Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ten Tubes Test

You might have read on other blogs about Project Ten Pan, it's where you can't buy any new products until you've used up ten of your current products. I quite like this idea, however as I'm only hitting pan on two products it'd mean I couldn't buy anything new for ages, probably a year. But then I had a thought. I have way too many lip products and I keep on buying more. So I decided to do the Ten Tubes Test.

I'm going to use up ten lip products before I buy any new ones. Not sure how well I'll do with this, so I've set myself a few exceptions. I'm allowed to buy Lanolips when it arrives in Australia cause I've been wanting to try it for ages, and I'm allowed to get stuff if I have a voucher, cause that means I'm not actually paying for it.

This is going to be really difficult for me because I love buying new lip products, but I'm determined to stick to it. My lip product stash has gotten out of control so it's high time I went on a lip product no buy. To make it a little easier I'm going to dig out all my half finished products and use them up first, otherwise it'll take me forever to use up ten products.

When I get orgainsed I'll take some photo's of my lip product stash so that you can all see what I mean when I say it's gotten out of control.

So, wish me luck, I'm going to need it!


  1. Good luck!! Let me know what you think of Lanolips xo

  2. I have so many lip products too, and really need to use them up. I hope you have good control G.Q. I wish you all the best at resisting...hehehehe

  3. GQ, I am on board with this idea - knowing other people are doing it too is my motivation! But, I finished a cleanser off the day before I read this post, so I made a deal with myself that I could count it as the first finished product... some would call it cheating, I like to call it a positive start!! Good luck with your glosses:)
    I have also polished of a couple of body lotions this week, yay.

  4. Yay, welcome aboard Jayne! You've done well finishing so many products already!


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