Sunday, 9 August 2020

Thoughts of the week

1. BIL moved out on Friday. It was quite nice having him here, he's grown up a lot since last time he stayed with us. The boys loved him being here and he's really good with them. I'm very relieved that it worked out okay.

2. More good news. Tiger has a job. What a relief. It'll be very nice not to be relying on welfare.

3. Mecca are now launching new products weekly. That's going to be tempting but I won't be buying because we still need to watch our spending. Now that Tiger isn't working away our income has significantly reduced. Plus, I don't need anything. 

4. WTF is with womens clothing? It's much more expensive than mens clothing and yet there's a lot less to it. I've been trying to find a warm jacket and warm jumper, it's impossible. The jumpers are either thin or cropped and it's the same with the jackets. I'm going to start wearing mens clothing.

5. Yesterday I wore normal shoes for five hours! It's been ten months since I could do that!

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