Sunday, 18 February 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Tiger totally surprised me with flowers for Valentine's Day. When the florist delivered the flowers I told him he had the wrong address, haha. 

2. I've decided I'm an alien. It totally explains why I'm having so much trouble understanding all the crap the school is trying to feed me.

3. Last weekend Mum and SD (Step Dad) bought me some gorgeous plants for our garden. They're ones that can be either ground cover or creepers and they're so pretty. 

4. On Thursday Avon announced that they are withdrawing from Australia and New Zealand. Wow. They say it's about pursuing more profitable markets to ensure the long term survival of the company. Interesting. I haven't bought Avon products for years cause I think it's crap the way they treat their consultants, however I feel for those people who've been involved with the company for years and now find themselves without an income.

5.The Lancome Jelly Flower Lip Tint is calling my name.

Friday, 16 February 2018

FFS Friday - Bum

My regular readers will know about my germ phobia. Specifically my bum germ phobia. 

Last week I was doing my make-up whilst Chai was doing a poo. I usually stay out of the bathroom when they're on the loo, but it was a school morning and I had to get ready.

After he'd finished his poo and wiped his bum, he used the hand towel to wipe his bum again.


How long has he been doing this?????

Bum germs!!!!!!

I don't use the hand towel on my face, but I do dry my hands with it and then touch my face. 

The horror!

All this time I've been polluting my face with bum germs!

So disgusting. 

Now back to my usual school rant. There are so many things that bother me about our schooling system. Here's the latest.

When I had the meeting with Chai's teacher and the deputy a few things they said really pissed me off. 

Their favourite word seems to be resilience. Must be the latest buzzword. They are of the opinion that having a nasty teacher is how kids learn resilience. What a load of bullshit. You don't learn resilience from being yelled at! So stupid.

Every time I say that Chai has issues with a certain teacher they tell me he needs to learn resilience. Fucking bullshit.

The other thing that pissed me off is this: We were talking about how Chai learns. The deputy was trying to tell me that I can't teach him at home because he's a reluctant learner. I told her that he's quite willing to learn at home because we learn in fun ways. She made a huge point of telling me that he only likes to learn things he's interested in.

Why is that a point? Do adults like learning about things they aren't interested in? No. So why should kids like learning about things they aren't interested in? Seems pretty basic to me. 

I pointed out that I could quite easily cover almost all of the required subjects using his latest interests (sloths and silverback gorillas). Isn't it better to teach kids about things they're interested in and have them enjoy learning?

I feel like I'm from another planet because I just don't understand their logic. It makes no sense to me and yet they tell me these things with a straight face as if they are fact. Most people agree with the school, so it must be my thinking that is strange. 

I've tried to see things their way but I can't. Why is adversity, mistreatment and force an acceptable way to treat our kids? Why is it okay to treat them in ways that would never be okay for an adult? Are kids not more important and more precious than adults? In my mind they are but others don't seem to think so.

Have we not realised that the world is so fucked up because of how we treat our kids? Why isn't this obvious to other people?

Why do people blindly follow along, watching their kids struggling but doing nothing about it?

I'm so confused.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Tiger is back at work and for the first time in nearly seven years I've had several hours alone. It was so strange. I went out and got all my stuff done so quickly, what would take me three hours with the kids in tow took me an hour. The house was quiet and I felt very calm, it was the strangest feeling. I suppose I'll get used to it soon. I'm slowly starting to remember how I used to feel before I had kids.

2. That is if they continue to go to school. Eljay isn't coping at all, I have no idea what I'm going to do about that. Buying a bush block and being a hippy is sounding like a great solution.

3. This week I swapped my FitBit Alta for a Samsung Gear Sport. So far it's love.

4. A lot of my friends are going through really tough times at the moment. I wish I had a million dollars so that I could help them/fly around the country to give them a hug/be there to support them.

5. It's taken years, but I have finally cleared our junk room. It's no longer a junk room. Go me. I'm still decluttering, but everything is now in it's place and I know where to find things. I was planning on going through the whole house whilst the boys were at school, but that won't happen if they don't go to school.

Friday, 9 February 2018

FFS Friday - Water soluble

A few weeks ago I spoke about lying to my kids. Well I've done it again. 

By some accident I managed to convince the boys that I have surveillance cameras all through the house that can see everything they do, even when they're under the bed. Heh.

Both my boys are at school now. Just like that the baby stage is over. Fuck it was tough. So very tough. 

I'm okay that it's over, but sad at the same time. I can totally understand why people have more babies when their youngest goes to school.  

I'm not okay with them both being away from me. I'd be okay with it if I thought they were happy but I'm not sure they are. 

Eljay doesn't like school at all, he cried at school on Monday, Tuesday he sobbed for an hour and Wednesday I kept him home. My poor baby. Every time I talk to him about kindy he starts crying.

Chai doesn't want to be there, he asks every day to stay home. I'm hoping that after a few weeks he'll settle in and enjoy school. His teacher is brilliant and he likes her, so hopefully he'll start to enjoy school. If he doesn't then I'll withdraw him. Simple as that. 

Remember the pool saga from a year ago? It's back on again. I'm not joking. Wish I was. 

When they did the job originally they didn't do it properly. There were run marks, part of the coating was flaking away and it was a mess.

Tiger got in touch with the company who did it to find out that they no longer deal with our local pool shop. Great.

They agreed to come down and fix it, even though the issues were due to the preparation not being done correctly, which was the responsibility of the local pool shop. 

They were supposed to come down last September. They were here last week, five months later.

Re-coating the pool means that it has to be drained of water. That's $200 down the drain. Because of the chemicals and salt we can't use the water on the garden, so it literally went down the drain. 

Once the pool was drained the guy looked at it and realised that it was a really bad job so the whole pool would need to be redone. 

Amazingly he got it done in a day.

The next day we realised that the pool walls had moved inwards. When they originally did the job they didn't prop the pool properly, so the pool walls moved inwards. Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all. If they move too far inwards the pool will break and need to be totally replaced.

Thankfully the walls hadn't moved much so it was not an issue. The pool guy told us that after a few days the walls would move back out again, which they did. Winning.

Everything was looking great until a few days later when we noticed a white residue leaking from the light. Tiger contacted the company who told him that he could fix it easily. Or not. 

He called our pool guy (not the pool shop, a different pool guy) who said that Tiger couldn't fix it himself. Turns out that when it was put back in the guy used water soluble silicone instead of the waterproof silicone. 

The good news is that the company are going to pay our local guy it fix it for us. Winning again. Our pool guy will fix it in a few weeks once the water soluble stuff has all dissolved. He also told us that it's the best pool refurb he's ever seen. Double winning.

So all is well with the pool.  

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

January Empties

Well would you look at me. I'm starting 2018 with not one but four empty make-up products! Go me! I've been using the same products every day so it's not really any surprise that I have make-up empties, but it's still a wonderful feeling to finish make-up.

I did quite well with my empties this month, finished my cleanser plus a conditioner and four sunscreens. 

Look at all those beautiful empties.

My Eco Tools and Napoleon brushes died. Oh well.

We go through so many sunscreens. I've been using the Natio sunscreen on my face, the others I use on my body. 

Ombra Sensitive 50+ Sunscreen
This is a super cheap option for sensitive skin. It costs around $2.50 and is water resistant for four hours. 

Natio SPF 50+
All of use use this on our face, it doesn't irritate, isn't greasy and absorbs quickly. It works well under make-up and doesn't sting if it gets into my eyes.  

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion
The boys love the Little Innoscents sun lotion, I find it too thick and hard to blend in. It leaves a film on the skin which doesn't absorb, which is ideal for when they're swimming so that's what we've used it for. Eljay likes it because it doesn't sting his sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face
I used to use this on my face but lately it's been irritating me so I used it on my chest, neck and arms. I think this range has been discontinued as I can't find it in store anymore. 

Palmers Facial Cleansing Oil
I really liked this oil and have already repurchased. It smells nice, removes all my makeup and doesn't leave a greasy film. 

Trilogy Cream Cleanser
In the past this was my holy grail cleanser, however I've now broken up with it so this will be the last bottle I purchase. You can read why I broke up with it here

Alba Botanicals Hawaiian Conditioner
I won this from Beauty Heaven. It did the trick. I've never seen it in store, so won't repurchase, if I did see it I'd happily repurchase. 

Natralus Paw Paw
Our holy grail paw paw. I've always got several tubes around the house. Chai uses it as a lip balm, we use it on cuts and scrapes and I use it on my cuticles. It's a great, multi-purpose staple. 

Face of Australia Nailpolish Remover
Does the trick. 

Skin Republic Hydrogel Under Eye Patch
Ive been using these twice a week. I'm yet to see any long term results, but they do make the area look smoother after I've used them. I'll continue to use them for a few months to see if there's any improvements. 

Innoxa Hydrogel Under Eye Mask
Noice. I find these very similar to the Skin Republic masks.

Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo and Conditioner
My hair felt so, so soft after I washed with these samples. 

24k Goddess Perfecting Eye Masks
These stung so badly I had to take them off.

4 makeup empties! I'm so pleased with myself. 

Lip Lip Raspberry Lip Balm
I love these balms. If I didn't have a whole pile of balms to use I'd repurchase. They're so good. The boys love them too. This one was tinted, the clear ones are just as good. If you haven't tried Lip Lip yet, give them a go, you won't regret it.

Physicians Formula Eye Liner
I'd happily only use this for the rest of my life. It has a fine, brush tip, doesn't fade or flake and lasts all day. This was the brown shade which unfortunately isn't available in Australia. 

Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara
I've lost count of how many tubes I've gone through. This is a great mascara, I'd buy it  again if I wasn't making the switch to natural products.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
The only eye primer I use. I've tried others but none compare to Shadow Insurance. I'm already onto my next tube.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. Sophie and Stu split up. Couldn't see that one coming. She should have chosen Jarrod or James.

2. My babies are back at school and I'm not okay with it at all. I want them home with me.

3. Who else is watching Married at First sight? It's the first time I've watched it. Some of the couples are so cute.

4. How amazing was the super blood moon! We could see it from the lounge suite, it was such a beautiful sight.

5. Have a beautiful Sunday.

Friday, 2 February 2018

FFS Friday - Serious

I've mentioned before that Tiger has a flair for the dramatic. He's a drama queen.

Last swing, the day before he was due to come home he video called me. 

He looked very, very serious and said hello in a low, dramatic tone of voice. I took one look at his face, dispensed with the niceties and asked what was wrong. 

In a very solemn voice he said "I've got some bad news, go somewhere private."
I was already walking to another room and as I was heading there my mind was swimming with thoughts. From how serious he looked my first assumption was that FIL was either dead or on deaths door. It was either that or his aunty had died, such was the look on his face.

I've also mentioned before that Tiger loves a good, long winded story. Never one to cut a long story short, he can always be relied upon to tell a story the longest possible way.   

So, he starts on this story about a new policy at work and the guys who had already gone through the process. It went on and on and on until he eventually got to the point (a good three minutes later) which was that he wouldn't be flying home the next day, he'd be delayed for an indefinite period of time. 

My exact words were "Oh is that all, I thought someone must have died." 

BIL is the same. Must have been the month for it because a few weeks ago he sent me a message saying that I needed to talk to Tiger because something important had come up. 

Once again I immediately thought there was something wrong with FIL. 
BIL then kindly told me that it was all good, so helpful.

As Tiger was at work, I couldn't get in touch with him for a few hours. When I did it was to be told that.....wait for it.....BIL had found a faith healer who he thought could fix Chai.

I kid you not.  

No wonder he wanted Tiger to tell me instead of telling me himself. 

There's no way in hell I'm taking my baby to a faith healer. No way in hell. No sham faith healer is going to get their hands anywhere near either of my boys. 


Monday, 29 January 2018

Life changing beauty tips

That's a lie, I'm pretty sure beauty tips won't change your life, however now that I've decided that I'm an expert I've started using click bait titles, hahaha. Just joking, I'll stop after this post. I do have a few pearls of beauty wisdom to share, so here we go.

Try applying your face mask with a flat foundation brush. Oh my goodness. I had no idea how much better it is to apply face mask with a brush! It makes the application a lot easier, less messy and you get even coverage. 

Apply your mascara with the wand held vertically instead of horizontally. Holding the wand vertically makes it easier to get to all the lashes so you get more volume and definition. 

Those of you who like me always have a hair tie around your wrist will like this one. You know how you stretch it to the perfect size then lose it? Here's the solution. Put a few hair ties on your water bottle to stretch them. After about a week they're the perfect size and if you lose one you have a few more ready and waiting. 

If you have dry skin, add a drop or two of oil to your foundation before you apply it. I put a drop on my make-up sponge, put the foundation on top then apply it. My skin stays hydrated and the foundation goes on a lot smoother. This will only work with oil based foundations. 
This trick also works really well when applying concealer under the eyes, it prevents creasing.

After you've finished doing your make-up, lightly patting a silicone based primer over fine lines and enlarged pores helps to blur them.

That's all I've got. What are your tried and true beauty tips?

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Thoughts of the week

1. School is back this week. I'm not looking forward to it. Eljay starts kindy, despite him not wanting to go, I think he'll love it. It's Chai I'm worried about. His teacher is wonderful, but I'm just not sure if a regular school is the right environment for him. We'll find out soon.

2. Craig McLachlan's excuse for sexual harassment shows exactly the issue. 
People who think that unwanted sexual advances are "cheeky" are the problem. They aren't cheeky, they are illegal. It's not okay. Nor is saying that everyone else was doing it. 
All workplaces should be free of sexual harassment and if other people are behaving inappropriately, instead of joining in, it's up to those in positions of seniority and power (such as Craig), to call it out and put a stop to that behaviour, not add to it. 
People in power don't seem to understand that those below them don't feel confident enough to speak up about behaviour that they aren't comfortable with. If a boss or senior person is harassing you, calling them out could cost you your job, so of course the person won't speak out.
It's not funny, it's not cheeky, it's not a joke and it's definitely not okay. It's harassment, pure and simple. Get with the program people. 

3. My beautiful Maya has started teaching trauma yoga. Check her out here. If you don't live in Sydney that's okay, get it touch and she'll sort something out. Trust me when I say it'll be worth it.

4. I've told Maya this already but I'll tell you too, she's going to do amazing things. Also, few people rock a bright lip like Maya does.

5. Hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day.

Friday, 26 January 2018

FFS Friday - Parenting expert

You know those parenting articles you read, the click bait ones that say "How I stopped my kids fighting with one easy sentence"? The ones written by a perfect parent with perfect kids who always behave and never fight, due to their amazing parents who fix everything with one easy phrase. Well I think they're a load of rubbish, so today I'm going to write my own article. I figure it's about time as I'm clearly a parenting expert having been a parent for over six years now.

Today I'm going to tell you how to stop your darling child telling people that he hates them. It's so very simple. One easy sentence in fact. I kid you not. Here goes.

As a rule I try not to lie to my kids. I've learned from experience that it usually backfires (like the time I told Eljay it might snow and he told everyone!) Sometimes, as much as I try not to lie to the kids, I just have to. 

I've mentioned before that Eljay is a mean little monster. On a daily basis he was telling Chai and I that he hates us and he wishes we'd never been born. Nasty. I tried everything I could think of. I spoke to him about how awful it was to say things like that, explained that it was really hurtful. Tiger spoke to him, Chai spoke to him, my Mum spoke to him, my sister spoke to him. Nothing helped. 

Next I tried penalties. I made him sit on the couch, I put him in his room, I took away his tv privileges. When that didn't work I started throwing out his toys. He didn't give a flying fart.

I tried ignoring the nastiness and praising the positive. Didn't help. I tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked. At least five times a day he told Chai that he hates him and at least twice a day he told me. No matter how I tried to ignore it and remind myself that he didn't understand what he was saying, it was still hurtful.

In desperation I told Eljay that if he was nasty again I'd call santa. It worked! Who would have thought it'd be that simple. It's been six weeks now and he no longer says that he hates us! Winning!

So there you go. My one easy step to get your kid to stop being nasty. Threaten to call santa.

You're welcome.