Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Chicken Poop Lip Junk

The only reason I bought this lip balm is because of the name. Who can resist a lip balm called Chicken Poop? Okay, I suppose most people could, but I couldn't resist the thought of being able to tell people, "I've got chicken poop on my lips".

I hunted around for ages trying to get hold of this, and finally found it on ebay. I see that they now have international shipping on the Chicken Poop website, and there is a shop in Melbourne that stocks Chicken Poop.

The extensive hunt for this lip balm was well worth it, as it's a lovely balm. It smells like lavender and has no flavour. The balm is moisturising enough for daily use. I don't use it if my lips are really chapped, but for everyday use it's perfect. It has a smooth, soft texture with a very slight shine.

The legend of the poop: The Name....Chicken Poop comes from Jamie’s goofy grandpa replying to her complaint of having dry lips. He’d say, “I know how to fix those dry lips, I’ll rub some chicken poop on ‘em so you won’t be lickin’ ‘em.” Brilliant, don’t you think?

How it all began..Jamie Tabor Schmidt began making Chicken Poop after her best friend Claudia took her to Sephora, a cosmetic store lined from floor to ceiling with all kinds of make up goodness. She decided then and there she would have a product line by the age of 25. Good gravey, a hair pomade,was the first product she came up with. Requests came flying in for a tube version. So, in 2000 Jamie developed Chicken Poop. She has seven other products in the making. The next to market will be Kill It Dead, a natural spray deodorant.

Would I buy it again? No, but only because it's not easily available in Australia. If I could get it locally, then I would buy it again.

Ingredients: soybean oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil.


  1. I like that it's all natural...I think you would either love or hate the name...either way it makes you curious. I guess if someone asked what you had on your lips and you said "Chicken Poop" you'd be a bit taken a back...I know someone who would like it a lot Glossqueen, and that would be AAAA!...hehehe

    If I had some I'd send it to her for a Chrissy present (more for a joke tho)she'd love it!

  2. who would of thought good old chicken poop would make a good lipbalm. I'll have to check out the supplier in Melbourne.

  3. LOL, I'm going to send it to her Gem.

    The only reason I got this is so that I could tell people I had chicken poop on my lips, hehe.

  4. And here I was thinking it actually has chicken poop in it (well they do do (no pun intended) a bird poo facial...)


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