Friday, 23 April 2021

FFS Friday - Confuddled

I'm sitting here here looking at yet another form I have to fill out in an attempt to get the services that Chai needs. 
Gone are the days when I can just call someone to make an appointment, now I have to fill out a pile of paperwork and send it all sorts of reports just to be considered, then I either a rejection letter or told that we're on a waiting list. 
Todays form is 7 pages long. I need a speech pathologist. Most of the questions aren't relevant to Chai, however if I don't fill them in I won't get to talk to anyone. Once I've returned the form they'll call me to discuss what services they can offer. 
Surely they can just tell me now and save me wasting my time filling out forms. That would be so much easier. 
To make things even more fun, the forms are always in PDF form and un-editable, so I have to print them out,  fill them in, scan and then email them. FFS.

The form I'm currently filling in is for telehealth services yet they want to know who's authorised to pick up my child. Not relevant. The rest of the questions are about his physical abilities, also not relevant. Interestingly they don't ask about his medical history and diagnosed conditions (which would be very relevant). 
Such a waste of time. 

Does anyone else feel like they just don't fit into this world? Try as I might I just don't understand most people. 
Usually I can forget that I don't fit in, but every now and again something reminds me. This week it was a facebook post. It was a picture of a little boy walking through a shop wearing pj's, gumboots, a beanie and carrying a sword. He looked awesome. 
The caption said "Be kind, someone has just lost a battle with a toddler". The caption went on to say that clearly the parent had lost the battle to get the child to wear clothes which is why they were wearing pj's. Since when are pj's not clothes?
WTF? Does this make sense to anyone?
Why would they think that parent has lost a battle? Why would they mind their child wearing pj's in public?
Then I thought about it and realised that out of all the parents I know I'm the only one who lets my kids wear whatever they want, so clearly it's me who doesn't make sense.

I just don't understand what it matters if a child chooses to wear an awesome outfit in public? So what if that awesome outfit is pj's? Why shouldn't a child wear what they want to wear?
My kids only stopped wearing pj's out last year. That was their choice. I don't choose their outfits, they wear what they want to. 
When we're leaving the house I'll ask them to make sure they have weather appropriate clothes but that's it. 

I'm not sure what I'm missing here. 
Having said that, most times we went out someone would comment on them wearing pj's and say they wished they could wear pj's all day.
That's another thing I don't understand. They could wear pj's all day, they just choose not to. 

It's like when people say they can't sing. We can all sing, we just might not sing well, but we can still sing. Maybe I take things too literally. 

The world is so confusing.

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