Friday, 18 September 2009

Australis Nail Colour

To my great excitement, Australis have been bringing out lots of new products lately. I love it when brands bring out new products, it's always exciting seeing something different sitting on the shelves. One of their latest products is four new nail polish colours that are designed to match their four new creme eyeliners. I've tried both products and there will be a review of the creme eyeliners coming up soon.

I'm really happy with these polishes. I have Deep Opal which looks black in the bottle but is a very dark charcoal colour with a subtle shimmer. For $7.95 this nail polish is a bargain. Without a base or top coat it lasts 3 days on me with no chipping. That's just as good as the more expensive nail polishes! When I use a top coat this lasts between five to seven days without chipping.

Colour wise I'm also really happy. One coat gives a sheer, see through colour and two coats give a deep, opaque colour. When my nails are in better condition I'll post a picture of me with Deep Opal on.

Would I buy it? Yes.

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