Sunday, 16 August 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. This week I accidentally started watching The Bachelor. I used to watch every season but the awful Nick Honey Badger put me off and I haven't watched since. 
Anyhow, I started watching this season and could only manage part of the first episode. The bitching and competitiveness was just unbearable.

2. To my great delight having BIL in town has been wonderful so far. He's grown up so much and is really nice to have around. What a relief.

3. Tiger starts work tomorrow. It's going to be strange. He hasn't worked locally for seven years. Chai was two when Tiger started FIFO and Eljay wasn't born. Neither of them can grasp the concept of him coming home every night, they just think he'll be here on the weekends. I imagine there will be some adjusting to do.

4. Sol de Janeiro are releasing a tinted version of their lip butter and I want one. Unfortunately it's only available on their website and they don't ship internationally so I won't be getting one.

5. I made perfect roast potatos last night.

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