Saturday, 26 September 2009

Casey the Supermodel Maker

I've decided to name Casey the Supermodel maker. First she made LaLa into a Supermodel and now she's made me into a Supermodel.

I had an appointment with Casey on Friday to see the new Bobbi Brown Nude Collection. It's a gorgeous range and I wanted to buy it all. Amazingly, even though Casey spent around an hour with me the appointment was free, there was no obligation or pressure to buy anything and I was even given a sample sized Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Copper Penny.

The pictures above really don't do Casey's work any justice, she truly made me look amazing, however due to my crap photography skills you really can't tell. If you haven't already seen it, head down to the Bobbi Brown counter to check out the Nude Collection.

My favorite part of the collection is the eye palette, the colours are beautiful, it's the sort of palette that I'd use every day.

At the end of my appointment I was given the colour chart above showing what products where used on me and where they were used.

Once again, I can't speak highly enough of Casey and the amazing customer service that she provides, so if you are in the area, head down to Myer Perth and say hello to her.


  1. I went on Friday and got Hannah. She was very helpful too.

    I fell in love with the eye palate and I bought it. :*) it's sooooo pretty I almost dont want to use it.

  2. I got the eye palette too! I wasn't going to get one, but when I got home and Mr GQ saw how lovely I looked he told me to get the palette, so I went back on Saturday and got it, it's gorgeous!


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