Monday, 18 June 2018

The bronzer declutter

A few months ago, after my latest round of decluttering, I put all my make-up (excluding lip products) into a big box. Having it all there together is great because I can see exactly what I've got and play with everything when the mood strikes. 

About a month ago whilst I was playing with all my make-up, I realised that I have thirteen bronzers. Considering I only started regularly wearing bronzer this year, I have no idea why I found it necessary to accumulate thirteen bronzers. 

Over the last month, with the help of Emma, I've gone through and narrowed my collection down to four. I put three in the give away pile straight away and nine I tested out before making my decision.

For reference I have pale, cool toned skin. Warm colours look terrible on me which makes finding the right bronzer challenging.

Physician's Formula Bronze Booster
These are lovely but way too shimmery. If I was in my 20's I would have kept these, but shimmer and older skin are not friends. I loved the colour, if they were matte they would have been perfect.

Nars Laguna
I thought this one would be a keeper, so was really surprised to find it very hard to blend and too orange.

Physician's Formula PH Matchmaker
The colour of this is lovely, it's cool toned and looks nice on, but there's just too much fallout.

Stila Custom Colour Blush Shade Adjusting Bronze
I'm not sure why they say that this gives a custom colour. It doesn't and it's way too dark for my pale skin.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder Shade Light
I used to love this but it's too orange for me now. 

That leaves me with Stila Sun Bronzer, Benefit Hoola, Lancome Star Bronzer, Bourjois Bronzing Primer and Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer. All of these are lovely and work well on my pale skin.  

I decided to give Hoola to Emma because she's wanted to try it for ages. Lancome Star Bronzer is quite sheer and needs two layers to be noticeable, so it's a great option for pale skin. I was going to keep it but as I'm writing this post I've decided to get rid of it. I bought it over five years ago, so it needs to go.

Considering it'll probably take me at least a year to finish a bronzer, I think that three is still too many. I'll wait a few months but will probably get rid of the Stila bronzer and keep the Bourjois and Physician's Formula. Two bronzers are enough.  

What's your favourite bronzer? 
Do you think three bronzers are too many?

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. I'm in love with my new computer nook. After using a laptop in the kitchen for the last five years, having a desk that's out of the way is lovely. The extra bench space in the kitchen is lovely too.

2. After feeling quite low for the last few months, I'm finally starting to feel better. The beautiful cold weather always makes me feel better. We've been spending a lot of time outside and in the bush which is exactly what I need to feed my soul.

3. I received recycling information from my local council this week. Did you know that the only thing we recycle in Australia is glass? Everything else is sent overseas. How shameful.

4. I've decided that parenting is all about letting go. It's a long, slow process of holding tight and then letting go.

5. That's all I've got.

Friday, 15 June 2018

FFS Friday - Winning

Hello Friday! We've made it to the end of another week. I hope you've all had a wonderful week.

Today I bring you the latest episode of Things That Only Happen When Tiger is Away.

So. Last week. Where do I start? 

There's been something dodgy going on with my car for months now. The radio doesn't always switch off when I open the car door, the reverse camera stays on sometimes, if I've been talking on the phone, when I hang up the radio won't come back on etc. Just random, strange things. 

The radio not turning off when I open the car door has been getting worse and worse until Friday afternoon it died. I now have to turn the radio off every time I get out of the car. No worries. 
I called the auto electrician who told me it could be a switch in the door (easy to fix) or a part of the computer. Guess which one it turned out to be? The switch. Winning! It'll still cost $400 but I'm betting that's a lot cheaper than the computer part would be.

Saturday my laptop started playing up. I consulted Google, ran a few tests and found out that the hard drive was stuffed. Great. Thankfully I'd backed everything up to a hard drive the week before and I managed to back up the last few things so didn't lose any of my information. Winning. 

I got a new computer (perfect timing with the end of financial year sales), found a computer desk at Kmart and now I have a little computer nook, I love it. 

Sunday we were at the park (as usual). The boys love playing with dogs and most owners are happy to oblige. A dog arrived at the park, the boys asked if they could pat it and the owner said no, it needed to run around first. Once it'd run around for a while the owner said they could pat the dog. 

Chai patted it then wandered off to play. When Eljay pats a dog he likes to lean down and look it in the eyes as he pats it. I always tell him not to do this, to keep his head away from the dogs face. Usually he remembers. Sunday he didn't. 

As he leaned down to look at the dog, it got excited, jumped up and bit his ear. I don't think it was intending to bite him, but it did. He screamed and ran over to me. The owner apologised, put the leash around his mouth and asked if Eljay wanted to pat her so that he wasn't scared of dogs. I refused and told her we have a dog at home. Eljay was starting to calm down, then when he realised that he was bleeding he got hysterical.

I had nothing other than my phone, a few tissues and my keys on me. When the dogs owner realised Eljay was bleeding she got really upset, started hyperventilating and crying. 
So I've got an upset owner and screaming Eljay. Then Chai saw the blood and started getting upset too. FML.

Naturally that was the day that the boys took their scooters to the park. I had to get Eljay and his scooter and helmet home.

First I had to calm down the dog owner. She was apologising over and over again and looked as if she was about to collapse. She wanted to drive us home, I didn't want her to cause I'm funny about people knowing where I live. 

After I spent five minutes trying to calm her, Eljay and Chai down I gave up on the poor lady, told her everything was okay and started the walk home. I couldn't carry Eljay and his scooter so Eljay had to walk. What would normally take us two minutes took ten as Eljay was walking so slowly. By the time we got home I was regretting not accepting the lift home. Oh well.

We got inside, I patched up Eljay's ear, calmed everyone down and we were all good...until the next morning. 

I could see that his ear had been bleeding overnight and I needed to look at it to see if he needed stitches or to go to the Dr. Eljay wouldn't let me near it. It took me three hours of pleading, bribery and coercing just to get the plaster off. The gauze was stuck to his wound and there was no way he was letting me near it.

I left the gauze on and thankfully it came off overnight. The wound is healing nicely and can be covered by a bandaid. Wonderful.

Meanwhile the owner of the dog had posted a message to our local residents page on FaceBook then private messaged me to let me know how sorry she was and that she was getting a dog trainer to see her dog! That's what I call a responsible dog owner!    

Have a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Travel friendly Vitamin C serum

The one skincare product that makes a noticeable difference to my skin is Vitamin C. Within about three days of using a good Vitamin C my skin feels smoother and looks brighter. Continued use leaves my skin glowing. 

When I'm at home I use a powdered form of Vitamin C, however it's not very convenient for travel. That's where Clinique's Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% comes in.  

The issue with vitamin C is that it degrades when exposed to oxygen. Vitamin C is most potent when it's fresh. When you buy a vitamin C serum off the shelf, you don't know how long it's been sitting there.
The beauty of this system is that there's no chance of the serum oxidising as it's only activated immediately prior to the first use and is finished within seven days. The tube packaging is light proof, air tight,compact and easily portable, making it perfect for travel.

Each tube contains a seven day supply of vitamin C serum. You peel off the silver foil at the top, press the top of the tube twice to release the vitamin C, shake to mix it up then apply two drops. You can either apply the serum straight onto your skin or you can mix it in with your moisturiser. I prefer to apply it straight onto my skin.

Used twice daily, I notice a difference in my skin within three days. My skin is smoother, brighter and more event toned. Used longer term, vitamin C makes my skin glow. If there's only one skin care product you add to your routine this year, make it a vitamin C serum, you won't regret it. 

If you need further proof of the awesomeness of Fresh Pressed Daily Booster, Caroline Hirons loves it!

Fresh Pressed Daily Booster costs $45 for a seven day supply and can be purchased at Clinique counters or online from Clinique.

Note: This product was provided for review.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Pan the Pots Update One

Now that it's been three months it's time for my first update for my Pan the Pots challenge.
You can read my first post here.

I'm doing okay but not as well as I'd hoped I would, mainly because I've been concentrating on using up other products. I'm trying to use up as many products as I can this year, so use the same things constantly until they're done.

Here's how everything looked at the start of this project three months ago.

Here's where I'm at now. 

I'm nearly done with the Givenchy Magic lip and cheek balm and have made good progress with the Black Chicken Balm of All Ages.

I'm using the Soap and Glory balm every day but still have a long way to go. I wish that it was more portable, that's my problem with balms in pots, they aren't easy to carry around so I don't use them as often as I do a tube style balm.

I haven't touched the Salt lip balm, Yard Lip Bloss or Harlotte lipstick. I've nearly finished my daily lip gloss, so when that's done I'll start using the Harlotte lipstick and Yard Lip Bloss more often.

Are you panning at the moment? How's your progress? If you're a blogger and have posted about it, please post the link in the comments, it'll help keep me motivated. 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. What a week it's been.

2. Adore Beauty have the limited edition Bobbi Brown Sazan Nude Crushed Lip Colour. Get it whilst you can! I'm seriously considering getting a back-up.

3. The boys and I have been having a lot of fun playing outside in the wet, windy weather. They love playing in the rain. Watching them fly down the slide when it's wet is highly amusing. 

4. The fuss about Kat Von D saying she won't be vaccinating her child has been very entertaining to watch. Caroline Hirons and Chloe Morello's comments are especially amusing.

5. I get my husband back in two days. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Friday, 8 June 2018

FFS Friday - It takes a village

Oh look, it's time for me to get my ranty pants on again. So what's been getting my goat this week? Let me tell you.

You know when you're having a tough day with the kids and someone tells you to enjoy the time because you'll miss it when they're older? That shits me no end. Firstly, it's okay to have tough days, tough weeks, tough months. Totally normal and totally okay.

Secondly, I'm not convinced they're right. Granted, my kids aren't grown, but I have yet to find myself missing a past version of them. I don't miss when they were babies or toddlers and I'm not sure I'll miss these times either. 

Maybe it's just me. I don't miss previous times in my life either. You know how people look back and say "those were the good old days"? I don't get it. They were a different stage of my life, I don't miss them though. 

Perhaps I will miss these days when the boys are little, who knows. 

Back to the point. Stop trying to make people feel wrong/guilty for having a tough day. Parenthood is tough. You don't have to enjoy it all. It's okay not to enjoy it. It's okay to hate the stage you are going through, it's okay to complain, it's okay to talk about how hard things are. 

Right now I'm struggling. I don't like this stage at all. The kids are driving me nuts, I desperately need some time alone. I wish I had help, but I don't. The days are long, so very long. I'm angry, I'm tired, I'm exhausted and empty. I want to be alone. 

Chai is at cling factor ten. I am so over being touched all the time. Now that we aren't going to school I feel very lonely, however I just don't have the energy to reach out to someone.

A lot of Chai's issues are better/gone, however his habitual actions are getting worse and they are driving me so very crazy. His habits change regularly, but the ones he's doing at the moment are really, really, really annoying. He's making hand gestures, yelling instead of talking and saying UH all the time. 

I know he can't help it and I know it's unintentional, but these three particular habits make me rage. He does them every minute or more, so you can imagine how ragey I am at the moment. It's not pretty.

My inner self is struggling with guilt/not guilt. I feel bad that I'm getting so angry with him but at the same time I know it's totally understandable. He doesn't realise how angry I'm getting as I don't say anything, but I really wish that I wasn't so angry. He knows I'm frustrated by his actions as I'm regularly telling him to "STOP YELLING AT ME!"

We're seeing a new paediatrician soon. I'm not sure what I'm hoping for. We need help, that much I know. I really don't want to put him on medication but we're at the point where we need to do something cause what we're doing at the moment isn't working. I hate the idea of my baby being medicated so I'm hoping there are other options.

I thought perhaps there was something wrong with me and maybe I need to be medicated so I spoke to the Dr but he says that I'm fine and it's just parenthood. 

Surely it's not normal to feel so irritated and angry all the time? Perhaps it is. Perhaps this is how parents of special needs kids feel. I don't know. 

Why is there not more help for parents? Places they can talk about how they're coping or not coping. Everyone focuses on the kids but no-one worries about the parents. 
I was talking to friend with a special needs child and she told me I'm the first person who's ever asked her how she's coping with his illnesses/issues. How sad is that?

This is why we all need a village. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color

It's well know that I'm a lip product addict. Whilst I can resist any other make-up, show me a lip product and I'm like a moth to a flame.

It's not very often that a lipstick formula really wows me, most of them are lovely but nothing unique. The Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Colors are unique. Very unique. They're unlike any other lipstick that I've ever used. 

They feel like a balm, glide on smoothly and layer beautifully. One layer leaves a sheer, light tint. Two layers gives opaque coverage. Three layers give strong, bold coverage. No matter how many layers I apply, the feel is still smooth and balm like. 

The colour seems to melt into my lips, it doesn't look like I'm wearing a truckload of lipstick. One layer looks like a natural stain, as if I'd been eating fruit that had left a tint. 

Crushed Lip Color in Sazan Nude, Lilac and Blackberry

The longevity is great, I get around six to seven hours wear and once the lipstick has worn off I'm left with a stain of colour. 

I find the Crushed Lip Color's to be very hydrating, I don't need to wear balm underneath and often wear them in place of lip balm. They feel almost weightless on my lips, like I'm wearing a light layer of lip balm. They have no discernible fragrance or flavour. 

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color Sazan Nude, Blackberry and Lilac

I now have three shades in the Crushed Lip Color collection and can see myself adding more soon. The shades I have are Sazan Nude (limited edition, so if you want it, get it before it's gone), Lilac and the famous (and very hard to get) Blackberry. 

I can see why Blackberry is so popular, it's the perfect mix of maroon and brown. 
Lilac is a gorgeous pop of pinky purple. It was the first shade I bought and the one that started my obsession with the Crushed Lip Colors.
Sazan Nude is a limited edition shade that is my perfect nude. It's one of the few nudes I can wear as it's a cool toned pink based nude. 

Sazan Nude, Lilac and Blackberry

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color costs $46 and can be purchased from Bobbi Brown counters at Myer, David Jones, Mecca Maxima or online from Adore Beauty and the Bobbi Brown website.

*Note - Crushed Lip Color in Blackberry was provided to me for review. The other products I purchased myself.

Monday, 4 June 2018

May Empties

I love reading empties posts, I figure if a blogger finishes something it must be really good because they usually have a whole pile of products. 

Mecca Cosmetica Transforming Facial Cleanser
It was almost love, but not quite. I love how well this works, I love the smell and the way it leaves my skin feeling. What I don't love is that despite being okay to use on the eyes, it stings the crap out of my eyes. For this reason alone I won't repurchase. 

Screen Volumise Shampoo and Conditioner
I found these at Priceline for $5 each. They're organic and sounded too good to be true. I've now discovered why they were so cheap. They do not smell good. It's not awful, but it's not nice, not at all nice. Thankfully the scent didn't linger and was gone as soon as I rinsed the product off, but it's a deal breaker. 

Sanctuary Spa Warming Microbrasion Polish
I don't think Sanctuary Spa is available in Australia anymore, which is a shame because they had some lovely products, the Microbrasion Polish being one of them. I really liked how fine the scrub was and the warming sensation was strangely lovely. 

Sanctum Shampoo
I've lost count of how many times I've repurchased this shampoo. It's a lovely, gentle product that doesn't weight down my fine hair.

ModelCo Gel Cleanser
I really enjoy this rose scented cleanser. I pick it up whenever it's on sale. I use it as a morning cleanse, however it also works well to remove make-up. It's gentle on my skin, doesn't irritate my eyes and smells beautiful.

Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate
If only this wasn't so expensive, I'd be buying a full size tube tomorrow. I just can't justify spending over $80 on a face scrub, no matter how good it is. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Mask
I quite liked the way my eye area looked after I used this, I'd like to buy more and use them over a few months to see what the results were. 

Meeno Organics Vanilla and Lemon Body Mousse
If you need a natural, super hydrating body moisturiser that smells heavenly, look no further. My dry legs loved this, it's such a beautiful product. 

Kora Organics Hydrating Moisturiser
This is another one of those products that I like but am not willing to pay the high price. There's nothing amazing to make it worth paying $59.95 for a 50ml tube, it doesn't even smell nice. So, whilst I enjoyed using it, I won't repurchase.

Black Chicken Barrier Booster Deodorant
There are only a few bicarb free natural deodorants that work and this is one of them. I'll always have this one in my collection. 

Herbs 'n Heart Elixir
I enjoyed using this serum, it kept my skin nicely hydrated. It didn't do anything other than provide hydration, so I won't repurchase.
Lancome Visionairre
Nice. Not amazing.

The Body Shop Spa of the World Adriatic Peony Body Wash
Love, love, love this beautiful scent. It's a definite repurchase, however I'll buy the full size next time.

I've been madly getting rid of things this month. Most of them aren't shown as they've already been given away. The ones shown below are going in the bin which is why they're pictured.

Sukin Super Green Cleansing Oil 
I really wanted to like this but I don't. It smells lovely but it's so thick. It doesn't emulsify when water is added so leaves a film all over my hands and face. Even if I use it as my first cleanse it still leaves a film that's really difficult to remove. 

Shu Uemura Nobara Foundation
The only reason I'm getting rid of this is because it's very old. I purchased it before I had Chai. He's 7. Enough said.

Skinstitut Age Defense
I love all the other Skinstitut products I've used, but I don't get along with the sunscreen. It's very thick and irritates my skin. Due to it being so thick I can't use it on my body. I thought it might be okay for winter, but it's too irritating so out it goes. 

Becca Lip Balm
This expired in 2013!

L'Oreal Base Magique
This is another really old product. Really old.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Further to my FFS Friday post, I've now found out that abortion is illegal in Queensland and extremely difficult to access in Tasmania. WTF Australia? This is not good enough. I'll be writing a letter to the powers that be in Queensland and Tasmania next week telling them to get their acts together. Imagine if we all wrote a similar letter? Together we have a very strong voice, let's use it.

2. It's winter! Yay!

3. I've just realised that I'll somehow have to survive the whole winter with two children at home every day. This is not going to be pretty.

4. I am so tempted to get a few things from the Nars Erdem collection. It is all so pretty.

5.Where can I get reasonably priced make-up storage? I want something that I can put on my bathroom counter so that I can see everything instead of having it hidden away in a drawer.