Monday, 30 December 2013

Planning for the new year

I'm not one for new years resolutions, I don't see the point in waiting till the new year to change things, I change them at the time I think they need changing. So instead of talking about new years resolutions I'm going to talk about my plans for the new year.

Last year I started reducing the size of my collection and I'll continue to do that this year. I'd like to have a reasonable size collection of products that I love. That means no more than one 20 litre tub of skin care, bath and body products, 1 train case of make-up and 1 bag of lip balms. When I moved in August I had three tubs of skin care, bath and body products, two train cases of make-up and a train case of lip balms. Plus I also had products scattered all over the place. It was way too much and too difficult to manage.

I've been ruthless with getting rid of products and I'm going to continue that. If I don't like something and won't use it, out it goes. There is no point hanging onto a product that I won't use. If I can't find someone to give it to then it'll go in the bin, simple as that. It seems like a waste, but what's the point having it sit around taking up space until it goes off and I have to throw it away anyhow? Pointless.

I've been rethinking the way I purchase things also. Instead of buying something because it's new and I want to try it, I'm only going to buy it if it's something that I think I'll definitely use and I'll get rid of two similar products to make way for one new product. I remember reading a shopping tip years ago. It said that when you go shopping for new shoes, clothes etc, wear your favourites. If the new things you are trying on are as nice as your favourite shoes/clothes, then buy them. If they aren't then walk away. That's a great tip, which I'm going to use when I'm make-up shopping. 

Blog wise I really need a make over. I've had this blog design for a while now but I'd like something that looks a bit classier. I'd also like to get my own domain name instead of using Blogspot. 

On a personal note, I plan to keep on exercising and getting fitter. It's been nice exercising again, I really like being fit. Once Eljay gets a bit older I'm going to start doing martial arts again. I really, really miss martial arts but haven't been able to start again as there are no dojo's with a creche here. Once Eljay is older I'll go to classes when Tiger is home.  I'd really like to get a personal trainer and just have private lessons instead of going to classes, however the budget doesn't quite stretch to that at the moment. One day.

I've also set myself a 2014 challenge which I'll be writing about soon.

Do any of you have plans for the new year that you'd like to tell me about? Is there anything I've missed?

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