Friday, 25 December 2020

FFS Friday - The Christmas Edition

If you've been here for a while you'll know that Tiger and I are Christmas rookies. We really have no idea what's going on. 
If you are new around here, both Tiger and I were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses. Neither of us are involved in the religion, but we didn't grow up with Christmas so really have no idea how it's supposed to work. 
My extended family are all JWs so they aren't any help. This year our christmas lunch was made up entirely of ex JWs. 
Because we have no idea what we're doing, we keep on making mistakes.
This year we made two mistakes. First was with the Elf on a Shelf. The boys saw a set of them at the shops and asked if we could get them. Silly me agreed. 
Not knowing how it was supposed to work, ours went into action on the night we got them (mid November).  I later learned that they aren't supposed to arrive until December and they usually come with a book. 
Keeping up the elf thing for six weeks wasn't my idea of a great time, however the boys loved it so it was worth it. Next mistake was the elves not leaving. Yep, they're still here and Tiger still moves them around every night. FFS. I have no idea how long this is going to continue.
The other rookie mistake we made was a really silly one. Batteries! It didn't even occur to me that we'd need batteries for the toys that the boys were getting, so we had to pay a small fortune for batteries from the servo because of course their toys took C batteries which we didn't have. FFS.
Whilst we keep on making mistakes, the great thing about having no idea what you're supposed to do at Christmas means we can make our own rules. We have a family lunch, yummy food and good company, it's lovely. 
This year we had extra people for lunch which we won't do again, I found it too stressful. I like it when it's just family. I'm relaxed, they have no expectations and it's easy. I don't have to entertain family, they make themselves at home so I can sit and enjoy their company. 
I've realised that the main burden of Christmas rests with the Mum, which is totally unfair. I was the one doing all the organising and stressing. Next year Tiger can take some responsibility. 
I hope you all had a good day with people you care about. If you didn't, I hope that next year is better.

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