Friday, 2 April 2021

FFS Friday - Ignore ignore ignore

Hello Friday, hello long weekend and hello school holidays! We made it! Also, how is it April already?
I have a sick boy at home. Why is it that when they get sick it's always in the middle of the night? Poor Eljay woke up at midnight on Tuesday with croup. The croup has now turned into a nasty cold. Poor baby.
It's been two months now since we got Chai's diagnosis. Tiger still hasn't read the report. 
It's funny how differently we deal with things. Tiger pokes his head in the sand and tries to ignore it. I need to know as much as possible so spend all my time researching and looking for solutions. 
I don't think this is something can be ignored. It's not going to go away and it affects our life in a huge way, so to me educating myself about it is the best thing to do. 
I've given up asking Tiger if he's read the report. He has read part of it but not the whole lot. I suppose he'll get on board when he's ready, meanwhile it's up to me to do everything. 
The trouble with sticking his head in the sand is that Tiger still isn't dealing with Chai appropriately. There are certain things Chai does that are not easy to cope with, but they are things he can't control or change. Knowing this makes them easier to deal with. Since Tiger hasn't bothered to educate himself, he's still trying to stop Chai stimming and doing other things which to help calm him. 
To me this is also about accepting our son the way he is instead of trying to make him be something he's not. ASD or not, he's still our gorgeous little boy and we are so lucky to be his parents. 
But enough complaining. I just had a choc chip hot cross bun, pan fried in butter and it was amazing. 
I'm also going to try making french toast with hot cross buns. I saw them doing it at the shopping centre last week and it looked so yummy.
I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend.  

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