Friday, 28 August 2020

FFS Friday - Why?

Hi beautiful people. How are we all today?

We've now survived a second week of Tiger being back at work. Having him home every night is so much easier. He likes his workplace so that's great. 

What should I complain about today? I know. One of my favourite topics, how difficult it is to get help with kids issues.

Chai's paediatrician died recently so we're on the hunt for a new one. I can't get into anyone local until July next year. The one in the next closest city has closed her books until January. 

I found one in the capital who hasn't closed her books, her next available appointment is April. That is if she'll agree to see us. I have to send in a referral then wait to see if they'll accept us. That's how bad things are here, you have to apply for the privilege of spending a small fortune to see a specialist for your child. FFS.

What happens meanwhile? You just struggle along and hope for the best. Chai is getting worse and I don't know what to do. His GP can't help, I can't get into a paediatrician, what am I supposed to do?
His OT mentioned how much worse he's got recently, she's very concerned. Unfortunately that doesn't help us at all. 

Maybe I need to have a meltdown and sit at the hospital until someone helps us.  

I have an appointment with Chai's psych next week, she's only doing telehealth at the moment but has agreed to see Chai in person. I'm hoping that she might be able to diagnose him and then the GP can help. 
Getting help shouldn't be this difficult. I can understand why people give up.

I'd love to give up but I can't because if I do his future will not be great. If I don't sort out his issues whilst he's young he'll face a lifetime of mental health issues and it'll be my fault for not taking action. 

Hi Mrs B. I hear you were in the paper this week. Your fame is growing!

Have a lovely weekend.

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