Friday, 30 March 2018

FFS Friday - Glamazon

In what is a very cruel twist of fate, it appears I can no longer tolerate coffee.

I've had a strange stomach bug since last Friday. As per usual I was worried it was my Crohn's and when it hadn't gone away by Monday I went to the Dr.

They told me to wait a few days and if it hadn't gone away gave me the paperwork to get tests done.

Wednesday I started to wonder if it was caused by coffee or milk, so yesterday I had no coffee and my stomach was slightly better. This is not looking good.

Despite still having a sore belly I haven't bothered having the tests yet, it doesn't seem much point when everything will be closed until Tuesday. If I'm still sick Tuesday I'll do the tests then.

Meanwhile, a life without coffee is not something I want to think about. Coffee is the only vice I have left. Taking that away is just cruel. Very, very cruel.

So what's been getting my goat this week?

Skin care and beauty ads. 

I was looking at a make-up companies Instagram site earlier in the week and it was so edited with only young, beautiful, highly made up glamazons. 

That's not how to sell products. I'm so over seeing products being sold to us by the young and the beautiful. I want to see real people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I want to know what the product would look like on me, not on a 20 year old beauty. 

It's not helpful, it's not realistic and it just puts me off. Instead of buying from them, I clicked off their Instagram page and promptly forgot about them.

When will companies realise that we're not interested in photo-shopped pictures, we want to see real life? I want to look on a website and see a woman my age, then I'll know if it'll work for me.  

It's not just the thin and young that are beautiful, beauty comes in all ages and sizes. I look forward to a time when I can open a magazine, website etc and see real people spruiking products, not models.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Pan the Pots

How's that for a title? Hah. I did consider making it Pan the pot but thought that might be a little misleading.

Along with my efforts to finish as much of my make-up as I can this year, I've decided to do little project pans along the way. My first one is going to be trying to finish or hit pan on some of my products in pots. They tend to get neglected in my collection as I reach for products that are easier to use.

I've chosen six different products: several lip balms, a lipstick, an all over balm and a blush. I'm hoping having a range of products will make it easier for me to stick to the project pan as I have a selection of products to use. I already use the Givenchy Magic lip and cheek balm every day and I've hit pan on it, so that won't take too much effort to finish.

I've made a dent in the Soap and Glory lip balm, however everything else is barely used. Learning from past mistakes, I've chosen products that I enjoy using, there's no point trying to pan something I don't like as I just won't reach for it.

The Harlotte lipstick, Soap and Glory balm and Yard lip bloss are all old so need to go asap. The sooner the better. Balm of Ages and the Salt lip balm are new to my collection however I'd still like to get some good use out of them as they're both lovely.
I haven't set a specific time frame for this project, if I finish something quickly that's great. I'll probably run it until the end of the year and then see what progress I've made and if I want to continue using the products or move on to something else. 

Are you doing a project pan? If you are and you're recording your effort, please link it below so I can check it out.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Can anyone recommend me some good YouTube beauty or skincare channels? I'm just starting to get into YouTube and have no idea who to watch. I'm not particularly interested in the huge, well known channels, I'd prefer less commercial ones.
I'm also interested in zero waste channels. Bonus points if they're Aussies.

2. One of my dear friends had brain surgery this week. I wish I could be there to visit her but she's on the other side of the country.

3. With winter approaching I've realised that I need some new winter pants. I have jeans and that's it. Is it possible to buy warm casual pants that aren't jeans? If it is, where?

4. We changed our health insurance provider this week. We got better rebates and an $870 per year saving. It's worth checking around to see if you there's a better deal available. We went through iSelect. The process is quite time consuming but well worth it, they're very thorough and arrange everything, they're even cancelling our old fund for us. 
(This is not an ad for iSelect, they have no idea I'm writing this).

5. I ordered the Nourished Life surprise beauty box this week, can't wait for it to arrive. It's been over five years since I had a subscription box, I cancelled them all as it was the same old crap. The Nourished Life one looks great, so I like the idea of getting a one off box to see if I like it.

Friday, 23 March 2018

FFS Friday - Tyred

You know what's been getting my goat lately? Those posts and articles you see telling you what smart women/good mums/great parents/women over 30 should have or do. What a load of crap. They're all designed to make you feel inferior. Today I'm bringing you my essential life guide for what everyone should do. 

Here it is.....
Whatever the fuck you want to!

End of article.

And another thing that annoyed me this week. 
Monday the radio news was reporting that some Water Authority staff (I think, could have been Water Corp, are they the same thing? No idea) are earning up to 50% over their base wage. So what? Why is this news?

It's a base wage, of course people earn over that. A lot of people in private industry would earn over their base wage too, it's quite common. It's not news, it's just the media trying to stir up trouble.

This week both my boys got sick. Poor babies. They're pretty good when they're sick, they just want cuddles and to be attached to me at all times. They don't whinge or complain which is nice.

I didn't bother letting the school know (cause frankly I didn't have the time) so Tuesday Tiger gets a message from Chai's teacher. WTF? Why would she contact him when she knows he works away and it's me who does all the school stuff. So strange. 

I've concluded that she either doesn't like me or knows that I truly DGAF. Oh well. I'm trying to muster up some care factor but it's not happening.  

Now for some sad news. My all time favourite eye liner, Essence Extreme Lasting in Rockin' Taupe has been discontinued. Woe is me. This means I'm once again on the hunt for a dark taupe eye liner. If you have any recommendations please let me know. 

It's been a while since we had a good Tiger story, so I've got one for you today. 
We're doing up our garden at the moment. A few weeks ago we were heading out to a nursery. We hadn't been there before but had a general idea where it was. 

We left the house and set off for the nursery. Tiger was driving. We'd been driving along for about ten minutes when it occurred to me that Tiger probably had no idea where we were going. I was itching to ask, but decided to keep my mouth shut because surely if you were going somewhere then you'd find out how to get there before you set off. Or not.

After another five minutes I couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer so made a vague comment about wondering where the nursery was. It was then that Tiger admitted he had no idea and said he thought I'd said it was on the road we were on. I asked him if he'd checked the location before we left and he hadn't. Really, FFS! Who in their right mind sets off to go somewhere without checking how to get there? Tiger, that's who.

It took us half an hour when it should have taken ten minutes. One would think Tiger would learn from this experience but he didn't. Wednesday we were taking his car to get new tires. I was following him in my car as we had to leave his car for three hours. 

We pulled out of the driveway, Tiger reverses next to me, winds down the window and asks if I've checked the map to see where the tyre shop is! FFS!

I didn't even know what the business was called so wtf would I? He was the one dropping his car off, not me. He kindly told me the name of the tyre shop, so I sweetly said "that's nice honey" and drove off. Hahahaha. 

You'd think after all these years he would have realised that I'm not his mother and I'm not going to do everything for him. Plus, I was in my car and I never touch my phone whilst I'm driving, my phone stays in my bag unless the car is parked. He's a funny character.

Hi Mrs B. How are you? I know it's been a tough week. If you are reading this to Karen, Hi beautiful girl. Sending healing vibes and love to you and your family xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My five minute make-up routine

Last week I was watching make-up routines on YouTube. I came across Jenna Dewan Tatum's ten minute make-up routine (loved it) so decided to time my routine. With a few interruptions my morning make-up routine takes 4 minutes and 46 seconds, so we'll call it five minutes.

My routine is very simple these days, it consists of eye primer, lip primer, foundation, concealer, brow pencil, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick and powder. 

I'm trying to finish my mineral foundation, so at the moment I'm using Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover and Mineral Finishing Veil. Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer is amazing, it lasts all day with minimal creasing. It's a shame the full Soap and Glory range isn't available here.

My eye primer is Too Faced Shadow Insurance, lip primer is Dr Brandt Xtend Your Youth Lip Filler and Volumizer. You're probably over hearing about and seeing my Shu Uemura Acorn Hard Brown pencil. Frankly I am too, I'll be glad when it's finally finished and I can move onto something else.

My current eye shadow is Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas Swallowtail Long Lasting Cream eyeshadow, liner is Artdeco Mineral Eye Styler No 62. I love the Raww Beauty Moringa Lash Impact mascara, it smells amazing.

Givenchy Magic Lip and Cheek balm I use as a blush and also as a lip balm/lip tint. I put my Bite Beauty Pepper Luminious Creme Lipstick over the top, dust on my finishing powder and I'm good to go. Quick and easy. 

I keep everything in this brilliant draw string make-up bag that Anna gave me. It lays out flat so that I can see everything then closes up to a little bag which doesn't take up much space. It's by Younique if you want one. 

You can see Jenna's routine here.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Loving lately

I've stopped doing monthly favourite posts whilst I'm concentrating on panning, mainly because I use the same things all the time, so monthly favourite posts would be a boring mix of the same products. Instead I'll do favourite posts when I've got a mix of interesting products to chat about.

Skinfood NZ Gel Cleanser
I was recently sent some Skinfood NZ products to try. I've been using most of them daily and it's love. Skinfood products are natural, organic, cruelty free and smell beautiful. 
The gel cleanser is a particular favourite. It's super gentle, smells like fruit, doesn't irritate my eyes and easily removes make-up. It leaves my normal to dry skin feeling clean and comfortable, without that awful squeaky clean or dry feeling. 

The Body Shop Spa of the World Adriatic Peony Body Wash
Wouldn't it be great if all brands released their products in travel sizes? It's a great way to test products and they're so much easier to use up. The Adriatic Peony is a lovely, hydrating cream body wash that smells amazing. It also works well as a bath gel.

Bite Beauty Luminous Cream Lipstick in Pepper 
This is my perfect mlbb lipstick shade. It's a beautiful pinky mauve shade. I love Bite Beauty lipsticks, they smell and taste great, feel like a balm and they're natural. Unfortunately the Luminous Cream range has been discontinued, however Pepper is available in the Amuse Bouche range which is very similar, just a little more matte.

It's The Bomb Bath and Body Products Lip Scrub in Orange Creamsicle
I love all my It's The Bomb products. The latest thing Lisa has made is lip scrubs. They're a bargain at only $5 for a 50 gram pot. 
I have a love hate relationship with lip scrubs. I love the way they make my lips feel but I don't like them too oily or too dry. This one is perfect. It doesn't leave an oily film on my lips, it's not so dry that I can't easily pick it up, it's perfect. Plus, it smells and tastes amazing.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
If I could only wear one scent for the rest of my life it'd be rose. Rose lip balm, rose perfume, rose everything. The rose scent is why I love this face mist. It smells amazing. That is all.

Raww Mascara
Mascara is one of those products that I'm having trouble finding a natural replacement for. Sure, there are plenty of natural mascaras available, but finding one that I like isn't easy and it's an expensive exercise. When it comes to non natural mascara, I know what works for me and I can buy it on sale so I'm not out of pocket too much if I buy one that I don't like. Natural mascara is usually around the $30 mark, so finding one I love is costly. I also prefer brown mascara, which again, isn't easy to find. 
I was sent the Raww mascara to try and when I liked it, was delighted to find that it comes in brown as well as black. I raced out and bought the brown version and now wear it every day. It gives good volume and definition, doesn't smudge and contains no nasties. 
It's not my holy grail mascara but it's pretty good.

Hurraw Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm

When I first tried Hurraw lip balms I didn't like them. I don't recall why, but I just didn't like them. I threw them in my lip balm collection and forgot about them until I was hunting for a balm in an oval tube and found my Hurraw balms. I got one out, used it and fell in love. 
I love the untinted balms, but the tinted balm is getting the most use at the moment. It's the perfect wash of sheer red, great for those days when I don't want to commit to a full red lip but still want something bright.

I finally got my crystals out and I'm wondering why it took me so long. We have a beautiful crystal shop in town now, so my collection is growing once again.  

What have you been loving lately?

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Thursday I was looking at the box of my Glam Glow Pout Mud and noticed this: "Do not touch eye with product." WTF? The mind boggles.

2.My favourite eye liner has been discontinued and I'm so upset. I can't find it in store or online. Which means I now need recommendations for a good taupe eye liner. Why are taupe eye liners so difficult to find?

3. The Candle Shacks Bulgarian Rose candle is amazing.

4. Tiger and I have started watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix, it's so funny. If you need a good laugh, I highly recommend it. The first few episodes were a bit slow, but once you get through them it's highly amusing.

5. I feel so distant lately, like I can't relate to anyone. This too shall pass.

Friday, 16 March 2018

FFS Friday - Ranty pants

If you've had enough of reading about my issues with mainstream schooling, come back next week, cause this is another school rant.

Our struggles with school continue. Whilst Chai is semi happy now, Eljay is not. 

He won't go to school unless Tiger or I are with him. I don't have the energy to do that, so he had two weeks off, then when Tiger was home last time they went together. 

The first day they went it was going well, so Tiger decided to tell Eljay he was going to the toilet, then not come back for a little while. Big mistake. 

He got assurances from the teachers that they'd call him immediately if Eljay got upset. 

When he returned about 45 minutes later Eljay was sitting there crying with no-one comforting him. They said he'd been crying for about ten minutes, which means it was probably double that. 

The next day as soon as Tiger wanted to go to the toilet Eljay insisted on going home. 

We thought maybe a different teacher would work better for Eljay, so just before he went back to work Tiger called the school and requested a change of classroom. 

Unsurprisingly they refused. Then they suggested that they meet with me to discuss some strategies to get Eljay to go to school.

Fuck that. I'm done with meetings and I refuse to leave my child at school and upset. It's not going to happen. 

I've got no more niceness or diplomacy left in me, I used it all up last year. 

If I attend a meeting with the school there's a 99.99% chance that I'll say something really rude and then withdraw both kids. Best I stay away.

I'm pretty sure they think I'm causing Eljay's issues, they've already suggested I speak to our Dr about how to deal with anxious children.

I could do that, but I won't waste my time because....

Eljay is not anxious, he's a shy introvert. Big difference. Despite what people may think, you can't change a child's nature.

One thing the Deputy said to Tiger really, really irks me. She said that when he's in the playground Eljay "doesn't make the effort to go and play with other kids". FFS!

They're trying to blame him!!!!!


He's shy! Of course he's not going to approach other kids! Do they not understand what shy kids are like? Clearly they don't!

The deputy also used another one of her favourite tactics on Tiger, she told him that if we withdraw Eljay we'll have to re-enrol him next year. So what? All that involves is filling in a form and providing proof of our address, it's not a big deal. Maybe she's afraid of forms but I'm not.

Really, as if that'd be a reason not to withdraw a child. Sure, I'll psychologically damage my child just so I don't have to fill in a form. Or not.  

Rant over. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Random thoughts on make-up clutter

It occurred to me recently, when I was decluttering my make-up drawer, that all of the excess products I have are preventing me using the things that I love.

It was something I saw on The Minimalists Instagram that turned a lightbulb on for me. They said that they wear their favourite clothes every day. I don't wear my favourite make-up every day because I have so many products and clutter, which means I'm missing out on using the things that I love. 

I have a drawer that I put all my daily use products in. It was so full I couldn't find what I wanted to use and couldn't fit anything else into it. In desperation I put the products that I use every day in a make-up pouch so that I could find them.

So much clutter

After using only those products for a few weeks it dawned on me that I don't even look at anything else in the drawer. On the weekend I pulled 90% of the products out  and put them away. Now I can see what's in there, I can get to the products I want and it feels so much better. Looking at the photo, there are still products that I don't love, so a further declutter is needed. 

I don't see the point in using products I don't love just to finish them. I decluttered a Chanel eye liner yesterday because it's nowhere near as nice as my Essence eye liner. I considered keeping it because it's expensive, but what's the point? I don't like using it, better to give it to someone who'll appreciate it and get myself another Essence liner.

Much better but still too full

Next up will be a big declutter of my entire collection. I've decluttered before, but then continued shopping, so it was pointless. This time I'm aiming to only keep things that I love and not buy any more unnecessary products! This time around I'll find that easier because there is limited shopping down here and not a great choice of natural, organic make-up. The choices I do have access to aren't cheap, which always makes me think twice. Plus, as I keep on saying, I have way too many products!

Shopping is a habit for me. It's a stress relief and pure habit. When I'm out I always browse the make-up aisle, not because I need anything, but because it's just what I do. If I'm stressed I shop. When I'm unhappy I shop. Funny enough, whilst shopping makes me happy, it only works for a little while then I'm back to being stressed. I do it because it's doing something just for me, which happens so rarely now that I have children. 

I've been pondering long and hard about what I can replace shopping with and I've finally come up with a solution. Coffee. When I'm stressed or want to do something just for me, I'll buy a coffee. We have a coffee machine so I rarely buy myself a coffee, buying coffee feels like a treat and it's something just for me. It also costs a lot less and doesn't clutter up my house. I'll just have to remember to leave my travel mug in the car. I have three so it won't be a problem.

 Are you trying to reduce your collection? How's it going? Any tips for me?

Monday, 12 March 2018

Sore lip saviours

A few weeks ago my lips were in the worst condition they've been in for years. I had oral thrush so my lips were blistered, sore and dry. In desperation I turned to my old favourite lip remedies. They're the products that I always have in my collection, balms that I know will do the trick if my lips are suffering.

I've been using Carmex since I was a teenager. It was the first lip balm I found that actually healed my chapped lips. Back then (thanks to a vitamin b deficiency) I'd wake up with blood through my mouth from my cracked lips. I tried every lip balm available then out of desperation I asked the chemist and they gave me my first jar of Carmex. Thirty years later I still use Carmex and always have at least two tubs in my collection. 

Looking at the ingredients list it sounds like the sort of balm that I'd hate. It contains petrolatum and camphor, two ingredients I steer clear of, however in Carmex they work. Carmex starts healing my lips instantly and within a few days my lips are restored to their normal, healthy condition. 

I don't use the Carmex balms with SPF in them as I'm allergic to SPF, however the pot and squeeze tube versions are magic on sore, cracked lips. 

Burt's Bees
Burt's Bees is the second balm I found that could heal my cracked lips. Back then I had no idea about natural products and I had to order my Burt's Bees products from the US as they weren't available in Australia. 

I use both the stick and tub versions, I prefer the stick as I don't have to put my fingers in it. This has a real minty tingle to it and starts working instantly. It works almost as quickly as Carmex.

Natralus Paw Paw Ointment
Paw Paw has been a staple in our household since I was a child. Back then the only version available was the notorious red tub, which we now know contains the dreaded petrolatum. Happily, there are now many natural, organic paw paw balms available and I've tried every single one I can get my hands on. By far the best is Natralus. Their paw paw balm is natural and contains shea butter, calendula, cocoa butter and olive oil, so it's very hydrating and soothing. Once my lips are starting to heal I start using paw paw.

I like to use it as a thick lip mask at night and over the top of my Carmex for added moisture. Whilst it doesn't heal as quickly as Carmex, it is perfect for when the cracks are healed and lips are parched. If I just have dry lips I'll use Natralus, cracked lips require Carmex or Burt's Bees. 

Egyptian Magic
This truly is a little pot of magic. As a face treatment Egyptian Magic is amazing, it makes my skin feel very soft and smooth. It does the same for sore lips. Soothes, heals and softens. As with the Natralus Paw Paw, Egyptian Magic is what I use once my lips have started to heal and I need a big hydration hit. It doesn't heal in the way that Carmex and Burt's Bees do, but it hydrates. I also love to use Egyptian Magic as a lip primer, it's great under lipstick. Now that it's available in a small pot, it's easy to carry around and a great, multi-purpose product.

What are your favourite lip balms?

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. I've discovered the author Sydney Bauer and I'm loving her books. If you like Lee Child/detective type books, you'll love Sydney.

2. Despite summer being over, the weather is still warm. Last week I was thinking fondly that winter was on it's way and now we're back into summer weather. Oh well.

3. It appears that Deciem is imploding. This week I got an email from Victoria Health saying they are no longer stocking any Deciem brands. I hope they manage to get things sorted and the brand continues.

4. Friday Chai turned seven! Seven years ago I became a mother. It's been a huge, very difficult journey. I often wonder how different it would have been if I'd had support. I really envy those people who have family around to help them, it'd make such a big difference.

5. Carmex have released a sugar plum flavoured lip balm with a unicorn on the lid. We all need it.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Dear Chai

My precious boy. Today you are seven. Seven! What an amazing child you are. 

You are a real individual and march to the beat of your own drum.You have a definite sense of style and are often in character. You'll change outfits at least three times a day according to which character you are.

You're an outgoing boy and make friends wherever you go. You'll happily chat to almost anyone, if you decide you don't like someone there's a good reason for it.

You're curious, friendly and love to be active. You love spending time with your friends and you have plenty of them. I'm sure you know the names of almost everyone at your school.

You stick up for your friends and are very loyal. You don't hesitate to say something if someone is being picked on and won't let anyone be nasty to your brother. 

School is still a challenge for you, you love to learn, but not the way that the school expects you to. You need to be active and moving not chained to a desk all day, it's just not you.

Swimming is one of your favourite things to do and you're a great swimmer. You'll spend hours in the pool doing tricks and swimming around.

My darling boy, you are the sunshine in my day and I can't imagine my life without you. Stay wild my beautiful child. 

FFS Friday - Self Care

Dealing with Telstra really sucks. It's just such a struggle. Every single transaction with them is a nightmare.

A few weeks ago our internet stopped working. 

I checked the Telstra outages page (twice), checked all the connections, turned the modem on and off again, waited a few hours and then when I had no choice, called Telstra.

After about 45 minutes on the phone (with the boys creating havoc in the background) they told me that our modem was broken and I'd receive a new one in three to five days. 

Six hours later they called me back and told me that there was nothing wrong with our modem, there'd been an outage in the area and that next time I could check the outages page.

I informed them that I'd checked the outages page twice. Considering they didn't even know there was an outage, how was I supposed to know?

Things were looking good for a few weeks, then our WIFI died. We delayed calling Telstra for three days because it's such a nightmare.

Actually, that's not true. We called them the second day and gave up after being on hold for an hour. Yeah.

The next day we called them again. This time we got through. After much frustration from Tiger, he put me on the phone and we found out we needed a new modem.

I went through everything with the Telstra guy, got off the phone and the WIFI started working again. WTF.

I didn't bother calling them back. I figure we need a new modem anyhow. 

Every now and again I'm reminded of the importance of self care and how truly crap I am at looking after myself.

A few weeks ago I noticed ulcer type things in my mouth. They weren't sore so I made a mental note to keep an eye on them and then promptly forgot.

Last week I woke up with a really sore top lip. It had a big blister on it and my whole top lip was covered in tiny blisters. I couldn't figure out why. I had been using a new lip balm, but it only has ingredients that I use regularly.

I switched to another balm and thought nothing more. The next day my lip was worse, my tongue was itchy and I noticed the ulcer type sores were still on my gums. Then it hit me. I haven't been taking zinc lately and I've forgotten to wash my mouth out after taking my asthma medication.

Thanks to all that, I got oral thrush. Gross! It's so disgusting and all my fault. I got meds from the chemist and took the full daily dose, only to wake up worse the next day and with another huge blister on my lip.

Thankfully things started to calm down by the third day and I'm making more of an effort to take care of myself. (That's not really true, but I'm taking my zinc and rising my mouth out properly).

Self care is important people.

Monday, 5 March 2018

February Empties

Well February came and went in a flash didn't it.

Corrynne's Fullers Earth Face Wash
When you've been using something on and off for fifteen years, you know it's good. Through all the different stages my skin has gone through, I've always been able to use my Fullers Earth Face Wash. It doesn't sting my eyes, is suitable even when my skin is irritated and it's locally made. 

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation sample
I'd love to try this in the correct shade because it was lovely. 

Benefit Benetint
This tiny little bottle lasted me over six months, I hate to think how long a full size bottle would last. If it came in a smaller size I'd definitely purchase, I love the gorgeous wash of colour that it gives to my lips and cheeks. 

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil
Easily one of my all time favourite eye pencils. I'm currently using a Chanel pencil that's nowhere near as good as the Essence one. 

Hurraw Papaya Pineapple Lip Balm
When I first tried Hurraw lip balms I didn't like them. No idea why. Fastforward a new years and I was looking for an oval shaped lip balm to carry in my back pocket. I grabbed my Hurraw balm and it was love at first use. 
My boys love them too, Chai keeps one in his drawer at school and they're constantly stealing mine.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face Sunscreen
I've found my new favourite facial sunscreen! Whilst I'd still love to find a natural one that works for me, To Save Face is filling in the gap whilst I search.

Natralus Paw Paw Ointment
A staple in our house and the only paw paw ointment that we use. 

McArthur Hydrating Face Cream
McArthur are such an under rated brand. They're Australian made, natural and very effective. I loved this moisturiser and will definitely repurchase. 

The Body Shop Japanese Camellia Cream
Oh how I love this luxurious cream. It's so soft and fluffy, it's like rubbing clouds on myself. 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask
These are all lovely, however I'm making the switch to natural products so won't be repurchasing. 

Soap and Glory Flake Away
This smells so good! It's not as good as my all time favourite It's The Bomb scrub, but it's pretty good. 

Little Bairn Body Wash
If you have little ones and are yet to try Little Bairn products, get onto it. They're super gentle, all natural and perfect for bubs. 

L'Oreal Revitalift Centella Repair
I'm suprised to report that I liked Centella Repair. I received it to trial for Beauty Crew. The tube lasted me four weeks with twice daily use. My skin felt softer and looked firmer after about two weeks of use. Despite it not being natural I would consider buying a tube if I saw it on sale. 

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Face Scrub

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Face
I don't like this at all. It's thick, white and very difficult to rub in. 

Only Good Protect Hand Wash
This is one of our favourite hand washes. 

Ombra Sensitive Sunscreen
In summer when we're going through 250mls of sunscreen a week, Ombra is what I use on our body. I have to use natural sunscreen on our face due to sensitivities, but the Ombra is cheap and ideal for using everywhere else.

BYS Coffee Body Scrub
For a cheap scrub it's not bad. Not amazing but not bad. 

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
Despite having a gorgeous coffee scent, I would not repurchase due to it leaving behind a greasy, brown film that it quite difficult to remove. 

Skin Republic 24k Gold Aqua Gel Under Eye Patch
Lately I've been making the effort to use eye masks at least twice a week. I'm yet to see a difference in the condition of my skin, but it's not doing any harm. These are lovely and regularly half price at the supermarket. 

Patchology Firm Face and Neck Mask
I found this really difficult to use, it was a funny shape and I struggled to get it on. It'd be better if it came in two pieces.

NuFace Prep-N-Glow
Face wipes are face wipes. 

Johnson's Skincare Baby Wipes
These are a handbag staple for me as I'm constantly wiping the boys sticky hands. 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. My Grandma turns 100 on Tuesday.

2. I don't watch YouTube very often, however Emma introduced me to Matilda and I'm hooked.

3. Despite summer being over, it's still hot here in WA. I'm so looking forward to winter.

4. We've had no WIFI for three days now. Fun times.

5. Bare Lips lip balms are amazing, you all need some.

Friday, 2 March 2018

FFS Friday - Original

What's with those people who copy ideas and pass them off as their own? Do they really think they're fooling anyone? Or do they actually believe the idea was theirs?

Tiger and I have been together for twelve years in June. The whole time I've saved my coins and then banked them when I had a whole pile. 

Last year I did the $5 note thing where every time you get a $5 note you save it then at the end of the year you've got a nice sum of money.

Last weekend Tiger announced that he had a brilliant idea. 

He bought out a huge tub and announced that we could save all our change and use it as spending money when we go on holiday at the end of the year. 

We could even save our $5 notes too! 

He was so excited with his brilliant plan.

I just looked at him in confusion and told him that we already do that. I then produced all the money boxes we have strewn around the house. 

According to Tiger the reason his is a new and brilliant idea is because we'll be putting the money into a big tub.


So original.