Monday, 23 May 2016

The pot challenge/Project Pan the Pots

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instagram when I saw a FOTD post. In it was a well loved pot of cream eyeshadow that had a huge dip in the middle. It looked so cute that I decided I wanted some of my pots to have huge dips in the middle. 
Does anyone else get strange urges like that? Just me? Okaaaaaay. Moving on.

My potted products are sorely neglected. I ignore them in favour of products that I don't have to dip my finger in. And yet I keep on buying them, knowing they'll be neglected. Crazy. 

I chose four of my potted products and over the rest of this year I'm going to use them with the aim of getting big dips in the middle. 

The products I've chosen are MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Soap and Glory Smooch Operator, Givenchy Magic Cheek and Lip Balm and Yard Skincare Lip Bloss in Balmoral Bliss.
MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Soap and Glory Smooch Operator Lip Balm

Givenchy Magic Cheek and Lip Balm

Yard Skincare Balmoral Bliss Lip Bloss

Want to join me on my Pan the Pots challenge? Let me know if you do.
 If you've got any well loved potted products I need to see photos!

Friday, 20 May 2016

FFS Friday - Toxic

Like most people now, we barely use our home phone. If it wasn't for the internet we wouldn't have it. FFS.

We've always had a silent phone number and don't give the home number to anyone. I couldn't give it out even if I wanted to because I don't know what it is. 

The lovely people who had our phone number before us (Brian and Pamela Mullins) clearly did not have a silent number and gave their number out to everyone. FFS.

They kindly gave it to the indian scammers. FFS.

You know the ones who call and say your computer is sending out viruses? Them. FFS.

They call me three to five times a day. FFS.

I'm sofa king sick of it. FFS.

Unfortunately I can't block international numbers from calling me, so aside from paying to change my phone number, I'm stuck with the stupid calls. FFS.

I don't answer them, they go to the answering machine, but it's still bloody annoying. FFS.

I'm going to get a whistle and try to send them deaf. Wonder if that works. I'll give it a red hot go and let you know. 

I used to string them along and for a while it was highly entertaining, but now it's just irritating. FFS.

Because of them I never answer the home phone, so if Tiger rings I don't answer it, then he gets worried that something is wrong. FFS.

I look forward to the day I can block international calls, surely that should be possible. 

This week I self diagnosed myself with Mummy fatigue. FFS.

I'm so sick of most things Mum related and desperately want a holiday, alone. All alone. For a week. Three days in the city to shop my heart out and then four days in the country to curl up in front of a fire and read a book. Sounds blissful. Isn't going to happen. FFS.

If I have to play one more game of ninja turtles I may just implode. FFS.

I'm bitterly jealous of those people with close families who get lots of support, I'd love a family like that. My friends family is like that. They help each other all the time and think nothing of it. It's no big deal, it's just what they do for each other. When the boys grow up we'll be like that with them and I'll finally have created the family I longed for myself.   

It's been about fifteen months since I spoke to my brother. I don't miss him. I'd love to have a good relationship with him but he's been telling so many lies for so long that I doubt even he knows what the truth is any more.

Toxic people are toxic whether they are family or not.  

Good news of the week, my stomach is starting to get better! It's still sore and I can't eat all of the foods I normally would, but I can eat. Small steps. Yay!


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My NYX Butter Gloss collection

Angel Food Cake, Tiramisu, Eclair, Merengue, Strawberry Parfait
Who doesn't love NYX Butter Glosses? What's not to love? They're cute, smell and taste great, come in a great range of colour and only cost $9.95. I currently have five Butter Glosses in my collection; Angel Food Cake, Tiramisu, Eclair, Merengue and Strawberry Parfait. I'm hard pressed to pick a favourite, if I had to pick one I'd go with Angel Food Cake because it's the perfect my lips but better shade.

What's your favourite Butter Gloss?

Monday, 16 May 2016

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC Vs Rimmel Insta Flawless

I'm all over the BB and CC trend, I've been on the BB bandwagon for years and happily joined the CC tribe last year. Out of the two it's CC's that are my true love, they give better coverage than BB's and that's something I need. When I read on Caroline Hiron's blog that she loves the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme CC I promptly went out and bought it. 

The first few times I used Revitalizing Supreme I was very, very disappointed. It's one of those products that adapt to all skin tones. On me the colour was too dark and it didn't do much to even out my skin tone. Then I realised that I was using way too much product. I'd been applying it like I would a tinted moisturiser when I needed to use half that amount. Once I got that sorted it was love. I use Revitalizing Supreme as the last step in my skin care routine. It can be worn alone or under your base, which is how I use it. I put it on, let it absorb then apply my foundation or whatever base I'm using. 

At $80 it's ridiculously expensive, but I use so little that it will last ages, I'd guess around six months.

I was convinced that I'd found the best CC for me until I received Insta Flawless to trial. They are very, very similar. Insta Flawless is a primer which does the same thing Revitalizing Supreme does. The price difference is huge. Insta Flawless costs $13.95 compared to $80 for Revitalizing Supreme. 

Texture wise, Insta Flawless is lighter and less hydrating than Revitalizing Supreme. That's not a huge issue for me as I wear them over moisturiser. Insta Flawless is SPF 15 and Revitalizing Supreme is SPF 10.

Insta Flawless comes in two shades, light to medium (this is the shade I use) and medium to dark, Revitalizing Supreme is one shade that adapts to all skin tones. I find Revitalizing Supreme to be slightly more orange in tone. You can see in the photo's below that Insta Flawless looks lighter. They both work for me when they're blended in, if I wasn't looking closely I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Revitalizing Supreme on the top, Insta Flawless on the bottom.

Rubbed in a little bit

Fully blended in
Have you tried either of these products? What's your favourite CC?

Note: Insta Flawless was provided for review. I purchased Revitalizing Supreme myself.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Thoughts of the week

1. Last month I went to the MAC Myer counter and did B2M. Unlike David Jones, the m/a was lovely, really friendly and helpful. I'll make sure to go back there when I need MAC products again.

2. Chai's behaviour has been really bad lately. So bad that his teacher had a word to me because it's out of character for him. I have no idea what's going on. Hopefully it's just a phase.

3. Speaking of phases, Eljay's tantrum phase continues.

4. The Lancome Juicy Shakers are finally here! I have two, they're so cute. A full review is forthcoming.

5. Those William Tyrell "give him back" Facebook posts freak me out. It sounds bad, but if he's been in the hands of paedophiles all this time it's highly likely that he'd be irreparably damaged mentally, emotionally and physically. As horrible as it is I hope that's not the case and he's gone.  

6. Not eating much for the last few weeks has been quite freeing. I haven't had to spend time wondering what to eat, cooking etc. Life would be a lot easier if we didn't eat.

Friday, 13 May 2016

FFS Friday - Poo

My stomach is still not back to normal. FFS.

It's been 2 1/2 weeks now and I still can't eat. FFS.

Bizarrely, I'm not losing weight. FFS.

I don't know how that's possible because I'm barely eating. FFS.

Totally ripped off. If I can't eat I could at least lose weight. FFS.

Wednesday I went to the Dr for my poo test results and to see if further testing needed to be done. FFS.

I was resigned to the fact that it's probably my Crohn's, which I blame on my gastro for telling me last year that it's unlikely I'll have another flare up. FFS.

I went to my Dr, he felt my stomach (it's really sore), asked lots of questions and told me my test results were normal. FFS.

He didn't know what was wrong so referred me to my specialist. FFS.

When I got home and thought about it I was rather annoyed, sending me to the specialist is pointless when he can do the same tests himself without me having to travel two hours to the specialist. FFS.

Then I started thinking about the questions he'd asked me and convinced myself I was dying of cancer. FFS.

Pre kids I wasn't worried about dying, now that I have kids I'm petrified of leaving my babies. FFS. 
The next day I was pondering what to do when I received a phone call from my Dr. Not FFS.

I have Norovirus. Yay!

I know, being happy about having a nasty gastro bug sounds strange, but a virus is much better than a Crohn's flare up!

He said that it normally goes away in two weeks. It's been longer than two weeks but that's probably just because I have a sensitive digestive system. 

Now I can stop worrying. Not FFS.   

That's my good news for the week. How's your week been? Any good news? Or bad news? Or FFS moments? 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Shanghai Suzy Miss Leah Baby Cocoa lipstick review

I've been using Shanghai Suzy lipsticks since they launched but they haven't appeared on the blog because I really didn't like the grape bubblegum scent. Lucky for me the latest range for Autum/Winter 2016, Romance and Strawberry Kisses has a strawberry scent which I love. It also sees the return of one of their most popular shades, Miss Leah Baby Cocoa. The new Miss Leah is in the whipped matte formula and the old Miss Leah was in the nourish formula. I have both the old and new lipsticks so thought I'd do a comparison post. 
Miss Leah Nourish formula, Miss Leah Whipped Matte formula
Often when a product is reproduced in a different formula it doesn't stay true to colour but that wasn't the case with Miss Leah, it's nearly identical. In the photo's the whipped matte looks lighter and a little less pink but on my lips they are identical.
The whipped matte formula is beautiful, it's very light and almost undetectable on my lips. It's different to any other matte lipstick I've used because it doesn't feel heavy or dry. It takes several layers to build up coverage, which I like because it feels like I'm getting several different lipsticks, sheer, medium and opaque coverage. 

The nourish formula is the top swatch, whipped matte formula the bottom swatch.
 Nourish formula on top lip, whipped matt on the bottom lip.
If you haven't tried Shanghai Suzy lipsticks, I highly recommend them. They're only $14.95 so you can't go wrong!

On a totally different note, has anyone had lip fillers? I'd like to get rid of the two lines above my top lip and am wondering if fillers would do the trick. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Top Three Tuesday: My Favourite Cream Eyeshadows

My preferred eyeshadow formula has always been cream because they're so easy to use and don't require brushes. Guerlain used to make a beautiful range of cream eyeshadows that were all I wore, they were perfection. Like all good things, they were discontinued, so I went on the hunt for some new ones. Unsurprisingly my favourites are all shades of taupe.

Bare Minerals Elegant Taupe 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow SPF 15 - Bare Minerals say that this has five benefits: 12 hour long wearing colour, supercharged primer, powerful brightening benefits, smooths the appearance of fine lines and SPF 15. 

It's definitely long wearing, I get no creasing even when I've had it on for 13 hours or more. The colour is gorgeous, a lovely matte taupe. I've found the best way to apply this is in layers. If I apply one thick layer it feels quite heavy on my lids when it sets so I apply two or three thin layers to avoid creasing and the heavy feeling. Of all the application methods, fingers are the best. A brush gives streaky coverage, fingers ensure an even, non streaky finish. 

You need to work quite quickly with this shadow as it sets within a few minutes. As long as you get there before it sets, it works well with other shadows and blends easily. I also like to use it as an eyeliner, especially for my lower lashline as it doesn't budge all day. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas Swallowtail Long Lasting Cream Shadow - You may not have heard of Rouge Bunny Rouge before, if you haven't they're worth checking out. They have a beautiful range of products, they aren't cheap but they're worth every cent. 

I love what Rouge Bunny Rouge have to say about their cream shadow: Our utmost Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows caress your skin with the ease of a butterfly wing beat, so that your lids appear smooth and renewed while coated with a semi-matt, slightly luminous colour. It's an irresistible combination of exceptionally long-wear, non-crease and smudge proof textures. The extreme long-lasting effect is delivered through the synthetic filming polymers which ensure a perfect appearance all day. Our comfortable wand includes a light, velvet, creamy formula for silky gliding. Easy application is achieved by innovative silicon waxes and gels, in combination with Beeswax. We added Para Cress Flower Extract to stimulate natural skin lifting capabilities and Coffee Extract to increase collagen and elastin production while also enhancing the natural skin defences. All colours can be worn in two ways: a satin wash of colour with one layer, or a stronger application providing opaque, metallic and darker hues of the same colour. 

Doesn't that sound lovely? It makes me think of faeries and early morning gardens. Just me? Okay. Moving on then.
Atlas Swallowtail has a light texture with a very slight shimmer. One layer gives see through, barely there coverage, two layers give opaque colour and three layers give strong, shimmery colour. Applied without primer I get eight hours wear without any creasing, with primer I get over twelve hours crease free coverage.  

Laura Mercier Grey Pearl Caviar Stick Eye Colour - I have no idea why they call this Grey Pearl. It's not grey, it's taupe. The Laura Mercier website describe it as mauvey grey with hidden pearl. It's not. You can clearly see in the photos that it's taupe, there's no mauve or grey at all. 

On days when I'm in a rush Caviar Stick is what I reach for. A few swipes across and under each eye and I'm done. Caviar Stick works equally well as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. The great thing about it is that I don't need to use a brush or my fingers to apply it, I draw it on and I'm done, no blending required. 

This stays crease free all day, even without a primer. It really is perfection in a stick. It doesn't fade and looks exactly the same at the end of the day as it did when I applied it in the morning.  

Bare Minerals Elegant Taupe, Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas Swallowtail, Larura Mercier Grey Pearl

What are your favourite cream eyeshadows?

Monday, 9 May 2016

Burt's Bees lipstick review

Burt's Bees have released a lipstick range! I'm sure you are all excited as I am. Or maybe not. As a huge fan of Burt's Bees products I was so excited when they announced they were releasing a lipstick range, I stalked their site daily waiting for them to become available. When they were I bought one straight away and then bought another one when I found them at Priceline. There are 14 shades available. My Priceline only has 12 of the shades, I'm not sure if they'll be stocking the other two shades. Tulip Tide is next on my list, it'll have to wait for my next trip to Perth though, because Pricline doesn't have it. 
I purchased two shades, Blush Basin a lovely pinky nude and Lily Lake which is a mauve pink. The packaging is gorgeous and made of recyclable packaging.

Burt's Bees says: Intense colour meets conditioning 8-hour moisture. Full-coverage, vibrant colour in 14 shades made with 100% naturally moisturising ingredients like moringa and raspberry seed oils to help soften and condition your lips all day long. Smooth satin finish doesn't dry out lips. Helps to hydrate and moisturise lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Features naturally moisturising ingredients such as beeswax, moringa oil, raspberry seed oil and vitamin e.

Both lipsticks feel very balm like, I forget I'm wearing lipstick and feel like I'm wearing a balm. I don't find them to be particularly long lasting, I get about two hours wear before I need to reapply. I'd guess that the darker shades would last longer. There is a very light fragrance and no flavour. I've put Lily Lake in my handbag, it's the perfect handbag addition because it can be a balm and a lipstick at the same time, so I'm carrying one product instead of two.
The only criticism I have is that the lipstick doesn't wind the whole way down into the tube. So far I've managed not to nick it when I'm putting the top on, but it'll only be a matter of time. 
Overall I really like the lastest addition to the Burt's Bees line-up and can see a few more shades in my future. 

Blush Basin on top, Lily Lake on the bottom
Blush Basin

Lily Lake
Ingredients: diheptyl succinate, castor seed oil, capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer, beeswax, candelilla cera (candelilla) wax, sunflower seed oil, behenyl alcohol, oleic/linoleic/linolenic polyglycerides, C12-18 acid triglyceride, lanolin, hydrogenated vegetable oil, cera carnauba carnauba) wax, moringa oleifera seed oil, raspberry seed oil, sorbitan, tristearate, glyceryl caprylate, aroma, tocopherol, soybean oil, lauroyl lysine, citric acid, linalool. 
May contain: mica, titanium dioxide, carmine, iron oxides.

Friday, 6 May 2016

FFS Friday - Fluff and nonsense

Tiger is one of those people who mucks around, wastes time and then ends up flustered, rushing around and late for everything. FFS.

You've probably got a few people like him in your life. The ones who decide to start doing some random job like cleaning out their wardrobe instead of getting ready for work. That's what Tiger does. Then he wonders why he's always late. FFS.

Last Friday was the perfect example. FFS.

He wanted to have acupuncture. He'd been talking about it all week and decided he'd go on Friday. The plan was that he'd go to acupuncture and then pick up Chai from school. Simple. Or not. FFS.

Friday we did a few things in the morning, came home, had lunch and Tiger started fluffing around. FFS.

At 1pm he realised that he needed to go or else he wouldn't be finished in time to pick up Chai. FFS.

He fluffed around a bit more then decided he didn't have time to go cause he'd left it too late. Typical. FFS.

A little while later I was looking for him and he wasn't home. WTF? Turns out he'd decided to go to acupuncture. FFS.

At 1.49pm I got a message from him saying he was about to start his session. Then at 1.54pm he sent me a message saying "Might not make pick up". Okay. I sent a message back asking him to let me know if he wouldn't be picking up Chai. No response. FFS.

At 2.30pm I still hadn't heard from him, he wasn't replying to messages or answering his phone, so I got ready to pick up Chai. I couldn't find my car key and then remembered that Tiger had it. FFS.

He'd also hidden my spare key. FFS.

Thankfully I managed to find the spare key, got into my car and what do you think was in the ignition? My car key. Handy. FFS.

I raced to school and got there just as the bell went. Not FFS.

Tiger had promised that he'd pick up Chai so Chai was not happy Daddy wasn't there. FFS.

When Tiger got home he said that he'd told me he wouldn't be able to pick up Chai. I read his message back to him and said that might doesn't mean can't, it means might. FFS.

Clearly we communicate differently. 

Last week I had gastro. FFS.

I'm still not better. I can't eat anything without my stomach getting really sore. FFS.

Part of me wonders if it's my Crohn's. FFS.

I went to the Dr on Wednesday and got drugs. I also had to do a poo sample. FFS.

Ever done a poo sample? It's gross. FFS.

I did my poo into a container (you put the container into the toilet). Then I took the container out and the poo was hanging out the side nearly falling out. FFS.

I managed to get it back into the container without touching it, yay! Not FFS.

Then I had to scoop up some poo and put it into two sample jars. GROSS! FFS.

The rest of the poo went into the toilet and I threw the container into the bin, yuck, yuck, yuck. FFS.

We had to do school drop off before going to pathology to drop off the poo, so left the poo sitting in the car. FFS.

When I got to pathology there was a queue, so I'm standing around waiting with my poo jars in my hand. FFS.

Pretty sure I can still smell poo. FFS.

I lead such a glamorous life. FFS.