Saturday, 5 December 2020

Saturday Stories - Take a Compliment

Many years ago I realised that I wasn't good at taking a compliment. People would compliment me and I'd try to tell them they were wrong. How silly. After a while I learned to just say Thank you.
There's the other side to compliments that I haven't quite mastered. It's when people tell me things have been difficult for me. I instantly feel the need to point out to them that life hasn't been easy for them either. How silly.
I think it stems back to vulnerability and our uncomfortableness with showing vulnerability. I've realised that when I admit things have been difficult, interesting conversations happen and that's a wonderful thing.

I've also found that the more I can be open and vulnerable, the more support I get. We all need support. 

I've been really surprised at the amount of people who've said to me they wondered how I coped with home schooling. I didn't cope, I just pretended to cope because I thought there was no other option. Why do we do that? Why do we pretend that everything is okay when it isn't?

I'm not sure anyone could have made home schooling easier, but at least if people had known I was struggling I would have had emotional support and that makes a huge difference.
Now, when someone tells me things have been difficult for me I acknowledge it and that's perfectly okay. 

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