Sunday, 18 April 2021

Thoughts of the week

1. I wonder why more men aren't speaking out about victim blaming. Maybe because it doesn't affect them? When you think about it, victim blaming is saying that men can't control themselves, therefore it's up to women to not tempt men.
I'd be pretty angry if society thought I was incapable of controlling myself. Men should be angry about that too.
2. School's back tomorrow, but Chai has a cold so I don't think he'll be going. He's not at all happy about missing his first day.
3. I never thought I'd say that Chai was upset about not going to school. How times change.
4. The weather is starting to cool down and I'm loving it. We're having gorgeous sunny days with cold mornings and night. Autumn is such a beautiful season.
5. Mecca Max have relaunched their Pout Pop listicks and there's a new sheer formula that I'm very tempted by.

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