Sunday, 1 December 2013

Thoughts of the month

1. I updated Eljay's birth post to include a few details I'd forgotten, if you are interested you can read about it here

2. James Blunt's song Bonfire Heart is rather wonderful. Also, he clearly has a good sense of humour as his twitter feed is hilarious. 

3. My FIL is in hospital at the moment, he had another minor heart attack. Whilst he's okay at the moment, he's not a well man. I hate to think how awful it is going to be for Tiger when his Dad passes.

4. How on earth is it December already?

5. I managed to resist all the amazing black friday deals. Go me.

6. We've had a few warm days this month and I've now officially had enough of summer.

7. That's it for me, I have no more thoughts. I shall leave you with this rather wonderful photo.

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