Sunday, 23 August 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. We've survived the first week of Tiger being back at work. Having him home every night is such a different dynamic. It's so much easier.

2. Can someone shut clive palmer up? It's bad enough that he's taking out newspaper ads, but having to see him on tv and hear him on the radio is just not okay. 
(I refuse to capitalise his name, he doesn't deserve it).

3. The thought of a mandatory covid vaccine scares me. Not because I'm anti vax, but just because it hasn't been tested over the long term like most other vaccines are.

4. After living here for seven years we've finally become total country bogans. This is evidenced by the fact that Friday night we went out for pizza dressed in tracksuits, beanies and ugg boots. Heh.

5. Our new phones are arriving this week. Wish us luck for a smooth transition to the new provider.

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