Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lip Balm Loving

I've been trying out a few new lip balms lately and using a few old favourites. Rather than write a post about each of them I decided to be lazy and write one post about all of them.
Aerin Rose - This gets bad reviews on MUA and I don't understand why. It smells beautiful, it's thick, creamy and hydrating. I don't find it at all sticky and it lasts about half a day before I need to reapply. The Aerin line isn't available in Australia, I purchased mine from strawberrynet.

Chapstick 3 in 1 balm - After searching for what seems like ages, I finally tracked this down at a random, no name chemist and I'm so happy that I did. My lips have been dry, flaky and awful lately so this has been a real saviour. It's hydrating without being too thick and goopy and it has a lovely shiny finish. I can see myself buying this again.

Lanolips Banana Balm - It really, really irks me when an Australian company releases a new product overseas before they release it here. No doubt it's because of our strict laws here, but still. Being a balmaholic, I've been waiting ages for this to be released here and one night I decided I couldn't wait any longer, so I bought it. I've been using it a lot recently and it's lovely. There were two things that surprised me when I first started using my banana balm and they are that it is shimmery and it has no flavour. The no flavour disappoints me a little, it smells so good and it'd be great if it tasted good too. One great thing is that it has a slanted tip applicator, hurrah! Apparently banana balm won't be available here until late next year, so if you want to buy it you'll need to get it from Victoria Health.

Subtle Energies Rose Petal lip balm - Another rose scented product. This one is a little pot of hydrating heaven.

Nivea Essential Lip Care - This is one of those stock standard, boring balms that is an essential for me. It's very, very hydrating so perfect for winter, leaves a lovely shine to my lips and keeps them in good condition.

1 Skin Solution - I love all the balms that Raylene makes, however the tinted lip butters are my absolute favourite. I've tried countless tinted balms in my time but none are as hydrating as my 1 Skin Solution balms. The gorgeous, unique  flavours seal the deal even more, they really are perfection in a stick. 

Carmex Moisture Plus balms - There will always be a Carmex balm on my list, they are one of my all time favourite balms. I've yet to find a lip balm that heals my lips faster and more effectively than Carmex.

Crazy Rumors Red Hibiscus - I have no idea what red hibiscus would taste like, I'm sure it's not this as my balm tastes sweet and foody, not at all floral. Which is a good thing because as lovely as flowers smell, I don't think they taste that great. 

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