Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Top Ten Make-Up Products

This post is inspired by Jessica's Top Ten post on her blog The Belle Lumiere.

My Top Ten Make-Up products are:

The Face Shop Blemish Balm
Clarins Hydra Care Tinted Moisturiser in Bisque
Christian Dior Long Wearing Moisturisng Concealer shade 410
Lancome Juicy Tubes (any colour, I love them all)
Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Mocha Mousse
Ardell clear brow gel
Australis Mineral Inject lip gloss (any colour, I have nearly all of them)
MAC Syrup lipstick
Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque
Bloom Soft Taupe Shadow Liner

These are all products that I have (or will) purchase over and over again.


  1. I use that same tinted moisturiser in that same shade. Twinnies! I think I'm on my fourth tube of it - love it for summer when it's too hot to have heavy foundation on.

    I love MAC Syrup too, so pretty and easy to wear. :-)

  2. This is really interesting - thanks for the post! I really do need to get my hands on a Bobbi Brown Corrector. That one's been on the list for a long time!

  3. Great products! I have to try the australis colour inject lip glosses and the lancome juicy tubes! Thanks for this post!

  4. Dee, hello twinnie!

    Sarah, you really do need BB Corrector, it's amazing.

    Dannii, you definitely need to try both of those glosses. The Australis ones go on sale at Priceline regularly so you should be able to get them for under $10.

  5. I love seeing everyones top tens :D Very interesting, I often pick up syrup when I'm at mac and think I should get it :D

  6. Great list! I bought the Australis gloss a while back after reading your blog. Looks like I may have to go and do some more shopping :)

  7. I love the fragrance on the Clarins tinted moisturizer. That's one of my favourites too!

  8. Jadegrrrl, you should definitely get Syrup, it's a beautiful colour.

    Leah, I hope you liked the Australis gloss. And any excuse to go shopping is a good excuse :)

    Nini, I love the fragrance of the Clarins moisturiser too, it's so fresh.

  9. awesome post!! I've wanted to try LOADS of these items for ages but just havent got round to it... the MAC syrup lipstick, Bobbi Brown Corrector and Ardell goodies have been on my wish list for such a long time ♥

  10. I like the soft taupe shadow liner. I've been using this for almost 4 months and love the effect of it. calipa

  11. MAC Syrup looks pretty.. I keep trying it on at the MAC counter and being undecided about it.

    Lancome juicy tubes are so yummy! They dont stay on my lips long because I tend to lick it off hheheh

  12. So many Juicy Tubes fans, they're the best!

    Jen, you need Syrup! :)

  13. I like your top 10 too! I've never noticed MAC Syrup before, what's the colour like?

  14. MAC describe Syrup as a cloudy pink. It's a mid toned pink that for me is a mlbb shade. I'll do a swatch for you and post it tomorrow.

  15. I wish I could get the full range of Juicy Tubes here, or sent to me from the US. My flavour is 'Spring Fling' but they don't sell it here, and I have zero luck finding any sites that will ship it!

  16. Kim, have you tried Nordstrom? They stock Lancome and ship to Australia.


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