Friday, 30 April 2021

FFS Friday - Towelling

Hello beautiful people. How are you all today? It's Friday!
What do I want to complain about today? Hmmm, let me think.  
I'm not coming up with anything. Not sure how that's possible as it's been a rough week so there should be plenty of things to complain about.
Ok. I've got something. What's with them trying to kill the asthmatics every year? It's become an annual tradition.
Each year in our area, Parks and Wildlife wait until the weather has cooled down then do mass burning off to prevent bushfires. Great idea. 
What's not great is that they do it all at the same time, which means that we have weeks where the south west is covered in smoke. Not just a little bit of smoke, it's so bad that some days they have to close roads because visibility is down to 5 meters. 
Surely there must be a better way? Couldn't they space it out over a few months? Why do it all in one hit? I've barely left the house this week due to the smoke. I can't hang my washing out or else it'll stink like smoke and even though I've been inside as much as possible my asthma is really bad. 
Considering my asthma is quite mild, I hate to imagine how bad it must be for people who have severe asthma. They must be really struggling, in hospital or dead. 
Maybe it's a subtle way off killing off the weak. I suppose that could be an effective form of population control. Surely if that's their aim there'd be an easier way. 
Do you ever stop to think about what you life is like? As in really think about it? Last weekend Tiger was in a bad mood (not unusual). We were at the beach and he did a live post on Facebook. One of his friends saw it and called to see if everything was okay at home. 
When Tiger told me this I laughed and said "Things are never okay at home."
It's not something I think about very often but it's true. Things are never okay in our house. 
Between Tigers bad moods and Chai's behaviour there's rarely a peaceful moment. The only time things are okay is when Eljay and I are home alone. Sad but true.
I could sit around analysing things but that seems pointless. Things aren't okay at the moment and that's just the way it is. One day they will be okay. Today is not that day.
That's it for my weekly whinge. If you're really bored, next week I might talk about towel etiquette. It's a thing. 

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