Friday, 13 February 2015

FFS Friday - Melting

Hello and welcome to another edition of FFS Friday, aka Laugh at My Misfortune.

Eljay tried to drown himself again last week. FFS.

The child just won't learn. FFS.

This time he was under the water for a little while thanks to me. FFS.

We were watching him and I was on the step with him when he went for the third step, but he lay on his stomach and looked like he was going to swim so I watched to see if he would. He didn't. FFS.

I fished him out when he started to sink. FFS.

I was fully clothed and ended up soaking wet. FFS.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, Bella also tried to drown herself. FFS.

She slipped into the pool. FFS.

She made it to the edge but then couldn't get out. FFS.

Thankfully I was watching and Tiger and the boys were in the pool, so we got her out quickly with no harm done. Not FFS.

It has been sofa king hot here lately, most days have been 41 or over. FFS.

I am not built for the heat. FFS.

I am built for winter. I am a lean, mean cold weather machine. In winter. 
Anything over 30 and I do not cope. FFS.

All I want to do is lay around in a limp, sweaty heap. FFS.

As if that wasn't bad enough, we had the PIL's here as well. FML. FFS.

Sunday we had friends over for a bbq and MIL started questioning them wanting to know who had "alcohol in them". FFS.

Turns out she wanted someone to drive her to the servo to get the paper. FFS.

I know. WTF? FFS.

No idea why FIL couldn't drive her. FFS.

Or why she couldn't drive herself. FFS.

My sister agreed to drive her. FFS.

I said no. Not FFS.

So then she questioned everyone to see if they had the paper in their car. FFS.

Cause people usually drive around with the Sunday paper in their car, then hand it over to random strangers to read. FFS.

Despite his ill health FIL has a terrible diet. Silly man. FFS.

Sunday night I totally forgot that he refuses to eat cooked veggies and made vegetarian lasagne for tea. FFS.

He barely ate any of it and when Tiger asked him if he liked it he grumpily said he "wouldn't pay money for it". FFS.

Ungrateful bastard. Sofa king rude. FFS. 

Next time he can cook his own tea. 

He'd never do that though. Next time I'll make a vegetarian stir fry. Heh.

I am now a "kindy mum". FFS.

The transition to kindy has been a lot better for Chai this week. He's been so brave. Not FFS.

The last two days I've dropped him off and he's bravely said goodbye whilst trying not to cry. FFS/Not FFS.

I hate seeing him upset. FFS.

I also hate leaving him when he's upset. FFS.

I have no idea what he does at kindy. All I can get out of him is that they play in the playground, line up at the door (which he thinks is exciting so he laughs and laughs and laughs) and they watch sharks on the big screen. 

It's very strange not having him around. It's also quite lovely. I can spend time with Eljay and I can also get housework done. Not FFS.

I'm beginning to remember what it was like when I just had Chai, life was so much easier then. 

That's the end of my weekly whine. It's your turn now.  

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