Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Three Hair Care Favourites

It's been a while since I talked hair care, mainly because I don't do much to care for my hair. Hah. I'm all about no fuss, easy hair care.

There are three products I've been loving lately, two are new to me and one I've been using for a long time.

Percy and Reed Volumising No Oil Oil for fine hair
I don't know how many volumising products I've tried over the years, but most of them haven't worked. There was an amazing (discontinued) Matrix one that I loved and now there's the brilliant Percy and Reed version. If you have fine hair give this a go. It gives volume even when I don't blow dry, doesn't weigh down my hair, moisturises and is non greasy.
Even when I put a bit too much in my hair still isn't oily, it's just full of volume. I get best results when I blow dry, but it still works without blow drying.

Tinderbox Herbal Hair Oil Treatment
If you aren't a south west local you may not have heard of Tinderbox. They're a gorgeous range of natural, aromatherapy based products. One of their new products is this beautiful Herbal Hair oil. I usually steer away from deep conditioning treatments as they're just too much for my fine hair, but this one isn't. I coat my hair in it, including my scalp as it's also a scalp treatment and leave it on either overnight or all day.
It washes out easily with one shampoo and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky smooth. As an added bonus it smells lovely.

Cake The Gloss Boss
The only reason I purchased this is because it was on sale at Priceline and it smells like cake. Who doesn't want to smell like cake? I'd happily smell like cake all day every day.
Luckily, despite my dubious purchase reason, I'm very happy with Gloss Boss. As the name suggests, it's a shine spray and hair perfume. I spray it into dry hair after I've finished styling. You can use it daily however I find that I don't need to, my hair stays glossy until the next time I wash it. 

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