Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I love looking at products that other people have hit pan on so thought I'd post pictures of the products that I've hit pan on. It doesn't happen very often so I'm always really excited when I get that first glimpse of pan, unless it's a limited edition product.

Below are the products that I've currently hit pan on.

MAC matte eye shadow in Yoghurt
Jane Eye Zing in Sungloss
Benefit Dandelion
Dior Diorskin Perfectfit Compact
Lumiere Healing Concealer in Light
Becca Frangipani Creme Blush

I'm really upset about the Jane Sungloss eye shadow and the Diorskin Perfectfit powder as I can't get hold of either of these again and they're both favorites of mine.


  1. Don't panic - we can get Jane, one way or the other!

  2. I really hope so, we need it! Once you've tried it you'll realise how much you need it too, hehe.

  3. I will work on it as soon as things quieten down here, promise. And send your stuff too, with the same deal.

    Are you placing a Crazy Rumours order? If so, I may *need* a couple things.

    Oh, and can you let LaLa know, from someone who has worked at more wedding receptions than she can count, her colours will work great.

    The blue and gold will throw a lovely contrast to the bridesmaid's black dresses. I tried to leave a comment to that effect on her blog, but it wouldn't let me.


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