Sunday, 25 April 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. Lest we forget.
2. WTF is with the USA police constantly killing people?
3. Mecca Beauty Loop boxes are out now. Has anyone noticed the quality seems to be going down? They used to be really good but lately they've been pretty meh.
4. I live in WA where Perth and Peel are in a three day lock down. The bit I don't understand is that they announced the lock down at 2.30pm and let people leave those areas up until midnight. Being a long weekend, a large number of them travelled south (where I live). Surely if there's a need for lock down either the south should be locked down too or people should be prevented from leaving Perth and Peel. Doesn't seem logical that they were allowed to travel down here. Granted, they're supposed to wear masks whilst here, but how many actually will?
5. How good is coffee!

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