Thursday, 18 September 2008

Fruits and Passion Deodorant in Citrus

When I was in Hong Kong a few years ago I discovered all sorts of amazing goodies. I could have happily stayed there and shopped for months, there were so many great finds. One product that I found has now become my holy grail deodorant, and that's really annoying because it's not available in Australia! However, I have emailed Fruits and Passion in Hong Kong and they have said that they will ship to Australia.

Fruits and Passion deodorant is in stick form and it smells heavenly, just like fresh citrus fruit. It's non irritating to my sensitive skin, dries quickly and controls odour all day.

What I really liked about it is the lovely fruity scent, and the fact that it is not too strong. It's strong enough to cover odour, without being strong enough to overpower my perfume.

I purchased a 45 gram stick for $95.00 (HKD).

You can purchase the deodorant stick in the following fragrances: Citrus, Fieldberries, Fruits of the Islands, Honey-Dew, Lemon-Vanilla and Peach and Apricot.

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  1. I love all their deodorant, however I cannot find it on their website anymore. Do you know where you can buy this?



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