Monday, 14 September 2009

Excellent customer service

Yesterday LaLa and I went to the Bobbi Brown counter at Myer for LaLa's wedding make-up trial. We were lucky enough to have Casey helping us and she did such a good job that I just had to write about it.

Casey spent over an hour with us. First she talked to LaLa about the skincare that she uses, what her wedding is going to be like, what her dress looks like, how she's having her hair, what jewelery she'll be wearing and what make-up look she wanted. Then they spoke about the make-up that LaLa uses now and what she's comfortable with.

Once they had that sorted Casey used a magic product (that we both bought). It's Bobbi Brown's Corrector. I was absolutely amazed watching as she applied the corrector to the dark circles under LaLa's eyes. They literally disappeared as I watched. And, after the corrector was on it didn't sink into LaLa's fine lines, it looked flawless! On top of that she applied concealer and then set it all with a light dusting of powder. Next Casey chose a foundation colour. She explained why she was choosing the colour and how she was matching it to LaLa's skin tone. Then she narrowed it down to two different colours and showed them both to LaLa whilst explaining why the lighter one worked better for her (because it blended in well with the skin on both her face and neck). Once they'd picked the foundation colour Casey asked what type of foundation LaLa prefers and they settled on a liquid foundation.

Every step of the way Casey explained what she was doing and why she was doing it, and answered any questions that we had. Once the foundation and powder were on she applied a very light dusting of bronzer then chose a blush colour by holding the different colours up to LaLa's face. It was a great way to easily see which colours worked and which ones didn't.

Next it was on to eye brows and then eye makeup. It's amazing how beautiful simple eye make-up can look. Casey used a deep gold in the crease with a shimmery stone shadow on the eyelid, a fine brown eye liner, a slight shimmer on the brow bone and lots of mascara. Then she applied a glossy pink lipstick and LaLa looked like a supermodel.

The great thing about Casey was that she explained everything and did not pressure us to buy anything. She wrote down everything that she'd used on LaLa and put the prices next to each item. She also drew an illustration of where she'd put the eye make-up (they'd run out of face charts) and told LaLa that if she has any questions to give her a call.

I can't recommend Casey highly enough. She did a beautiful job of LaLa's make-up and was so lovely, we had a great time with her. I'll definitely be going back to see her again.


  1. I am going for that 10 Step Make up consult with Bobby Brown next week and I hope I get her! She sounds brilliant.

  2. She's brilliant, maybe you could ask for her? She works 6 days per week, so hopefully you'll get her.

  3. i'm considering sending Casey a Thank You card, she was that good. talk about makeup confidence! here i am taking cassidy to daycare and shopping in woollies, looking flawless and feeling a thousand bucks! anyone who reads this - CASEY ROCKS!


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