Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

With all the gorgeous christmas gift packs available at the moment, my wishlist is huge! I'm so tempted to go out and buy all the things, but thankfully for my credit card most of them aren't easily available so I've managed to restrain myself (so far).
Jurlique Rose Body Oil - This is a huge 200ml bottle for $78.99. I want it!
Jurlique Purely White Essentials - I am in serious need of some effective skin whitening products.
Jurlique Ultimate Skin and Body Collection - Can you imagine how awesome it would be to receive this?
Jurlique Essence of Rose fragrance oil - I used my rose perfume up a few months ago so I need a replacement and this is only $28.
Gift Box - Mojito  

1 skin solution Mojito gift pack - The new gift packs look so pretty and are all ready to go, I wouldn't even need to wrap anything. Plus it looks like it'd cost a lot more than $22.

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