Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Some of my favorite websites

There are so many great websites out there, I spend hours and hours browsing and looking at all of the things that I want to buy.

Some of my favorite beauty sites are:

Beauty Heaven - A great Australian website with a great forum, interesting articles which are updated daily and lots of information about products.
Girl Gloss - This is a great blog all about lip products.
Beautyholics Anonymous - Another great blog.
The Make-up Girl - And another great blog.
Make-up Alley - This is a wonderful forum with lots of great members and information, plus a swap section.
Make-up Talk - This too is a great forum, it's got plenty of reviews and information, along with a swap section.
So Loverly - And yet another amazing blog.

And my favorite shopping sites:

Strawberrynet - This is a Hong Kong company with great, cheap products and fast, free shipping.
Adore Beauty - A brilliant Australian company with lots of great brands such as Smashbox, Burt's Bees, Badger Balms and Shizen to name a few.
Eles Cosmetics - A great Australian mineral make-up range, I love everything I've tried from this company.
My Lip Stuff - My favorite lip balms ever
Beauty and the Bees - I love this Tasmanian company, they make gorgeous soaps, lotions and potions.
Moon Haven - A West Australian company that makes the most amazing soaps I've ever used.
Skincare Store - This is an offshoot of the American company Skin Store. They have a great range of hard to find brands, free delivery, no fuss returns and a lowest price guarantee.
Lip Luxury - A new Australian store started by my favorite ebay seller. She has great prices on hard to find lip balms.


  1. Hello!!!

    Thanks for listing So Loverly as one of your fave beauty sites. We really appreciate it! =)

    Yours looks great too! Hope to hear from you more. =)


  2. Hi hi!

    Thanks for listing Beautyholics Anonymous as one of your favourite sites. Am very honoured :)

    Hope to see you again soon. Just in case you're subscribed to Beautyholics Anonymous on your RSS reader or via email, I'm afraid I'd have to trouble you to resubscribe to the same feed (
    Yeah, I know it's the same one, but ever since I upgraded to Wordpress, the latest feeds just does not seem to be updated. It's a real bummer.

    Anyways, thanks and apologies for the hassle. Hope to see more of you soon! :)



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