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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. So you want to know a little bit about me.
I'm in my 40's, a fifo wife, mother to two beautiful boys (born in March 2011 and August 2013) and a make-up and beauty product addict. I live in Western Australia and am obsessed with finding the perfect lip balm.

It all started when I was little. As a child I had really dry lips so was constantly using lip balm. As I got older I was always hunting for a lip balm that would effectively heal and soothe my sore lips. Once I'd finally found one (Carmex), I continued hunting. From there I started to get interested in lipstick and glosses and it branched out from there. 

Lip balm is still my obsession, but now that's joined by an obsession for all things beauty. I will always be a lip product fiend. Do you remember the Maybelline roller ball glosses? I had strawberry and mint. Then there were the most amazing balms I've ever used, they were by Australis, there was chocolate, marshmallow and lime. I used so many tubes of the marshmallow one and was so disappointed when they were discontinued. Since then I've tried countless marshmallow balms but nothing compares to the Australis one, it was perfect.

I have Crohn's disease and started my blog during a time of illness where I was housebound and bored. It gave me something to do and a way of connecting with people. It was also a space where I could chat about beauty products to my hearts content. Once I got better I continued blogging because I love it.

Now that I've become a mother blogging is my time out, it's where I come to escape, have a chat and talk about something that doesn't involve poo or spew (although I do mention them regularly in my FFS Friday whinges).

If you'd like to chat me you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or by email.


  1. hey what's your favorite balm now? :)

    1. At the moment it's Surya Brasil Chocolate & Mint, it's so good! (Review coming soon) :)

  2. Such a great blog, just came across it and am now a new follower :)
    Check out my blog www.iAlanahBelle.blogspot.com

  3. Wow brilliant blog, I am loving joining Project Pan 50. I can sympathise a little with crohns I have had chronic digestive problems for a while now. Fingers crossed you are feeling better. Love the lipbalm action also.

    Expect some new pan's in a post this weekend


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