Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Yard Skincare Lip Bloss

I can hear you all asking "what on earth is a Bloss?" I'll tell you. It's the lovechild of a balm and a gloss. Combine them both and what do you get? A Bloss! Clever isn't it.
I have two Blosses, Balmoral Bliss and Sardinia Spirit. There are going to be more in my future too, I can see it! Le Jardin will be my next purchase because it's purple!

All Blosses are hand made using natural ingredients. They give a lovely sheer wash of moisturising colour and the best bit is that they smell and taste amazing! I love a yummy flavoured lip product and my Blosses are up there with the best.
They come in gorgeous little tins that are easy to put in my pocket or hangbag and they screw on so that the lid doesn't come loose when it's being carted around.

Yard Skincare are a small Australian company hand-making 100% natural lip care and body products. All their products are made from natural, plant derived or organic ingredients.

I purchased Balmoral Bliss from The Natural Supply Co for $12.95 and I won Sardinia Spirit in a Yard Skincare competition.
For those who were wondering about the backdrop I used, it's this gorgeous plaque that Dad gave me.

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