Friday, 21 November 2008

My Lip Stuff Shipping

You all know how much I love My Lip Stuff balms, they're my favorite balms ever, and the customer service is brilliant. In one of my previous posts I commented on the shipping costs, and this is the information that I've received from MLS.

If you were charged $14 by the shopping cart for a "sample" order then you had too many items by weight in your sample order.

All the details about how many sample items allowed in each package can be read on each items page in the samples section. The glosses are heavy and only allow for a few balms in the package with them. On the gloss page it says: "Shipping increments are based on the weight of the samples, you may purchase up to 3 SAMPLE glosses before it automatically rolls over to Priority rates. "

So you were above the weight limit, & the cart charged you as a regular priority order & you did not receive the shipping discount.

The max charge for "samples" is only $8 for 9 tubes of balm.
$14 is where "priority" shipping starts.

The shipping is based on actual charges incurred by the USPS, and in many cases customers even pay less than the actual charge.

Apologies for the confusion & thanks for the review.

Makes sense to me, thanks for clarifying it! Like I've said before, regardless of the shipping costs, MLS balms are worth it.

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