Sunday, 30 August 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. I'm so over clive palmer. Not only is he on our radio and tv, he's taking out full page ads in the paper and I even got a letter from him. It went straight into the fire. Imagine if he took the money he's spending on trying to get into WA and donated it to a children's hospital, fire ravaged towns, drought stricken farmers or the covid effort. That would be money well spent and a tax deduction too.

2. We got our new phones this week and switched back to Telstra. Surprisingly there was only one hiccough. My phone ported over very quickly, Tiger's didn't. It took me a whole day on chat with them to get it ported, but it's done now and we're back to having decent coverage.

3. Returning our phones to Optus wasn't that easy. We returned them to the store we bought them from only to be told that we needed to return them to Optus. WTF? That's what we thought we were doing. Apparently not. They wanted us to post them to Optus head office. In the end we found an Optus store who would accept them and it was all sorted. I have to say, their customer service is excellent.

4. I've been getting so many spam comments on here lately, it's crazy. They're always about sex, I'm getting at least 20 a day. So annoying.

5. How good is apple crumble!

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