Sunday, 17 November 2019

Thoughts of the week

Hello! It's time for thoughts of the week.
Today I only have one thought and it's about social media.

Last week I was thinking about my Instagram following. I haven't been posting much the last few weeks as I haven't been able to take photos. My followers haven't increased for ages. I decided that I need to put more effort into growing my Instagram.

A few seconds later I changed my mind. Here's the thing with social media. It's your space. You can do what you want with your space. You don't need to be anything, you don't need to have a set number of followers, certain engagement etc. Your space can be what you want it to be.

The same goes for blogging, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Make the space your own. Don't pressure yourself to be anything other than what you want to be. If you want to hustle and grow your following, do it. If you don't want to hustle, don't. It's your space, your choice and your rules.

Years ago I used to get sent a lot of PR packages to review for my blog and after a whilst I realised that it's not my thing. I hated the pressure of having a whole pile of products to review, I hated the pressure that I got from PR companies and I hated not writing about what I wanted to write about.

Instagram is the same. I like posting about whatever I want to. I like blogging and Instagraming on my own terms, when I want and how I want to.

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Friday, 15 November 2019

FFS Friday - ATFL

Hello beautiful people! How are you? I've missed blogging, it's nice to be able to sit at my computer without my leg and foot swelling up.

So, do I have some stories to tell. I'll start with the day I busted my ankle.

Turns out the entire events of the day are Tigers fault.

It was Fly Out Day which is always a tough day. Things started normally enough, however I should have known it wasn't going to be a great day when Tiger gave me my morning my afternoon coffee cup.

It's due to that the rest of the day was a disaster. All Tigers fault. If he'd given me my coffee in the right cup it would have been fine.

As usual, Tiger and the boys went for a morning ride. They'd only been gone five minutes when I got a phone call from Tiger. Straight away I knew it wasn't good news.

Chai had fallen off his bike, gone flying through the air and face planted onto the bitumen road. FFS.

I got straight into the car and went to collect them. It was 8.30am, right at school drop off time and they were on the footpath between a high school and primary school.

I raced over there, parked on the foot path and got out. It was then I realised that I was wearing my pj's, dressing gown and Tigers slippers. Nice.

Chai was okay because his helmet took the brunt of the impact. He had a cracked lip, sore nose, grazed chin and a little bruising of his lip but that was it. We were so lucky, it could have been a lot worse.

I got Chai home, cleaned him up and the morning continued. When Tiger left we headed to the gym. We don't usually go to the gym on a Tuesday but Chai wanted to go to take his mind off Tiger leaving.

We were walking through the car park when my left ankle gave way and I landed on my right knee. FFS.

It was so painful that I had to stand there for a few minutes. Chai immediately started panicking and crying so instead of going home and icing my ankle like I wanted to, we continued on into the gym. I could barely walk but had to pretend that I was okay so Chai stayed calm.

If there was anywhere in the gym I could have sat down without Chai seeing me I would have sat there for an hour, but there's not so I did my workout. It was leg day.
Not the smartest decision I've ever made. I did most of the workout, a few exercises were too painful so I skipped them.

After my workout I looked at my ankle and it was only a little bit swollen so I thought I'd just sprained it.

By the time I got home and got us all inside I thought it was broken. It was so very, very painful. I have no idea why I didn't sit down and ice it. Actually that's not true, I do know why. I couldn't risk Chai knowing that I was worried about my ankle because it would have sent him into a panic, so I minimised it and told him I'd just sprained my ankle.

I made a Dr's appointment for first thing the next morning.

As per usual, everything goes wrong when Tiger isn't home. This one is some sort of record though, he'd only been gone half an hour when disaster struck.

By the end of the next day I was in a moon boot with a referral to a surgeon, lots of painkillers and instructions to keep my ankle totally immobile and stay off it.

I have a complete tear of the anterior talo-fibular ligament. According to the ultrasound the atfl is not present. Great. My atfl will not grow back, my ankle will just learn how to function without it.

I'm having physio every week and he expects it'll take three to four months to recover. If it's not better in four months the surgeon will operate. I'm really hoping I don't need surgery because that will be a twelve month recovery period. FFS.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am that it's my left ankle that was injured, because I can still drive (I have an automatic car). I couldn't even begin to imagine how I'd survive if I couldn't drive.

So that's my ankle story. Next week I'll tell you about our visit to the paediatrician.

I hope you are all well, happy and healthy.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

I'm still here

Hello! I'm back again. It's been a while. So where have I been?
Well....I injured my ankle and have spent most of the last three weeks laying on my back with my leg in the air. Fun times.

I have special skills. It was the day Tiger flew back to work. He'd just left and Chai was upset so he'd asked if he could go to the gym creche to take his mind off things.

We were walking into the gym when my ankle gave way and I fell on my other knee. It was so painful I couldn't even talk. Chai immediately started crying and panicking so I had to pretend that I was okay even though I was in agony. I wanted to go home but Chai was working himself into a panic so I dropped them at the creche and checked my ankle. It looked okay, it wasn't swollen or hot so I assumed I'd just sprained it. I did the parts of my workout that I could do without pain and checked my ankle again, it still wasn't swollen or hot. We got home and my ankle got progressively worse. Within a few hours it was so sore I thought I'd broken it. If only I had.

The next day I called Mum, told her what had happened and asked her to be ready to come down. Dad came over to look after the kids whilst I spent the whole day sorting out my ankle. I saw the Dr three times and had an ultrasound. Turns out I've completely torn my anterior tabofibular ligament. It's going to take three to four months to heal and if it's not better then I'll need surgery which will then mean an additional six month recovery. Broken bones heal faster. FFS.

There aren't many people who can tear ligaments whilst walking along. Clearly I have skills.

I'm in quite a bit of pain at the moment so I'm not sure when regular programming will resume, but I will be back.

I'm on Instagram most days so feel free to follow me there.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. This week I discovered that you can watch animated versions of kids books on YouTube. You can also watch people reading the books. This has been such a wonderful discovery for our home schooling. We read a different book each week so with books that I didn't have I used to order from the library. Now, I just find them on YouTube and don't have to order them, when means that we can skip ahead when we want to. Sounds like a small thing but it's made such a big difference for us.

2. Another recent discovery is the author Josh Langley. We read one of his kids books and Chai loved it so much that I went to the book shop and ordered both of his childrens books. He's on Instagram and is very friendly, when I posted about him he replied, it was great.

3. I've also discovered Krumbled Foods. Their collagen bars are my new favourite snack. They're low in sugar, gluten and dairy free.
It's a yummy treat that's healthy. I wish they sold them in packs.

4. I've found my new life motto:
You just have to take it one "are you f*&@ing kidding me" at a time.

5. Mecca beauty loop boxes are out on Tuesday. I'm planning to order their new Weekend Skin. It looks like it'd be great for me as it's a light tint and doesn't contain SPF.

Friday, 27 September 2019

FFS Friday - Hammock

I've been a bit quiet around here lately. Every time I've sat down to write I've just wanted to complain and that's not fun for anyone to read. Things haven't been much fun lately. Chai's issues are escalating rapidly and I'm so not qualified to deal with them. I have no trucking idea what to do.

Add to that Tiger is away, a close relative is having relationship problems, other family members need help and you have a tired, worn out mombie. 

At the moment we're trying a dairy and gluten free diet for Chai. It's been two weeks and already his digestive issues are easing. We don't eat a lot of gluten and dairy so it hasn't been too difficult, the only problem has been cheese. We love cheese, especially feta. There's barely a day goes past that we don't eat feta so it has been sorely missed. 

Vegan cheese tastes like plastic and costs a fortune. I've bought around six different types, they all have the same awful taste.

One thing I'm having a win with is home schooling. It's finally registered with the boys that learning is fun so they're willingly sitting down to do their learning. The great thing about home schooling is that it doesn't take long. We learn every day other than Sunday and we spend about an hour a day. That's it. The rest of the day is play.

You wouldn't think an hour a day is enough to cover the curriculum but it is. We use a program called Complete Education which covers the WA curriculum and that's all it takes. I love the freedom that home schooling gives us. I also love not having to get up and out of my pj's every morning.

You know what else has been annoying me? We're back to Chai waking up at 4.45am. Every. Single. Day. 
Once Chai is awake everyone is awake. He won't get up on his own, he won't be quiet, he stays in bed and makes sure we're all awake.
The days are very long when they start before 5am. I do not like it. 

I've never been a morning person. Even when I was a child I hated mornings, they just aren't my thing. Having to be up and functioning in the morning is too much to expect from a person.

After nine days of hell with Chai, we went to the OT yesterday and he's now fine. FFS.
It's funny how OT helps. All they do is play but it makes such a huge difference. Yesterday he spent most of the time playing in a hammock. I'm getting one installed in our house. We need to install a beam in the roof first so I'll get a builder to come over and do that. It may look strange but it's going to make a huge difference to our lives. The household is totally different when Chai is calm and happy. 

Well that's enough of my whining. 

I hope you all have a beautiful long weekend.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Lip Cream

You know how some products are love at first use? Murumuru Butter Lip Cream was one of those products for me.

I originally purchased the shade Flamingo Pink because I thought it'd be a lovely summery pink, turns out it's more peach than pink.
I loved the formula so much that I purchased the shade Mauvin to Brazil and it's the perfect mlbb shade for me.

It's a real shame that Physician's Formula isn't available in Australia as they have some great products. I'd love to have access to the full range, I was looking on their website and they have so many gorgeous products. Thankfully some of the range is available on iHerb which is where I purchase. (If you'd like to purchase, code YUF175 will get you a discount).

If you're like me and have no idea what murumuru is, it's a palm tree that's native to Brazil. The palm grows edible fruit. Murumuru butter is the fat that comes from the palms seeds. Interesting.

There are several reasons that I love my Murumuru Butter Lip Cream. Firstly, it smells and tastes great (very important). The colour is opaque with two layers and looks like I'm wearing lipstick.
The most important part is that it's super hydrating. That's the main reason I don't wear lipstick every day, I need hydration. I usually apply lipstick in the morning then use balm for the rest of the day.

Top: Mauvin to Brazil, bottom: Flamingo Pink

With Murumuru Butter Lip Cream I have the benefits of a balm with the colour of a lipstick. Perfect. An added bonus is that it has as SPF of 15.

There are twelve shades in the range, however iHerb doesn't yet have all of them and they go out of stock regularly, so if you see a shade you want in stock, grab it whilst you can. 

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. Who bought something during the Sephora sale? I didn't. I browsed the site at least five times but there wasn't anything that I really wanted.

2. This week we had a taste of the warmer weather and it was glorious. I love winter, it'll always be my favourite season, but the warmer days were lovely. I'd happily keep every season other than summer.

3. The warmer weather has me wanting to chop my hair to shoulder length. I've been thinking about it for a while now but wanted longer hair for winter as it keeps me warm. Now that the weather is warming up it's time for the chop.

4. If you'd like to get free Sunbites, click here.

5. I'm really enjoying the Instagram beauty community lately. People are so kind and supportive. If only they'd go back to chronological posts.

Friday, 13 September 2019

FFS Friday - The rules

Since I've been having so much fun with my strike I thought I'd tell you about my strike rules.

1. Clean up your own mess. I will not pick up other peoples mess. If they leave something on the floor, it stays there.

2. Clothes that aren't in the washing basket won't get washed. I'm not going to walk around the house picking up dirty clothes from the floor, trying to figure out what is and isn't dirty. If it isn't in the washing basket it doesn't get washed.

3. I am not the house maid. If you want something, get it yourself, I will not get it for you.

4. Put your own washing away. All the men in my house are old enough to put their own washing away. I don't do it anymore. I'll soon be teaching the boys how to fold their own washing then then whole lot will be their responsibility.

5. Since everyone else in the house dumps their stuff on the floor, on occasion I will do the same thing. Then they can all experience how annoying it is having to clean up a mess that someone else left.

This shouldn't even have to be a rule but here we are.

7. When Dad is home all questions are to be directed to him.

8. If you use the last toilet roll, get more and put them in the basket. 

These are all simple things that I shouldn't even have to mention yet I do.

I must say going on strike has been fun. It's taken a lot of work off me, I'm not as annoyed as I used to be and anyone who comes to my house feels good because their house is way tidier than mine. 

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Thoughts of the week

1. I don't understand why people would pre order a book that won't be available for another seven months. 

2. Sometimes all it takes is one kind or understanding person to give you the courage you need to continue on your path. I hope I can be that person to some people.

3. I've discovered Samantha Moonshine on YouTube and Instagram and I'm really enjoying her content.

4. I've spent the last two days on the couch with a sick Eljay and it's been wonderful. It's been ages since I got so much relaxation time.

5. Has anyone used the Saint Belford planner before? I never manage to stick to using one, but SB looks so good. I'm really tempted but worried I won't stick to it and it'll be a waste of $60.

Friday, 6 September 2019

FFS Friday - Still striking

Do you ever wonder wtf you're living for? Not as in a depressed sense, but as in what's it all about?
I'm saying this from a totally bored perspective. I'm just wondering why the hell I bother. What's the point of this life? There must be more to life than raising kids and paying bills. Sure that's fun sometimes, tough other times. But what else?

I want plans and excitement and holidays and things to look forward to. Tiger doesn't. I don't get it. How can he not want to plan and have things to look forward to?

Life seems rather pointless without things to look forward to. Goals too. I like goals, they give you something to work towards and aim for. Tiger is happy to float along without any thought to what's going to happen next. I just don't understand.

Since I'm not working I feel like I haven't had the ability to make plans but I've decided that's wrong and I can make plans. So, I've opened a bank account and started saving. I want to go to America to visit my friend. It's not going to happen unless I make it happen. 

So far I've got $4.49 in the account, hahaha. But, I have plans. I'll start saving my $5 notes again and I'll also clear the change out of my purse every week. Every few months I'll put it into my savings account. Another thing I plan to do is keep a list of everything I want to buy. When I don't buy those things I'll put the money that I would have spent into my savings account. That'll help two ways, it'll stop me buying things I don't need and it'll also help my savings grow. Winning.

Not sure how else I'm going to save up, but I'll think of something. 

Do you make plans? Or do you just wander along aimlessly like Tiger?

My permanent strike is ongoing. Wednesday I cut some hanger strap things off my jumper and left them on the floor. It's what everyone else in my household does so I decided to do the same thing. 
They're still there. I'll pick them up in a few days when I can be bothered. Heh.