided I'd have a red hot go at it. FFS.

We were off to the park, so I put Chai in the car, turned on his dvd, realised I hadn't put sunscreen on him so put sunscreen on whilst he wriggled around, then I got in the car and off we went. We'd been driving for around 3 minutes when Chai decided he wanted a toy that was on the floor and leaned forward to get it. As he did this I realised that I hadn't strapped him in! FFS.

And by hadn't strapped him in I mean the straps weren't even over this shoulders! FFS.

He could have got right out of the seat if he'd wanted to. FFS.

Mummy failure at it's best! FFS.

Yesterday I found out that another girl from playgroup is pregnant! FFS!!!!!

Last night my computer started acting strange. Turns out that it had a Trojan and 2 other files that my anti virus software found and quarantined. FFS.

It's working fine today but I'm not sure if I should use internet banking or if there's still something nasty hiding there trying to get all my info. FFS.

Today is looking like it's going to be "one of those days". FFS.

I was rudely awoken at 5.30am by hubby telling me that he's slept in and late for work. FFS.

My hayfever has been driving me crazy lately and this morning it's really bad. FFS.

Bub was up four times last night. FFS.

When he woke up this morning I bought him into bed with me. I was on the phone to hubby and Chai was wandering around our bedroom when I heard a waterfall. FFS.

To my constant frustration hubby is incapable of drinking from the lid of a water bottle as he says enough water doesn't come out. FFS.

He takes the lid off his water bottle and leaves it on his bedside table. In the mornings he puts the lid on and moves any of his herbal sleeping tablets that he's left on the bedside table. This morning he forgot. FFS.

Chai had poured the contents of the full water bottle all over hubbys bedside table (and my desktop computer that is next to hubbys bedside table) and then tried to eat hubbys sleeping tablet. FFS.

As if that wasn't enough, Chai then got my water bottle and started spitting water everywhere. FFS.

I was trying to clean it up in between sneezing fits and with Chai climbing over me because he wanted to play in the water. FFS.

Please tell me that things can only get better from here. FFS.

And that, my friends, is my whinge for the week. Have a beautiful weekend.

Dear Baby G

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Tag: This or That

I saw this Tag on Emma and Tine's blogs and decided to copy.

Blush or bronzer?
Blush. I'm pale and scared of bronzer. I'd love to be able to wear bronzer but I've just got no idea. When I use it it doesn't seem to make a noticeable difference, probably because I use it with a very light hand. I really need to learn how to apply bronzer correctly. But even if I could apply bronzer I'd still choose blush, because when I don't wear blush people think I'm sick as I am so pale. 
Foundation or concealer?
Concealer. I have dark circles that need to be hidden and foundation just doesn't cut it.
Lip gloss or lipstick?
I've always been a gloss girl however since I had Chai I've turned into a lipstick person. I like that the new formulas are more glossy and they last a lot longer than glosses do. I'll always love gloss, but at the moment I'm a lipstick girl.

Brushes or sponges?
Brushes. I love using sponges but they take longer, I have to be more careful with my application and I can't use them to apply eye make-up and blush. 
Eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara. Eyeliner is great, but mascara makes such a big difference. Really I wouldn't like to have to choose one or the other, but if I was forced to it'd be mascara.

Neutral or colour eyeshadow?

I'd like to say colour, but I have to choose neutral because that's all I wear now. When I was working I used to wear a different colour eye shadow every day, but now I just swipe on one colour all over and off I go.

Pressed or loose eye shadows?
Pressed. I am a klutz with loose eye shadows. I get them all over my face, all over the bathroom and it's one huge mess. 

Perfume or body splash?
Perfume. Body splash isn't really a huge thing here in Oz. I have a few body splashes but the scent doesn't last very long so needs to be reapplied constantly and I don't see the point.

Lotion or body butter?
That really depends on the season. In winter when I have dry skin I use body butter and in the summer I use body lotion. 

Body wash or soap?
Body wash. I find soap is too drying for my skin so only use body wash. 

Lush or another bath company?
I love Lush, they make some beautiful products, however I prefer indie companies such as Haus of Gloi, Moon Haven and Vice and Velvet. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

October BellaBox

I resubscribed to BellaBox last month, just prior to starting P100P. Now that I'm doing P100P I'm wondering if I should unsubscribe again, because it really does go against the whole principle of P100P. What do you all think?

This months box was okay but nothing got me really excited. I received
Cedel Blow Dry Faster heat protector
Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer
Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm in Pink - I'm in love with this balm!
DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense perfume
E.L.F Essential Eye Brightening Eye Colour
Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Instant Action Lift Treatment - I've used this three times and would be interested to try a full size, I can really feel my skin tightening when I use it. 
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour.

Friday, 19 October 2012

FFS Friday - The headbutt edition

Hello beautiful Friday people! It's time for my Friday funnies. 

Have I ever told you that I have officially been diagnosed as funny? No? Well I have. Here's how it happened:

Years ago hubby and I went to see a psych for relationship counseling. Part of it was us both attending a session on our own. During my session I was rather confused as she laughed the whole way through, even when I was talking about serious stuff. She even laughed when I was telling her about the time my ex was in a drug induced psychosis and wanted to kill us both but I convinced him it wasn't a good idea. Frankly I didn't find that funny at all, but my psych did. 

Anyhoo, that's a story for another day. At the end of the session (and repeatedly throughout the session) the psych declared that I am funny. Then she told the receptionist too, which means I have a witness who can confirm that I am officially funny.

So there you have it. But enough of my tales, it's time for me to get my whinge on.  

Friday evening hubby and I were amusing bub whilst he had his dinner. Hubby was feeding him and I was hiding behind hubby and popping out to play peekaboo. Hubby was pretending to look for me, and headbutted me in the nose. Ouch. FFS.

Chai then decided headbutting me was a good idea so the next day he headbutted me on the cheekbone. FFS.

It hurt more than getting punched or knee'd in the face does. FFS.

Saturday evening Chai was doing his post shower nudie run. His latest trick is to hide behind the chair in his room and wee on the floor. FFS.

He thinks this is the funniest thing in the world and stands there giggling away. FFS.

Saturday he decided to up the ante and do a poo as well as a wee. FFS.

As I was trying to pick him up he tried to run away from me and stepped straight into the poo. FFS.

Hubby had to put him back into the shower whilst I cleaned poo out of the carpet. FFS.

That's about as exciting as our Saturday nights get. FFS.

Sunday morning bub decided to continue with the poo and spew game so spewed all over me. FFS.

I had to have a shower. FFS.

He then repeated the spew trick on Monday too. FFS.

I'm sure he's doing this because I have been so smug about him only ever spewing on hubby, so bub is now paying me back for said smugness. FFS.

In all the excitement of last week I forgot to mention that the PILs were here for the weekend. FFS.

As usual, MIL drove hubby and I crazy constantly telling us how to look after Chai. FFS.

At one stage I heard hubby tell her that he knows how to look after his own child and doesn't need her input. FFS.

Sunday arvo we were having a bbq and Chai was feeding himself with a metal fork. This gave MIL a heart attack and every time he put the fork in his mouth she winced and squealed. FFS.

Then we had the following conversation:
Hubby: Mum, you need to learn to...
Me (being very helpful): Shut up. 
MIL: I'll always be a grandmother and that's what grandmothers do.
Me: My Mum doesn't tell me how to look after Chai.
MIL: We are all different.
Me: Yes, but if you know what you do annoys us then you should shut up.
MIL: We are all different.
Me: Yes, but you need to shut up and stop telling us how to look after our child. We've had him 19 months and we haven't killed him yet so I'm sure we will manage without you annoying us and constantly telling us what to do.
MIL: It's just what grandmothers do.
Me: No it's not, if it was my mum would do the same thing and she doesn't.
MIL: We are all different.
Me: Yes, so you've said, however you need to respect our wishes and shut up. You know it annoys us and if you care about us you will be considerate of our wishes and stop telling us what to do.
MIL: Oh well.

Remember last week I mentioned hubbys new car? I failed to mention that he has a wonderful knack for buying cars that cost us a lot of money. FFS.

The first car he bought after we got together cost us $10,000 because the motor blew up. FFS.

The second car cost us about the same as he blew the clutch not once but twice. FFS.

This car has already cost us a few grand and he's only had it a few weeks. FFS.

Firstly he put those stupid rims on it, then decided it needed a different exhaust (it didn't), and then the windows needed tinting. FFS.

Over the weekend he discovered that there was a leak in the car. FFS.

That cost us $444 and lots of my time to get fixed. FFS.

I had to take the car to the mechanic and come home on the bus with Chai. FFS.

I caught the bus back to the mechanic to pick up the car that afternoon but it wasn't ready, so I had to catch the bus home again. FFS.

Then I had to catch the bus back there yesterday to pick it up. FFS.

As I was leaving the mechanic I realised that the door lock didn't work, so now I have to go back there again on Monday to get that fixed. FFS.

As if I have nothing better to do. FFS.
The house next door is being renovated. Yesterday the outside was being painted. The painters were quiet all day, except for when Chai was having his nap. FFS.

They woke him up three times in an hour and a half. FFS.

I was trying to tidy up the house ready for our home open on Sunday, however when he woke up the third time I gave up and held him for 45 minutes whilst he slept. FFS.

This means that today, Saturday and Sunday I'm going to be running myself ragged tidying up the house. FFS.

Hubby is working all weekend so he can't help. FFS.

For the next six to eight weeks hubby will be working 13 day fortnights. FFS.

It's been four days and he's already whingeing about how tired he is. FFS.

Suck it up princess. You chose your career so don't whinge about it! FFS.

I'm such a good wife. FFS.

Yesterday I found out that two more of the women at playgroup are pregnant. FFS.

This means there are now seven of them who are pregnant. FFS.

I am not one of them. FFS.

I know I should be happy for them, but I'm not, I'm bloody jealous. FFS.

Have I mentioned recently that I'm doing Project 100 pan? No? Well I am. FFS.

For the uninitiated, this means that I have pledged not to buy any skin care, hair care, make-up or body care until I have finished 100 products. FFS.

Clearly I have lost my mind to agree to something like this. FFS.

And that wraps up my whingeing for this week. Have a great weekend!
Dear Baby G

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Liebster Award

I haven't done a tag for a while, they're always fun. The lovely Mandy from Make.Me.Up nominated me for a Liebster Award.

"Liebster is German in origin and means sweetest, kindest or dearest.
Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs!"

Here are the questions that Mandy set for me:
1. What is your most frequent mood?

2. What was your childhood ambition?
To be a ballet dancer.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Italy, closely followed by America. I'd go to America for the amazing shopping and I'd go to Italy because I love the language and their food. 

4. If money wasn't an issue at all, what would be your 1 biggest splurge?
A night nanny. I'm more than happy to have Chai with me during the day, but if money was no object I'd get a nanny to take the night shift so that I could sleep. It would be blissful.

5. Were you a good kid or naughty kid (lol)?
Very boring, but I was a good kid most of the time. 

6. Which famous person would you like to meet in person?
Can't think of anyone, I'm not very impressed with famous people, I'd rather meet real people. Actually, I'd like to meet the Dalai Lama. 

7. What could your current partner/future partner do to completely win your heart over?
It's very sad to say that I can't think of anything! 

8. What is 1 thing you regret doing in your life (or 1 thing you regret buying)?
I don't believe in regrets. However, if I had the choice, I would have liked to get married and have children earlier.
If we are talking things I regret buying, it'd be the face mask that I spent $110 on years ago. I don't remember the brand, but it was no better than a $10 face mask.  

9. Describe the kind of girl/woman you are (girly/tomboyish/bitchy/demanding/sweet/sultry/squealish etc).
Strong and independent.

10. What was 1 rule your parents gave you as a kid that you secretly think is silly now?
Most of my parents rules were silly, they were very overprotective. I couldn't walk out the back door without them demanding to know where I was going, which was stupid because we lived out of town in the middle of no-where, so there was no-where for me to go.

11. If you could say anything to your boss/parents/parents-in-law, what would it be?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Why I started blogging

Tine from Beautyholics Anonomous did a post on why she started blogging and I really enjoyed reading it so thought that I'd do my own post.

If you read my other blog you'll know that I have Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed in 2007 after getting very sick and ending up in hospital. Since then I haven't worked full time. After having three months off work I went back six hours per week and slowly built up my hours until I was doing 27.5 hours a week.

Being sick meant I spent a lot of time at home on my own and I was really bored, so on 27 July 2008 I started blogging. In my real life all anyone wanted to talk about was my illness and I got really sick of that. Blogging about make-up was my outlet. No-one knew I was sick, no-one talked about it and for a few hours I could pretend that I was a normal, healthy person. When I was blogging I didn't think about being sick, it took my mind off things and helped me escape into another world.

Initially I mainly wrote about lip balm but I gradually started writing about other beauty products too. I had (and still have) a huge collection of products so it was easy to find things to write about. 

I've met some wonderful people through blogging, people that I am proud to call friends. Blogging and the internet is something that's always there for me, no matter what's going on in my life. When I became a new Mum I often went days without talking to anyone other than my internet friends. Sometimes I feel like my internet friends know me better than my real life friends do. 

That's the great thing about the internet, there is always someone there to talk to so you never feel alone. Today I can't imagine my life without the internet. I get so much support and advice from my online friends.

And that is why I started blogging.

Friday, 12 October 2012

FFS Friday - The idiot edition

It's Friday! Boy has this week dragged, but by some miracle we've all made it to Friday with our sanity intact. 

I didn't mention this one last week because I figured I'd complained enough.

Last Thursday I was outside the supermarket putting Chai into the car. It was pretty quiet and there were lots of spare parking spots. When I got to the car and started putting Chai in there were no other cars around. After I put him in the car, I was getting out of the back seat when a ute drove into the spot next to me, right into my open car door and forced the door backwards. FFS.

With superhuman restraint I looked at the man driving and said "You idiot!", to which he responded "I was sick of waiting". FFS.

It takes me about 90 seconds to put Chai into his seat. Considering the idiot hadn't been in sight when I got to the car, he wouldn't have been waiting for more than a minute. As there were parking spots all over the place I have no idea why he had such an urgent need to park next to me. FFS.

We then had the following conversation:
Me: You were sick of waiting? I didn't know you were there!
Idiot: I was sick of waiting.
Me: I didn't know you were there, I was putting my son in the car. You should have beeped and I would have closed the door. 
Idiot: I didn't want to beep. 
Me: Then you could have called out.
Idiot: I was sick of waiting.
Me: Yes, I'm aware of that. And now you've damaged my car.
Idiot: The door still closes.
Me: That doesn't mean it's not damaged!
Idiot: No damage done, I think we were both lucky.

I don't see anything lucky about a rude, impatient man who thinks I have eyes in my bum driving into my car! FFS.

He wouldn't give me his details, so if you recognise this man, please let me know his phone number.

I've encountered so many idiots and rude people lately that I'm starting to wonder if it's me and not them. I'm the common denominator in all these events. Perhaps I am being rude when I think I'm being polite. Or perhaps it's not reasonable to expect people to wait a minute whilst I put my child in the car, unaware that they are waiting. FFS.

Friday I got an email from Woolworths saying that some almonds I'd purchased recently were being urgently recalled as there was a risk of salmonella poisoning. FFS.

I've been eating them every day. FFS. 

Chai has had an upset belly for a few days and Saturday he did a power spew all over both of us, his feeding chair and the carpet in his bedroom. FFS.

We had to have a shower as we were covered in spew. FFS.

Even my bra and undies were soaked. FFS.

Sunday we realised that he also had diarrhea. FFS.

We found out in the funnest way, not. FFS.

Hubby was getting his breakfast when he noticed poo on the floor. FFS.

Chai had done a poo which had leaked out of his nappy, down his leg and onto the floor. FFS.

He'd been running all over the house, so I spent 15 minutes walking around the house cleaning poo off the floor. Fun. FFS.

You've missed my poo stories haven't you? FFS.

The spam I'm getting on my blog has gone crazy lately. FFS.

I'm getting at least 20 spam comments a day. FFS.

It's so annoying! FFS.

As far as I'm aware the only way to stop this to to turn captcha on, but there's no way I'm going to do that cause it's such a crap system. FFS.

BIL is still not talking to hubby. FFS.

It really upsets hubby and annoys me. It's high time BIL started acting like and adult not a teenager. FFS.

I am so tempted to call him and tell him to grow up and stop being an angry, bitter old man. FFS.

Twitter is not working properly on my new phone. FFS.

I can't see all of the tweets, it sends dm's when in wants to (which is not very often) and it doesn't tell me when anyone has tweeted me. FFS. (First world problems, I know.)

We are putting our house on the market this weekend, so have spent the last two weeks getting the house ready for sale. FFS.

Wednesday hubby decided that we needed to add lattice to our fence. FFS.

Wednesday night we were painting the stupid fence till 10pm. FFS.

I've spent the last two weeks cleaning the house and am so exhausted I can barely drag myself through the day. FFS.

Thankfully we all all done now.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Dear Baby G

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Ozsale Order

This is one of the last packages that I'm expecting, I've only got two more on the way then I'll really start to feel Project 100 Pan. I'm very pleased that these packages have all been spaced out nicely, it's a pity I couldn't have arranged to get a package every month during P100P. Oh well. 
I was very restrained and only ordered two products during Ozsales The Balm sale. There were a few more things that I liked the look of, but I narrowed my choices down to the Meet Matt(e) palette and White Tea Rose cleanser.
There was no bubble wrap so I'm very lucky that the palette arrived intact, with just a little bit of mess, thankfully it cleaned up okay.

 In case you didn't know why you needed to use cleanser.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Dear Chai

My beautiful son. Today you are 19 months old! The past 19 months have gone so quickly. You look like a little boy now, all of the babiness about you has gone and you've turned into a gorgeous little boy.

You are so cheeky! A few weeks ago Dad was telling you off and you stuck your fingers in your ears so you couldn't hear him! I have no idea where you got this from because I'm sure you've never seen anyone doing it.

You now close your eyes or cover your eyes with your hands when you don't want to hear what we are saying. This makes me think we are in for some fun with you when you get older, but we always knew you were going to have a strong personality and I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are convinced that we can't see you when you close your eyes, so you close your eyes to hide from us and then sit there giggling whilst we try to find you.

You love to hide behind the curtain and then jump out to scare us. You also love hiding in the shower and behind your high chair. You'll hide, then call out so that we come looking for you, then stand there giggling away until we find you. 

Swings are still your favourite things and this month you've discovered bubbles are lots of fun too.

You are growing so quickly, you regularly wake up in the morning looking different in the face or taller. It looks like you are going to be tall, you are already taller than a lot of two year olds, so I think you got Poppys tallness.
Each day you try to say more and more words, you can say lots of words now. Some of your favourites are Bra (which must be yelled at the top of your voice), eight, eighty eight, umbrella (which is whispered). You say Bar when you want a fruit or muesli bar, brrr when you want a bottle of milk or when you see milk, neh when you are hungry and Aste when you want peanut paste on your toast. 

Looking after you is so much fun, you are a delight to be with, so happy, curious and excited. My darling boy, I love you more every day.

Monday, 8 October 2012

P100P lipsticks

As I've mentioned before, I have two lipsticks that I'm trying to use up as part of Project 100 Pan. I'd love to finish more than two lipsticks, but if I can at least finish these two I will be happy.
The two lipsticks I've chosen are Dior Serum De Rouge in 640 and Clinique Moisture Sheer Lipstick in Sweet Violet. I've had the Clinique lipstick for years. And when I say years, I mean at least 7 years. It's definitely time to get rid of it!
Frustratingly I can't tell how much of the Dior lipstick I've used. I've been using it every day when I do my make-up first thing in the morning, so hopefully it won't take me too long.

I really like this lipstick formula, it feels very balmy, quite similar to my favourite Chantecaille Camellia lipstick. I will definitely repurchase another Serum De Rouge lipstick, I'll probably get a brighter colour next time though as I find 640 a little pale for me.
I don't think Clinique make the Moisture Sheer lipsticks anymore, which is a real shame because they are a lovely formula.

 Dior and Clinique lipsticks shown in natural light.
And with flash.

Friday, 5 October 2012

FFS Friday - The Six, Foxtel and Telstra edition

This week has been all about 6. Six pairs of shoes, 6 cars, 6 jails. And also about bad customer service, thanks Foxtel and Telstra.

Thanks to my dodgy friends I have now been to every adult male jail in Perth. I've also been to Albany jail. FFS.

This means I've been to 6 different jails. FFS. 

Friday afternoon we continued the tortuous hunt for new joggers for hubby. FFS.

He's been searching all over the place for new joggers recently. FFS.

He really doesn't need them, he's bought 6 pairs of shoes in the past 6 weeks, all of which he tells me he needs. FFS.

No-one needs 6 new pairs of shoes! FFS.

For some reason hubby recently decided he needed a new car. FFS.

In the 6 years we've been together he's had 6 cars. FFS.

He took the day off on Friday to get the loan documentation sorted. This means he didn't work all last week. FFS.

Hubby insisted on picking the car up at 8am Saturday morning. FFS.

Why it had to be 8am I have no idea. FFS.

We now have 3 cars and 1 motorbike. FFS.

It's some consolation that the ugly rims fit on his new car and look pretty good.
A few weeks ago we got hubby an Eagles foxtel remote. Saturday we looked at it and realised that it had a crack in it. FFS.

We'd originally ordered it at the Innaloo foxtel stand but after 5 weeks it hadn't arrived so we'd given up. FFS.

We'd then bought one from the Morley foxtel stand. When we bought it were told that they are the same company as the Innaloo store so if there was any problems we could return it to Innaloo. We took the remote to Innaloo and the guy told us that if we wanted it replaced we had to take it to Morley. FFS.

I told him we won't be taking it to Morley and that we want it replaced. After speaking to the Morley branch for 10 minutes he told us that he couldn't replace it unless we took it to Morley as he didn't have any in stock but Morley did. FFS.

Then I told him that if he can't replace it then we want a refund. He told me he couldn't give me a refund as Morley is a different company. FFS.

Not to be deterred I told him that he'd already advised us they were the same company so stop lying to me and either replace the handset or give me a refund. He got back on the phone to Morley. FFS.

After another 5 minutes he put me on the phone to the guy from Morley. Once again I told him to either replace the handset or refund our money. Morley guy said that as we'd paid by credit card the Innaloo guy couldn't refund our money as he didn't have an eftpos machine and he couldn't replace the handset as they didn't have any at Morley. FFS.

Being hormonal and tired, it was at the point that I got angry and told the guy I was sick of the stupid carry on, my issue needed to be resolved by either replacing the handset or refunding my money. He told me that he'd need to speak to his manager and that as his manager was at the royal show he wouldn't be able to get back to me for a day. FFS.

I told him that I'm sure his boss has a mobile phone so he had 15 minutes to get back to me with a resolution. FFS.

He put me on hold whilst he rang his boss. FFS.

Meanwhile, after quizzing the Innaloo guy we established that he did have an eftpos machine, so the Morley guy had lied to us! FFS.

By this time I was getting very annoyed. Messing with a hormonal woman is never a wise move. FFS.

Finally the state manager came onto the phone and told me that they didn't have any handsets in stock but they would get one for me in the next couple of days. FFS.

Why they couldn't have said that in the first place I have no idea, it is what we'd been asking for the whole time. FFS. 

I had the new remote on Wednesday. FFS.

It really annoys me that you have to be rude to get decent customer service sometimes. FFS.

For any of you who are thinking of dealing with the Innaloo or Morley Foxtel kiosks, don't! FFS.

Sunday night we were supposed to go to a wedding. We'd been looking forward to it for weeks because we were getting bub looked after and going out on our own. We didn't get to go. FFS.

We didn't get to go because we thought I was pregnant (Aunt Flo was 3 weeks late), however Sunday arvo Aunt Flo arrived and I felt like crap, so spent the afternoon and evening in bed feeling sorry for myself. FFS.

Mum and my step dad had come up to look after Chai for us, so they had a wasted trip. FFS.

Remember how I said last week I had forgotten to pay our bills? Turns out I also forgot to pay hubby's drivers license. Oops. FFS.

I've paid all the bills now and haven't told hubby about it, hehe. FFS.

In the early hours of Monday morning my phone died. RIP phone. FFS.

It's just over a year old. FFS.

I feel like I'm missing an arm when I don't have my phone with me. FFS.

Hubby rang Telstra at 6am and sorted out a new phone for me. They said all I had to do was go into any store and there were notes on my record saying I could upgrade to a new phone with no charges. Awesome.

I headed into the Innaloo store (should have known better!), and was told that the notes on my record didn't say anything about not paying any charges, that my phone would have to be assessed by a technician, that they don't have any technicians in store so it would have to be sent away which would take a week and that as it is no longer under warranty it would cost me up to $150. FFS.

The lady I was dealing with then palmed me off onto another person who thought that I was bringing the phone in for repair and not for assessment by a technician. FFS.

They kept on asking if I'd dropped the phone or got it wet because phones don't normally die like that. FFS.

After half and hour I gave up, went home and rang Telstra who told me that there were notes on my record sayingthat I could upgrade the phone at no charge. FFS.

I asked if the Innaloo store would have been able to see those notes and they said that they would have. FFS.

Instead of heading back down there I rang the Innaloo store. They told me that there were no customer service reps available but that they don't deal with things like that and I would need to go to the Whitfords or Morley store. FFS.

If that is really the case, why didn't they tell me that when I went into the store the first time. FFS.

I then decided to ring the Karrinyup store because I really didn't want to drive out to Whitfords. The Karrinyup store told me that they wouldn't tell me if they could see my notes over the phone, I would have to go there in person so that they could identify me. FFS.

I queried why they couldn't identify me over the phone and they had no explanation. I gave up. FFS.

I understand privacy laws, clearly the guy I was speaking to doesn't. FFS.

There is no point arguing with an idiot, they just drag you down to their level and beat you with their stupidity. FFS.

By this stage I was resigned to having to go to Whitfords however I decided to ring them before heading out there. They had a recorded message saying all their customer service reps were busy but they would call me back before the end of the day. FFS.

I put bub back in the car and headed out there. FFS.

When I arrived at the store there was a queue out the door. FFS.

They got through the line in less than five minutes and the staff were really friendly. Finally!

Whilst I was waiting to be seen, bub did a huge spew all over his top, pants and the pram. FFS.

I cleaned it up as best I could but all I could smell for the rest of the time there was spew. FFS.

A lovely man called Greg and his trainee Craig helped me. They sorted everything out really quickly and with no problems at all. When I told them what had happened at Innaloo they told me that the Innaloo store could have handled things for me and they showed me the notes on my record that clearly stated I could have a new phone with no charges. So the lady at Innaloo lied to me. FFS.

I will never go back to the Innaloo store again. FFS.

They also told me that the Karrinyup store could have checked the notes on my record when I called them. FFS.

I'll never go to the Karrinyup store again either. FFS.

By this time my exhausted little man, who was so patient the whole morning, had fallen sound asleep in his spew clothes. Mummy Fail. FFS.

On the way to the car Chai woke up and cried his little heart out at not being in his bed. FFS.

As I got to the car someone decided to wait for my parking spot. FFS.

I didn't even try to go faster, if they want to wait for someone with a pram to vacate their parking spot, they can bloody well wait. FFS.

Poor bub calmed down after I started singing nursery rhymes at the top of my voice. FFS.

When I got home it took me 45 minutes to get Chai to sleep because he was refreshed from his power nap. FFS.

As my phone is totally dead I've lost all the data on it, including photo's of Chai. Thankfully I backed it up a month ago and then started taking most of my photos with the camera, so I haven't lost much, but I still wish I could have those photos. FFS.

And now for a rant. What is up with terrible customer service? I could understand getting poor customer service if I was rude, however I'm always polite and friendly, neatly dressed and not rude unless I am left with no choice. I don't understand why bad customer service is so common now. And what's with lying to customers? They must realise that you'll find out they lied, so why bother? If these people hate their jobs so much surely they could find another job they didn't hate? Bad customer service is why people shop online. When I know I get great customer service in a store I'll go there and even if it costs me more, I'll shop there for the great service. Maybe the retailers wouldn't be suffering so much if their staff were nice to customers. FFS.

Whilst I'm talking customer service, the Bankwest kiosk at Karrinyup is excellent, they always have great customer service. They go above and beyond. Last week I watched one of the staff members helping a gorgeous old gentleman wearing a bow tie, who couldn't remember where he'd parked his car. The Bankwest guy spent ten minutes with him helping him figure out which car park he'd parked in and then offered to walk the gentleman to his car. Now that's great service to a person who probably wasn't even a Bankwest customer. 

BIL is still on at us about this stupid direct marketing. FFS.

He's given Amway the flick (what a surprise) and now he's selling something and I'm not sure what it is. FFS.

He sent me a link to the website and from what I can see it looks like he's selling electronics. FFS.

Apparently he's also selling mobile phone plans. He got really angry with hubby when we wouldn't switch over to one of his plans. FFS.

Us being in contract didn't register with him so hubby told him we'd switch if he paid out our contracts. FFS.

BIL then got really pissed off and went on this big rant that ended with him saying that I don't need to worry about my income because I'm living off hubby. FFS.

It was at the point that hubby got really angry and told him he'd crossed the line. They didn't speak for a few days. FFS.

They're speaking again and now BIL is trying to get us to transfer our home phone and internet to his company. FFS.

Again, he doesn't understand that we are under contract. FFS. 

He rings us both every day to try to get us to switch. FFS.

I wish someone had reminded me that when you marry someone you also marry their family. FFS.

In other exciting news, FFS Friday is 1 today! Yes, Sarah has been whinging for a whole year now. I haven't been whinging quite that long, but I'm working on it. Head over to Dear Baby G and say Happy FFS Friday to Sarah.

Dear Baby G