Monday, 8 September 2008

This week's tosses

I actually tossed four products this week, but forgot to take a photo of the last one, which was Clinique's Take the Day Off cleansing milk. This one I threw out because it stung my eyes and made my skin feel tight and itchy. I'd been told that it's good for sensitive skins and safe to use on eyes, but this certainly wasn't the case, so in the bin it went.

The second product I tossed was my Modelista's Hollywood Glow. This should have been called Hollywood junk, cause it's just awful. Every time I've tried to use this I've ended up with a gluggy, splotchy mess all over me, so bad that I've had to shower to get it all off.

The third product I tossed was QV's Naked deodorant. This is aptly named, because using it is like going without deodorant. In fact when I was using it I thought I'd forgotten to put on deodorant. It does nothing to deodorise or mask body odour, so in the bin it goes too!

And the last product I tossed was Avon's Visual Perfection Tint Releasing moisturiser, this was tossed due to age, when I checked the expiry date it was 2005! Obviously I didn't like this product very much, cause it's sat there unused for over three years.


  1. I read somewhere (I think it was the latest Cleo, while sitting at the hairdressers) tanners that contain SLS's in the ingredients listing cause streaks and don't adhere to the skin properly...naturally the better and longer lasting.

  2. Hmm, I wonder if that was the problem. I should have checked the ingredient list before I threw it out.


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