Monday, 8 June 2009

Ten Tubes Test Update

Well my first week has gone well. I haven't bought any lip products (well not for myself, I did buy some for a friend) and I've used up one product already. My Body Shop papaya lip butter has been sitting around nearly finished for ages so it feels good to have finally finished it. I think it'll be a while till I finish off another lip product though. My Lip Fusion gloss is two thirds gone and my Origins A Perfect World lip balm has a lot of pan showing but I think it'll be at least another 4 weeks until I finish either of them.

As you can see in the picture above, I've got together a pile of lip products that I want to use up, and I'll try to use them exclusively until they're used up. There's a few in the pile, so if I get bored with one of them I'll just swap it for something else in the pile.

I forgot to add this to the main picture, but this is the lip balm I'm working on at the moment, it's my Origins A Perfect World balm. My Lip Fusion gloss is at work, so that's not in the picture either.

This is going to take me a long time, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes me over six months. Hmmm, let's hope I can stay strong.


  1. Stay strong with your lippies and glosses...

    I'll be good too if you will!

  2. Buying things for friends doesn't count, so long as the friend gets it! You are doing great xo

  3. Thanks Rosie :)

    Gem, it's a deal, we'll both be good together.

  4. Good on you! :) Once I get better I'd like to follow suits with my mascaras and skincare stuffs. I've only managed to use the Clinique pore minimiser you gave me ONCE before I got sick. Such is life...


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