Monday, 2 December 2013

November Empties

My second last empties post for the year! November has been another good month empties wise. I still haven't finished any make-up, I really need to work on that!
Dirty Works Buff Your Stuff body scrub -  This is a new range available at Coles. They smell lovely (like Soap and Glory products) and are cheap (I think this was under $10). Despite the lovely scent I won't buy this again as there aren't enough scrubby bits in it for me, I prefer sugar or salt scrubs.

Lendan Rich Nutrition shampoo - This was a lovely shampoo that did a great job of keeping my hair hydrated and clean.

Mor Marshmallow body scrub - I loved this scrub but at $39.95 it's a luxury buy for me and not something that I'll automatically repurchase. For those of you who love salt/sugar scrubs, this is great and it smells amazing. 

Dirty Works Glow Getter Buttery salt scrub - This wasn't too bad, but just not scrubby enough for me. As with the Buff Your Stuff scrub, it smells great but I won't buy it again.
Lendan Rich Nutrition conditioner - As with the shampoo, I really liked this conditioner.

Biotherm Biosource hydra-mineral cleanser - My beautiful soul sister Karen gave this cleanser to me so it's unsurprising that I love it. This is a cream cleanser with a difference. It contains clay so cleans deeply and very thoroughly, but it has the gentleness of a cream cleanser. It's like the love child of a foaming cleanser and a cream cleanser. When I get through my current stash of cleansers I'll be buying this one again.

Dirty Works Life's a Beach coconut scrub - I won't bore you by repeating myself again, this is like the other Dirty Works products.

Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover - The only m/u remover I use. Enough said. You can read my full review here.

Nivea Visage Daily Essential Light Moisturising Day cream - Meh. This is a good, basic moisturiser. I used it on my neck and decolletage. It'd probably be good for someone in their twenties, but at my age I need a moisturiser that does more than just moisturise.

The Jojoba Company Jojoba Absolute Serum - I was so sad when I used the last of this as it's my HG serum and I decided not to buy another one. Despite really, really wanting to, I have so many other serums that I need to finish first. I'm hoping I can get through them fast so that I can repurchase. My full review is here.

MU London organic marigold, frankincense and myrhh moisturiser - Loved this. It's a very unique moisturiser in that it contains no water. The lack of water makes it a very thick lotion that needs to be warmed between the hands before application, quite similar to the butters that I used on my belly when I was pregnant. This little pot lasted me for ages as a little goes a long way. Once I get through my huge stash of body lotions I'll buy this again.

Unknown perfume -I think this was a Lancome perfume but the writing on the bottom of the bottle is so small you'd have to be a fairy to read it. It was nice but a little overpowering, I think it'd be great for winter. Clearly I won't be purchasing a full sized bottle because I have no idea what it is.

Clarins Younger Longer Balm - I don't remember what I thought of this so it obviously didn't make much of an impression.

Angel Violette body lotion - Love this scent.

Angel body lotion -You know those perfumes that you love but you just can't wear cause it smells like flyspray on you? Angel is one of those for me. I can however, wear the body lotion, so I do. Love it.

Eve Lom cleaner - I got this is my Mecca Cosmetica Beauty Loop pack and I'm really glad that I got to try it because I don't like it at all! This is said to be the best cleanser in the world and I have no idea why. It stinks, is grainy and left a film all over my eyes that was very difficult to remove. I much prefer my Audra James cleansing balm.

Very manky Ardell brow gel -This is a HG that I've spoken about enough times, I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it.

Milk Beauty Wipes -These are quite amazing, I have a review of them coming up soon. They have a smooth side and an exfoliating side, brilliant idea. They are also huge, about the same size as those man tissues that Kleenex used to make, if anyone remembers them.

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