Friday, 27 December 2013

FFS Friday - Whingey, whingey, whingey

Hello! Have we all survived the silly season okay? I hope you have all recovered from your food coma's. We had a lovely, quiet day at home.

My poor face still hasn't recovered from last week's poo incident. FFS.

I'm not sure that it ever will. FFS.

Thanks to Eljay, our day now starts at 4.30am at the latest. FFS.

Sometimes it's 4am. FFS.

4.45am is a sleep in. FFS.

Since he's been home Tiger has been complaining about the early starts. When he's at work he doesn't have to get up until 5am. Lucky him. FFS.

I've told him over and over again that our day always starts at 4.30am and he needs to get used to it. He still complains. FFS.

So he's started sleeping with Chai in Chai's bedroom. FFS.

And they get to sleep in whilst I'm awake with Eljay. FFS.

This does not please me. FFS.

Monday I was awake at 4am and they slept in until 7am. FFS.

I'd been awake for three hours by the time they finally woke up. FFS.

Chai has been in whinge mode the last few days. FFS.

It drives me nuts. FFS.

I am not equipped to deal with whinging, from Chai or from anyone else. FFS.

Tiger has been whinging a lot lately too. FFS.

I have no sympathy. FFS.

Last week I thought I'd try online grocery shopping. It was an epic fail.

Chai's milk was on sale so I ordered 36 cartons. Not FFS.

I have a lot of trouble finding it in store so was really pleased that I could get it on sale and so many of them. Not FFS.

When my shopping arrived I didn't even receive one carton of his milk. FFS.

I received different, crappy brands and also almond milk not oat milk. FFS.

There were a few other things missing and some random things that I didn't even order were included. FFS.

I called Woolworths who sent someone around the next day to pick up the 36 cartons of milk and the other random things. FFS.

Turns out I'd made a rookie mistake and failed to uncheck the substitute button. FFS.

The cheeky buggers have it automatically ticked so that they can send you whatever they want to. Great. FFS.

Won't be wasting my time with that again. FFS.

Dear Baby G

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