Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I'm about to have a rant here, so look away if you don't want to know about it.

Why are companies in Australia so difficult about giving out samples? I just don't understand it. The way the sales assistants carry on you'd think they were paying for the samples themselves. They don't seem to realise that when they give out samples and give good customer service, they get repeat business and new customers, but when they are rude or snotty they loose customers and business.

I love getting samples and try to get them whenever I can. Not because I want something for free, but because I want to test out products before I buy. Most of the time when I'm given a sample I end up buying the product. But so many companies don't give out samples or are really stingy about it. Surely if they are confident that their products work then they wouldn't mind giving out samples?

Alpha-H are brilliant with samples. Every time I've contacted them they've been happy to send out samples, and as a result of that I use their products. There is a sales assistant at Lancome who is generous with samples, so I make sure that I always see her when I'm buying something from Lancome. Kit and Mecca are brilliant with samples too. They always happy to give out samples, which is one of the reasons I shop with them so often.

Estee Lauder is one company that doesn't like giving out samples. I've asked for samples at the counter and online and they won't give them out. Even when I had a voucher for a sample they didn't want to give me the sample, but eventually gave it to me whilst making it sound like they were doing me a favour. When I emailed Estee Lauder to ask about samples they said that they don't have them (which is not true because when I was at the counter I saw a drawer full of samples), but that they have a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't happy with the product. Can you imagine trying to take something back that you weren't happy with? I've never tried it, but I doubt that the staff would agree to refund a product that had been used.

I understand why companies might not want to give out samples to people who haven't bought anything, but surely they should be okay about giving out samples with purchase? Apparently not. I usually only ask for samples when I'm buying something and a lot of the time I get told they don't have samples. It just doesn't make sense to me.


  1. Hmm I reckon sample-giving is store and staff-dependent. Some Myer and DJ stores not in the CBD are pretty generous with samples, and the ones in the city are stingy. Indeed, Kit and Mecca are fantastic when it comes to samples.

    Yeah I hate it too when they say that they've run out of samples, when you can clearly see it in their drawers. Tsk tsk.

  2. I went to the Shisheido counter in DJ 2 weeks ago to see if they still have the sample for the mascara that they were sending out in their emails to clients.

    Went to counter, asked girl, she looked at me weirdly, said "no we do not give samples out" and proceed to just leave me standing there.

    The next day I strolled passed DJ, same girl was talking to one of her customer (friendlier) and proceed to give that customer a sample of the same mascara that I was asking for yesterday! And in the drawer HEAPS more!

    *shakes head*

  3. You know what I think about EL!!! It's not good for their reputation, I'm still boycotting them after the last incident in OZ. Grrr..

    Like you said, I tend to buy things that I have sampled because then I know that the products would really suit me well. Even if I don't like it I would recommend the company to other people whose skin might like it better.

    IMO being stingy isn't reflecting well on a company, if they really believe in their products, then they should give out samples because then people who like the samples will keep on buying them. Esp in this economic climate, it's not enough for products to work, the customer service must be good, too, otherwise people will just walk away and buy other brands.

  4. hi! i am from perth too and i totally agree with the CS at Estee Lauder.. mine is at Myer counter. i was just asking for a sample of night repair. explained that i'd like to try it out first before buying but she said that they dont give out samples just to trial. there has to be a purchase! crazy i tell you!

    @Feli - yeah! the voucher you sent me, i went to Shiseido Myer and she said "sorry darling, we dont give out samples anymore, not in WA at least, it's all gone".
    Then i went to Shiseido DJ and she gave me one.

    I love Mecca for samples and Clinique and Kit Cosmetics.
    I get samples from MAC as well but only from MUA that i know.


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