Friday, 6 December 2013

FFS Friday - Let me sing you the song of my people

It's Friday! Time for all you lucky working people to rejoice that the end of the week is here and look forward to your weekend. For non working people like me, it's just another day. FFS. 

Tiger has gone back to work. FFS.

I really don't like solo parenting. FFS.

I've been complaining about how tired I am lately, it took Tiger to realise why. I was overdue for my b12 shot and I'm probably low in iron. FFS.

I had my b12 shot and for three days I felt amazing! Not FFS.

Now I'm exhausted again, which means that my levels must be really low. FFS.

When I can get someone to come with me, I'm going to get a blood test to check my iron levels. I suspect that they will be low as I don't eat meat. FFS.

I've been toilet training Chai for a while now. He does really well when Tiger is away but when Tiger's here he wants to wear a nappy. FFS.

Since Tiger is away again, we've been toilet training. I've been wondering why there was wee all over the potty and the floor and I found out why. FFS.

Chai has decided that he now wee's standing up. FFS.

His aim is pretty good, but not great, so there is wee all over the potty and all over the floor. FFS.

He's also partial to weeing in the shower. FFS. 

And in the lid of his potty. FFS.

Clearly I'm going to have to teach him to wee in the toilet. FFS.

Bed time with two children is an absolute nightmare. FFS.

Tuesday night Dad came over to help out. Not FFS.

As soon as he left I heard Eljay crying. Chai was in the bath so I quickly settled Eljay and raced back to Chai. FFS.

Whilst I was with Chai I heard Eljay crying again so I raced back to settle Eljay. When I was in there settling him I heard Chai crying so I raced back and explained to him that I was settling Eljay then ran back to Eljay. FFS.

I heard Chai crying again then next thing he ran into the bedroom, soaking wet, with a whale in his hand. As you do. FFS.

He sat on the bed, crying and playing with the whale and I tried to comfort him, dry him and settle Eljay at the same time. FFS.

The whale was full of water which came pouring out and soaked the bed. FFS.

On my side of course. FFS.

By this time Eljay was wide awake. FFS.

It was 9.30pm before I got both boys to sleep. FFS.

Have I mentioned how much I dislike FIFO? FFS.

Not content with just singing me the song of his people every time we are in the car, Eljay has decided to up the ante and add a few screams in amongst the crying. It's great. FFS.

And if that's not enough, he also throws in the occasional choke and gag just for good measure. FFS.

I wouldn't be surprised if I develop post traumatic stress disorder from traveling in the car with him. FFS.

You think I'm joking. FFS.

I'm not joking. FFS.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary. Since Tiger was away, I got him a card and after he'd packed I hid it in his bag. A bit later he decided to repack his bag but I wasn't worried as I'd put the card in a part that he doesn't use. Naturally he decided to use that part of the bag and found his card. FFS.

Thankfully he guessed what it was so didn't open it. Not FFS.

So much for my clever surprise. FFS.

Yesterday my day started at 3.55am. FFS.

I was awoken when Chai spewed on my arm. FFS.

Then he spewed on his pillow. FFS.

Mercifully these were both easy to clean up, always a good thing at 3.55am. 

I couldn't get back to sleep. FFS.

That concludes my weekly whinge. If you'd like to have a whinge, please feel free to tell me all your woes in the comments. If you haven't had enough whinging, head over to Sarah's blog and see what everyone else has been whinging about. 

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