Friday, 11 September 2009

DuWop Twilight Lip Venom

DuWop says: Be transformed. Let the alchemy transcend. Twilight Venom is not your typical DuWop venom. Instead of a gloss, Twilight Venom is a shimmering crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced liquid lip conditioner with a super potent bite (watch out!), and contains argan, avocado, olive oils and vitamin E. This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds and applied repeatedly until lips are plumped, revitalized and the desired intensity of color has been reached.

GQ says: I'm not sure how a lip stain is supposed to revitalise lips. I certainly haven't noticed my lips looking revitalised when I use Twlight Lip Venom, nor have I noticed any lip plumping effects. However, I can say that Twlight Venom lasts for ages. I put it on at 6am and it's still there at 6pm. The colour is slightly faded but it's still clearly visible.

After reading what Duwop had to say about Twilight Lip Venom I was expecting a real sting, but I didn't notice any sting and hardly even a tingle. The tingle is a lot less than I get with the normal Lip Venom. It has quite a watery texture so I have to be careful how I apply it or else I end up with it all over my face (which is not a good look). I usually just put a little bit on my bottom lip and then rub my lips together.

I'm considering getting a backup of this because I really like it, mainly because it lasts for so long. The colour is gorgeous, a deep but sheer, dark red stain, just like the colour you can see in the picture above.

If you're interested in Twilight Lip Venom, get it fast because it's limited edition.

Would I buy it again? Definitely.


  1. it looks great and i will have to check it out, but this comment made me roll my eyes.

    "This product should be shaken before use to represent the blending of the human and vampire worlds..."

    um, ok.


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