Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kindy thoughts

Whilst I've got my rant on I'm going to continue with my kindy complaints. Maybe I'm strange but the whole thing seems so bizarre to me.

I'm expected to leave my most precious thing in the whole world with a total stranger and a whole pile of children I know nothing about. I leave him and have no idea what he's doing, what they are saying to him, who he's with. Is it just me or does that seem bizarre?

I'm not surprised that he doesn't want to be left at a strange place, with people he doesn't know. I wouldn't like it either. And I'm trying to convince him it's fun. People are trying to convince me it's good for him. Really? Trusting my child to a stranger I know nothing about. I know her name and that's it. Is she nice? Does she like children? Does she have children or grandchildren of her own? Does she believe in gentle parenting or is she going to tell him to toughen up and not be a baby? 

What does he do when he's at kindy? Are they teaching him things that I want him to learn? Are they teaching him to be a good person? Kind, loving and considerate? 

I know that I think differently to a lot of people but kindy and school seem so alien to me. I know children need to be educated but why don't we teach them practical things about life? Why don't we teach them how to look after a house, manage a budget, cook etc? How to be a good person, how to care for others, things that matter. 

I am strongly considering home schooling or unschooling my boys. It makes a lot of sense to me. I hated school right from the start. I hated it from when I went to pre school. And it didn't change, I hated school right up to the day I left. Those were the worst years of my life (my home life didn't help either). Bearing that in mind, I'm not going to home school the boys unless it's right for them. I'll give Chai (and Eljay when he's old enough) the chance to try school. If it works for them and they enjoy it, that's great. If they don't, I'll home school.  

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