Saturday, 10 April 2021

F@#cking Furious Saturday

I'm still furious. Fucking furious actually.
Today I'm furious about victim blaming. 
Have you ever noticed that it's only women who are subjected to victim blaming? 
If a man goes out, gets drunk and gets assaulted, it's not his fault. 
If a women goes out, gets drunk and gets assaulted, she should have known better than to go out and get drunk. What was she thinking? Why didn't she keep herself safe? Clearly it was her fault that she was assaulted.
If she's walking along the street and someone assaults her, she shouldn't have worn such revealing clothes. If she asks a guy to her house for a drink, what did she expect, she should have known better than to invite a guy into her home. 
Thanks to this conditioning, we women also believe that we're at fault if we get assaulted. We blame ourselves. We shouldn't have flirted, we should have known better, we should have stopped them, we shouldn't have worn that outfit. WRONG! 
Clothing does not equal consent. Walking along the street does not equal consent. Getting drunk does not equal consent. Asking someone for a drink does not equal consent. Nothing, not one thing that a woman does, implies that she consents to being assaulted.  

No-one has the right to touch your body if you don't want them to. 
Think of it like this. If I punch you, is it your fault I punched you or my fault for not controlling myself? Assault is the same. They are to blame for not controlling themselves.
It's not our fault. We did nothing wrong. The fault lies entirely with the perpetrator, however we've been so well conditioned that we think it's our fault. We feel embarrassed and ashamed because we let the abuse happen. WTF! Why should be feel shame for something that was forced upon us! Assault is not something we choose. 

Imagine I like punching people. I know it's wrong but I really enjoy it, it's one of my favourite things to do. Often I can find people who don't mind me punching them and that's great. Sometimes I can't find anyone who wants to be punched, so I just punch anyone that I can. 
I know punching is illegal so I wait until I'm alone with the person before I punch them, then I can deny punching them. 
If I get caught I'll use any excuse I can to get away with it such as:
  • I thought they wanted to be punched because they were wearing workout gear, which clearly shows that they like being punched.
  • They were wearing a t-shirt with a boxing glove on it,  so obviously they're a fan of punching, therefore I thought it'd be okay.
  • They came to my house knowing that I punch people so they should have expected to be punched. If they didn't want to be punched why did they come to my house. Clearly they were asking to be punched.  
See how ridiculous it is? Victim blaming is exactly the same. 

Why is there such a focus on the victim? The person who did nothing wrong!
The focus needs to be on the perpetrator (here-on referred to as F&*king Waste Of Space). 

They are the one who did the wrong thing. They know that what they're doing is wrong. They know that women should be able to do whatever the f@#k they want without being assaulted by a fwos. Everyone knows this. We know it, the media knows it, society as a whole knows it. Despite us all knowing that it's the fwos who did the wrong thing, we continue to focus on the victim. That needs to change and it needs to change now.
Focus on the man who chose not to control himself and then, instead of taking responsibility for his actions tries to blame the victim. If that's not a classic example of weak and pathetic then I don't know what is.
In the end that's what it comes down to. A weak person exerts control by forcing themselves onto someone else. That's not control, that's pathetic. A f@#king pathetic waste of space. 
So, beautiful girl. It wasn't your fault. You are not to blame. Nothing, not one single thing you did lead to you being assaulted. It's all on him. 
Don't buy into the victim blaming bull shit. He's the only one to blame. It was and always will be his fault. Remember that.  

Stand tall, stand proud. You are strong, you are brave and you will get through this.

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