Friday, 16 April 2021

FFS Friday - Pump it up

Hello Friday you beautiful thing.
I'm happy today. My Mum and Step Dad are coming down, Tiger has the weekend off and school's back next week. 
These school holidays have been rough. I'm really disappointed with how I've handled them. I wanted to do lots of fun things with the boys but that didn't happen. 
I'm really struggling with Chai at the moment. He's stimming constantly and I am not dealing with it at all. His stims are verbal so he's constantly making noises and I really, really struggle with them.
He's also been very rude and nasty. In an effort to stop that behaviour I've put strict rules in place about screen time and he's not liking it at all. Screen time is the only thing that gets a reaction from him. I can take away everything and he won't care, but take away his screen time and he hates it. 
I really don't want to be the type of parent who punishes and takes things away, but he has to learn that there are consequences for bad behaviour. Letting him get away with being awful isn't fair to him, it won't set him up for adulthood. Plus, I refuse to be abused and I refuse to watch him be awful to Eljay. It's just not okay. 
I wouldn't accept bad behaviour from a stranger so why should I accept it from my son? I won't.
The constant stimming is so difficult to deal with. I know it's something that he can't help so I don't say anything, but there have been many times this week when I've felt like I was going to lose my mind. Added to that he's also been waking us up at 4.50am, then spending the whole day complaining that he's tired. FFS.
Ah well. First world problems. Thankfully I have a coffee machine and music to get me through. 
Next holidays I'll plan what we're going to do each day instead of winging it. That'll be a lot better. 
In other exciting news, yesterday I pumped up three fit balls. It was not fun. That's around two hours of my life I'll never get back.
I bought two fit ball covers from Kmart. They're really soft and were only $5 so I thought they'd be great for the boys fit balls. The packet said they fit 65cm balls, which is what we have. 
Now, you'd think that the zip would be big enough to fit the ball wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. In order to use the cover you have to inflate the fit ball inside the cover. FFS.
I deflated both balls, pumped up Eljays then discovered that the cover wasn't tight. Not even close to being tight. It might be tight on a 85 cm ball but it's extremely loose on the 65cm balls. Elay decided he didn't like the cover being loose, so we had to deflate his ball to get it out again. 
Next up was Chais ball. He was sure his ball was bigger however once I'd pumped it up we discovered his ball was also 65cms so the cover was loose. Thankfully that didn't worry him. 
Then I had to re-inflate Eljays ball. Fun times. 
At least it gave me a good arm workout.  

Have a wonderful weekend beautiful people. 


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