Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Eye Creams I'm Loving

I have trouble finding eye creams as a lot of the anti-aging eye creams irritate my sensitive, allergy prone eyes. So for all of you who have sensitive eyes like I do, here are some of the eye creams that I can use with no irritation. 

Alpha-H Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream* - I've been using this around my lips and on my eyes for months now and I'm very happy with it. It seems to be more effective on my lips than my eyes, although I'm sure the lines around my eyes are a little less noticeable. This is quite a rich cream, it feels quite balm like in texture. Despite being rich, it sinks in quickly and I can apply my makeup a few minutes after application. This is the eye cream that I use every day. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye - This is one of those cult products that is actually worth the hype. All too often hyped up products are a disappointment, however that's not the case with ANR eye. I use this at night and wake up looking refreshed, which is pretty amazing considering I haven't had an uninterrupted nights sleep for around five years now. I use this when I need to look semi presentable in the mornings.

NAT. Face agebloc eye gel and eye cream* - I'm reviewing these as one because I use them together. I use the eye gel in the morning and the cream in the evening. These are quite powerful so at first I only used them once a week. Over time I built up to using them every second day. The results are brilliant, my fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and not as noticeable. They're still there, but they don't look as pronounced as they did before.

Ole Henricksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel - Caroline Hirons loves this, so of course I had to try it. It's a lovely, light gel that I like to use in the mornings. I haven't noticed any impressive results, however it's hydrating and non irritating. Despite being a light gel, my eye area feels hydrated and comfortable all day.

Kosmea Apple of my Eye Cream - I love the name of this, it's so clever, I find it very amusing, possibly I am getting too used to child humour. This is another one that I had to ease into using. I used it daily at first but found it irritating, so I switched to using it every second day and that worked well. I'm now onto my second tube and I love the results. My fine lines are less noticeable and my eyes look fresher.

What's your favourite eye cream? If you know of an eye cream that helps to get rid of dark circles, please share!

* These products were provided for review

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