Thursday, 20 November 2008

Beauty and the Bees Cream Cleanser

I'm terrible for buying products, using them for a few weeks then forgetting about them for a few months, then rediscovering them again. I recently did this with my Beauty and the Bees cream cleanser, which was really silly cause it's a beautiful cleanser.

Leatherwood Honey and Coconut Cream Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but specifically for dry, sensitive skins. It cleans without stripping moisture from my skin, and without leaving me with an oily residue. I find that I can use this even when my skin is going through a dry, irritated stage.

I put some on a face flannel or cleansing pad and gently wipe it over my face, then spray with facial water. After I've used this my skin doesn't feel dry or tight.
It does a wonderful job of removing my make-up, even eye make-up.

The cream is gorgeous, soft, beautifully scented thick and rich. You can have it unscented, or choose from Rose Geranium or Patcholi and
Orange. I chose Rose Geranium and it smells gorgeous.

I purchased a 60ml jar which with once daily use lasted me for 4 months.

Beauty and The Bees products are available online at their website, at their store in
Hobart, and throughout the world. A full list of stockists is on their website.

Ingredients: mountain spring water, coconut oil, certified (BFA) organic olive oil, vegetable wax, tasmanian leatherwood bees wax, certified (BFA) sunflower oil, organic (OPA) sesame oil, palm oil, castor oil, siam benzoin resin, leatherwood honey, sodium borate (borax), rose geranium essential oil.

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  1. I'm all for Burt Bee's products...tho have not tried the cleansers...another to put on my list of many to try...thanks Glossqueen!...they all sound so yummy I could eat them!


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