Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Foundations on rotation

This year I'm all about using things up (as usual). I'm particularly concentrating on using up make-up as it's something that I rarely finish now that I'm not going to work every day.

In an effort to finish my foundations I've pulled out four and I'll use them exclusively until they're gone then add in others as appropriate. I want to get down to four or five favourites that I use and repurchase.

I'm notoriously bad for deciding to finish a product then getting bored with it and swapping it for something else (or ten other things). In order for me to stick to using only the foundations I selected I made sure I had all bases (haha) covered.

I chose a tinted moisturiser, BB, CC and matte foundation. If it was winter I would have chosen a glowy foundation, however in summer I'm all about matte skin.

They're all products that I really like and with the exception of the Rimmel BB I intend to repurchase all of them, so I'm not forcing myself to use something that I don't like. I've tossed or given away all the foundations that I don't like, no point using something I don't want to use.

Are you trying to finish products this year? What's your favourite base product?

Monday, 16 January 2017

The one step that makes a huge difference in my brow routine

One thing I always do is my brows. Even if I'm not wearing make-up you can guarantee that my brows are done. 

I've tried all sorts of different brow products but every time I go back to a brow pencil. It's quick, easy and nearly foolproof.
In the past I used to apply the brow pencil and that was it, however I've discovered that combing my brows afterwards makes a huge difference. It evens out the colour, softens any parts that look a bit too heavy and just makes my brows look more polished. It's such a simple thing to do but makes a subtle but significant difference.

You can see in the photos that before I brush out my brows the colour looks quite heavy and unnatural, however afterwards it looks like I have naturally awesome brows. Magic.
Do you have a magic tip or trick for brows?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. I believe that most people are essentially good. Last Friday that belief was confirmed twice. Thursday evening a lady posted on one of the local Facebook pages asking if there was someone with a loud motorbike who could come to McDonalds and rev the bike for her son's birthday. I saw the post and hoped that someone would turn up. As I watched the responses to the post grow and grow I knew that he'd have a good turn out. It was more than a good turn out. Around 100 bikes turned up. You can see the footage here

Later that day I was on my way home and saw my neighbour by the side of the road. He was standing next to his mobility scooter. As I was turning around to check if he was okay a young man in a hilux type vehicle stopped next to him. By the time I pulled up the young guy was helping to load the mobility scooter on to the back of his vehicle. The battery had gone flat and my neighbour was stranded. He has trouble walking so wouldn't have been able to get himself home. We all loaded the scooter onto the back of the 4wd and the young guy drove him home. Top bloke.

2. After taking a year off Ed Sheeran is back! He's released two songs so far. I love one and don't like the other one at all. 

3. The boys and I went to the cinema to watch Sing this week, we all loved it. The music was brilliant and there was enough adult humour to make it entertaining for me as well as the boys. Highly recommend.

4. I'm starting the $5 savings challenge. Every time I get a $5 note I'll put it in a money box. I don't use cash very often so I'll be interested to see how much I save. Every little bit counts.

5. This year is the year of paying off debt and getting our finances sorted. I've finally got Tiger on board which means it'll actually happen.  

Friday, 13 January 2017

FFS Friday - Under

I've been having lots of problems with Intense Debate over the last few months so uninstalled it.

It didn't warm me that doing so would remove all the comments. Sorry everyone!

I'm hoping that now it'll be easier for people to comment.

I'm also hoping that I won't get a barrage of spam comments like I did before I had Intense Debate. 

Prior to installing Intense Debate I was getting at least 20 spam comments a day. I can only imagine how many the huge blogs get.

We live in the country. Tiger grew up in the country, I grew up in the country. Spiders are a natural part of life when you live in the country. Somehow Tiger has forgotten about that and freaks out every time he sees a spider. Considering there are heaps of spiders around, he freaks out a lot. I swear he'd tell me at least five times a day that he's seen a spider. I'm not sure what he expects me to say. Usually I say nothing. It's a spider FFS, they're everywhere. When I don't react he then tells me the type of spider it is, as if that'll elicit a response. It doesn't. So what if it's a redback or white tail? They're everywhere. Deal with it Tiger!

Shelby is a dog who loves water. She's loved it from when she was tiny. 

She's only a little dog and at eight months old she can still fit under the pool fence. 

When we didn't have a pool blanket it wasn't a huge issue, she'd wander around the pool but not get into it.

Now that it's summer it's a different story. Tuesday we had the pool blanket off and I heard splashing in the pool. 

I looked out the window and saw Shelby happily swimming around. I watched her for five minutes then went to get her out. She swam away from me and it took me another five minutes to get her out.

She knows where the steps are so if she falls in she should be able to get out, provided the pool blanket isn't on.

Wednesday she discovered that she can run across the pool blanket and to her delight she realised that if she sits right near the edge of the pool she sinks a bit so gets all wet.

I can just see her sinking right in and then getting stuck under the blanket. Which is exactly what happened Wednesday afternoon.

We'd all been for a swim (Shelby included) and I was putting the blanket back on the pool.

As soon as Shelby saw the blanket she jumped onto it, but she slipped under the blanket. 

She couldn't get out. Eljay tried to grab her by the collar but missed and she kept on going under and couldn't get out. 

I could see the panic on her face as she kept on sinking under the water. I was on the other side of the pool when it happened. I raced over and tried to grab her out but in her panic she was moving around too much and moved right under the blanket in the middle of the pool.

I ripped my towel and fitbit off and jumped into the pool. I got under the blanket and couldn't see her. 

Thankfully she'd managed to make her way to the other side of the pool but was still stuck under the blanket. I fished her out and thankfully all was well.

Right in the middle of it all Tiger Skyped us so he was listening and trying to figure out WTF was going on. 

This just goes to show that my fears about her drowning in the pool are founded.

When Tiger gets home we're going to put perspex around the bottom of the pool fence so that she can't get in. 

Until then I'll be paranoidly watching her every time she's outside. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Balms away

My love of multi-use balms knows no bounds. I'm drowning in them and that's fine by me. As I rotate them regularly I thought it was time I shared the ones that I'm currently using. 

Earth Elements Organics Peppermint Balm - Earth Elements Organics can do no wrong. Their Headache Relieve has been my saving grace the last few months, I don't know what I'd do without it. Since you've all probably had enough of hearing about Headache Relieve, today I'll talk about their Peppermint Balm. It's gorgeous. Whilst I mainly use it as a lip balm it also works well as a light perfume, to ease nausea and to help give me energy when I'm feeling low/tired.

Q Silica Paw Paw Rescue Ointment - I always have a tube of paw paw in my handbag. The few times I've taken it out I've needed it, always the way. Q Silica has been one of my favourites for years now, however it's getting very difficult to find. If you see it in store, grab some, it's a great product.

Natralus Essential Paw Paw Ointment - If I could only use one paw paw brand for the rest of my life it'd be Natralus. Not only is it a brilliant product, it's available at the supermarket so really easy to get hold of. Even better, it also comes in little tubes which are ideal for little hands. Chai keeps a tube in his school bag for when his lips are dry or if he has a scrape.

Vintage Sister's Elbow Grease - The first thing you need to know is that Elbow Grease smells like flowers. Lovely. I use it as a perfume because it smells so good. I also use it on dry skin (elbows, feet etc). I tend not to use it on my lips because don't want floral scented lips. Strange considering I love rose lip balms but this is a different type of floral.

Lanolips 101 Ointment in Cranberry  - This was a limited edition christmas release in 2015 and I love it. Once this tube is finished I only have one left, I'm going to be very sad when I've finished my last tube. I've got my fingers crossed they'll bring it back for christmas this year. 

What are your favourite multi-use balms?

Monday, 9 January 2017

The super easy two minute face

After nearly six years of this mothering gig I've got the two minute face down pat. Gone are the days when I could spend half an hour doing my face, now I'm lucky if I get five minutes. Today I'm sharing the products that I use when I have two minutes and what I'll use when I have five minutes.

Rimmel Insta Flawless. Regular readers are probably sick of hearing about Insta Flawless. I love it. It's my HG and I've already repurchased it three times.

It Cosmetics CC+. After all the hype this gets from bloggers I was expecting to be disappointed but I'm not, it's awesome. I love that it has such a high SPF. I usually apply sunscreen underneath, but I like knowing I have some extra protection.

Shu Uemura Hard Brow pencil - My holy grail brow pencil. It lasts forever. I've been using it daily for two years and there is still heaps left.

Becca Beach Tint - I love a subtle wash of colour on my cheeks and the Beach Tints are perfect for that. It also doubles as a light lip stain. 

On days when I'm really busy that's the end of my beauty routine. If I have 30 seconds more I'll add mascara. When I've got the luxury of a few more minutes, I add the following products.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I don't know why there isn't more hype about Fit Me concealer, it's amazing. If you didn't like Nars Creamy Radiant concealer, try Fit Me. It's everything I hoped the Nars concealer would be. I fell in love with this as soon as I applied it. It gives opaque coverage with one layer and doesn't crease. 

The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick in Cypress Bronze or Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Grey Pearl. I don't have time for a complicated eyeshadow routine so love the ease of applying a wash of cream eye shadow. Both of these apply easily and don't crease. 

If you haven't tried The Body Shop's new Matte Lip Liquid you need to. I bought one as a gift for a friend then went straight back and bought one for myself. They smell like cake! Even better, they're long lasting and non drying. I'm hoping they release more shades because out of the eight shades they have available there's only one that I'd wear. 

That's it. I miss the days when I could spend ages doing my make-up, but at the same time I enjoy the ease of a parred down routine. 

What are your go to products for a quick face?

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Thoughts of the week

1. Well that's the first week of the year done and dusted. We had a great week. How was yours?

2. We've had lots of visitors. Whilst it's been exhausting it's also been nice to socialise. This year I plan to socialise more. It's not difficult to make the effort and it's a great way to create happy memories for us and the children.

3. My brother isn't talking to any of us, not sure why. He won't answer our calls or respond to our text messages or emails. He didn't even contact Dad for his birthday. 

4. This year I'm determined to be more organised. I've downloaded a lovely (free!) planner here, now to make sure I use it!

5. We're halfway through the school holidays. They're going way too fast.

Friday, 6 January 2017

FFS Friday - The last post?

This time last year I asked the question and it's time for me to ask it again. Do you still want to see FFS Friday posts or are they getting boring? I feel like they've been more whingey than funny? Should I try a new format where I talk about the good and not so good parts of my week, are they fine the way they are or are they boring? Please let me know.

We've had lots of visitors lately. Whilst it's been great, Eljay and I are finding it a bit much. We both crave quiet time.

The PILs have been here twice in two weeks.

MIL is in her usual fine form. 

Tiger spent most of her second visit growling at her or telling her to butt out.

She never gets the message. 

This time she decided to rip the flyscreen off our door. FFS.

Really? Who does that?

Both Tiger and I told her not to but she ignored us and ripped it off. FFS.

Pretty sure FIL heard me muttering "Fuckin interfering bitch" under my breath. 

The reason she decided to rip it off is because part of it was broken. We'd left it that way so Shelby could get in and out without us having to open the door.

Eljay tripped when he was coming through the door and scratched his arm on the flyscreen. It didn't break the skin, it was just a few small red marks.

MIL stated that he'd cut his arm open and therefore the flyscreen needed to go. FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough, she kept on overfeeding the dog.

Shelby is only little and I'm really strict about what she eats. MIL insists that she needs more than dog food.

I've spoken to the vet about it and he's told me this isn't true. She eats a super premium puppy food that gives her all the nutrition she needs.

Every now and again I'll give her a little bit of our food, but not very often.

MIL kept on giving her fatty meat leftovers which gives her diarrhoea.

Really bad diarrhoea.

The second time it happened MIL cleaned it all up. So she should.

Somehow we managed to survive two PIL visits in two weeks.  

The day after they went home from the second visit, FIL landed in hospital.

Everytime he lands in hospital we fear he won't make it.

Turns out the reason he got ill this time is because instead of drinking water he's been drinking iced coffee. He got dehydrated which caused other health problems that lead to him being rushed to hospital at 4am.

I'm amazed that an adult is so very careless and stupid about his health.

He's one of the most unhealthy people I know and yet his diet is disgusting.

It's very frustrating to see everyone around him suffer because he refuses to look after himself. 

Both Tiger and his mum have had enough so no doubt he's going to cop it from both of them. As he should.

The school holidays are half over. I am so not ready for Chai to be back at school. 

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Project Use It Up 2017

My decluttering mission continues. Two years ago my skincare took up five tubs and my bathroom cabinet. At the start of last year it took up two tubs and the bathroom cabinet. Now it takes up one tub and three quarters of the bathroom cabinet. I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. 

By the end of this year my goal is to have my skincare on top of the bathroom cabinet, that's it. I don't mind if I have a few items in the bathroom cabinet, but only a few, not a whole shelf full. I'll always have a few shower gels and body scrubs, I'm okay with that, but I don't want a tub and the whole cabinet filled with products. 

Here's what everything looks like now. I'll take another progress picture in July and another one at the end of the year so we can see how I'm progressing.

On the bathroom cabinet

Inside the bathroom cabinet. The top right hand side is mostly Tigers products

The skincare tub

Are you on a decluttering mission? 
Please tell me I'm not the only one with an overflowing bathroom cabinet!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Aura Body and Home Lip Balms

Last year I won an Instagram competition and received the gorgeous products pictured above. I was given my choice of body butter scents (I chose Lemon Loaf) and received four lip balms. 

Whilst the body butter was gorgeous, the standout products are the lip balms. They're beautiful. I received all four flavours, Cocoa, Grapefruit, Matcha Mint and Raspberry Lemonade.

The flavours are amazing, very unique and true to their name. Raspberry Lemonade has the tarte flavour of lemon with the sweetness of raspberry, cocoa is just like a warm, creamy cocoa drink, grapefruit is like biting into the fruit and matcha mint is a minty green tea. 

Texture wise the lip balms are gorgeous. They're hydrating, smooth and feel more like a lip butter than a lip balm.  I get at least four hours wear before I need to reapply, although I find myself reapplying more often because of the lovely flavour

The balms are $6.00 each (CAD) or you can purchase all four flavours for $22.00 (CAD). 

If you are lip balm lover like me, add these to your list, they're beautiful.