Sunday, 4 April 2021

F@#king Furious Sunday

Today's regular post has been bumped for a new post, Fucking Furious Sunday.
(Sorry Mrs B, there is going to be swearing in this post).
So, what am I furious about? I'm glad you asked.
Yesterday one of my friends had something awful happen. One of those horrible, terrifying and life changing events that you never forget. Those times when your whole world stops and you don't know how you're going to continue.
In those times you trust that the appropriate authorities will be there to help. 
Now we get to why I'm furious. 
When my friend reached out for help, guess what happened? 
Because she's female. 
Instead of being given the appropriate help she was told that there was nothing wrong and she didn't know what she was talking about. 
Thankfully help arrived.
Do you know why help arrived?
Because she sent her father and brother to get help. 
Of course, when they asked for help they were believed and the appropriate assistance was given.
WTF is wrong with this world that women are not believed? Fuck the patriarchy that's created this world for us. 
I'm done with living in a world where women are second class citizens, where we aren't believed when we speak up. Where we're labelled as hysterical if we get angry. Where we get charged more for almost everything because we're female. Where we get paid less and overlooked for promotion because we're female. Where we're at fault if a man attacks us.
It's been like this my whole life and I'm over it. This mistreatment of women has to stop. 
To all you women who are upholding the patriarchy and don't believe your fellow women, I'm sorry you don't feel like you are able to stand up for yourself and other women. I'm sorry that you have so little faith in yourself that you believe the bullshit we're fed by men and the patriarchy.
To all those women who think it's their fault that they were mistreated, honey you are so very wrong. You are not to blame. You did nothing wrong. The only one who has any blame is the fucking piece of scum who did you wrong. It's all on them. 
Believe this. You are strong, you are worthy and you can stand up for yourself.  

Get angry, get furious, fight back and don't accept anything less. 
Take up space. Hold that space proudly. 
Stop apologising. Stop getting out of the way when a man is walking towards you. Stand tall, stand proud and know that you have every right to be angry. 

Learn to fight. I know a lot of women who can fight better than most men. Learning to fight is very empowering and hitting people is a lot of fun. Give it a go one day. 
Reclaim your power. 

To all of you who are hurting, know this. You are worthy, you are loved. You did nothing wrong, it wasn't your fault. We are furious that you have to go through this. We are holding you in our arms as you heal and we will look on proudly as you reclaim your strength.
We can't wait to hear you roar beautiful girl.

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