Friday, 14 August 2020

FFS Friday - Stamina

Hello beautiful people. It's Friday!

Has anyone else noticed how expensive mobile phones are now? It's crazy. I'm sure all the phone providers got together and decided to up their prices so that we'd be screwed. 

FFS. The boys are playing a stupid game where Chai has a blanket over him and he tries to find Eljay. Eljay hits him then runs away and Chai throws punches trying to hit Eljay.
Anyone with a brain can see that this isn't going to end well. 
Chai eventually manages to land a punch on Eljay's head, then Eljay has a fit about being punched. FFS. What did he think was going to happen?

That was a live update as I was trying to write this post. Anyhow, back to my weekly whinge. 

Chai decided he wanted his hair shaved off this week. He was adamant. I tried to convince him to wait until summer, but he wanted it done.
I told him that it'll take ages to grow back, we can't fix it if he doesn't like it etc but he insisted on having it done. 
He wanted a number two, but Tiger did a number eight (which is still really, really short). 

Instead of starting at the back in case Chai changed his mind, Tiger went straight up the middle. FFS. 
Chai freaked out and started crying, but thanks to Tiger it was too late.
Unsurprisingly he hates it. FFS.

I also hate it (he doesn't know that though). So now he's going to look like a thug for at least six months whilst it grows back. Lesson learned. 

Eljay is still sulking over being hit. FFS.

I mentioned last week that I was freaking out at the though of the boys going to school. I am no longer freaking out. 
Chai kindly ensured that I am more than happy to send him to school by behaving like a monster all week.

Back to what I was originally trying to whinge about. We're having a phone saga. A few months ago we switched from Telstra to Optus because Telstra are awful to deal with and so ridiculously expensive. 

I was concerned that we wouldn't get the coverage we needed however they assured Tiger that they had great coverage and that if we weren't happy with the coverage they'd cancel our contracts for us.

Their coverage is crap. When we went to the city we had no coverage. We have no coverage in town, none in the supermarket and limited coverage at home. Every time I call someone I have to call twice because they can't hear me the first call. 

We're now in the process of switching back to Telstra. Their customer service and prices are far inferior but you can't beat their coverage. FFS.

You'd think switching would be simple but it's not. We have to wait for new phones to be sent to us from Telstra, then when we get them we have to follow their instructions to port our numbers over, then take our old handsets back to Optus. 

Sounds simple but we all know it's not going to be that easy.

Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it goes in a few weeks time.

Eljay is still sulking. That kid has stamina. FFS.

Hi Mrs B xxx.

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